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UKRAINIAN ARMY: Still uses BUK missiles, they went out of production in Russia in 1999.

CONVENIENTLY, just six days from the anniversary of the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, mainstream media, in perfect harmony, focused on sections of a ‘Russian made BUK missile system being discovered near the scene of the incident. Russia has claimed it was not involved.’

Fact: This debris was not identified as such but we mustn’t let truth get in the way of a good story. This same media focused on trivia when damning evidence pointed to Washington and Kiev complicity.  

To this can be added the peculiar US, Ukraine and Dutch government ‘no comment’ response when asked to release vital evidence that would assist in getting to the cause of the tragedy.

Mainstream media intention was clear: The most deceptive lie of all is the half lie with deliberate intention to deceive. It is common knowledge that Ukraine’s BUK missile systems are Russian made. In the same way NATO armaments are mostly American made. The Ukrainian Army still uses BUK missiles; they went out of production in Russia in 1999.

Western media narrative is as beautifully orchestrated as the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Here is a clue: ‘The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.’ Former CIA Director William Colby died suddenly after a freak canoe accident.  

Here is another clue: ‘We’ll know our disinformation programme is complete when everything the American public believes is false,” CIA Director, 1981.  It seems he got his wish.

Two weeks before the outbreak of WWII, a solemn British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain remarked, “History will judge the Press to have been the principle cause of war.”

Nevile Henderson, the British Ambassador to Berlin echoed the premier’s words. France’s President Lebrun and Foreign Minister warned the Press ‘not to abuse their so-called Press freedom.’ In September 1941, U.S Senator Clark: ‘Half a dozen men controlling the film industry clamour for war.’

I do think the public deserve a far more honest mainstream media.

If we fail then we will again be at war. I have a strong presentiment of déjà vu.

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    • Ian terry

      21 August 2015 • 07:37

      Not quite an appropriate title considering it is written by someone who lives in a world of conspiracy theories gleaned from some extremely dubious sources.
      But you dothis all the time don’t you.
      British people are not so naïve and have have a very low opinion of the press anyway so we’re used to it.
      I note that you use the word fact glibly, more espacialy when you are making totally unsubstantiated statements based on information put out by a crank organisation in Canada and the Kremlin through Russia today and
      other similar organisations .

      Then again Mike we wouldn’t want the truth get in the way of a good story now would we.

      You condemn the western press yet support a totalitarian regime in Russia.

      You claim that CIA owns everyone of significance in the major media without even a hint at the fact that the Kremlin and Putin controls ALL media in Russia

      The problem is Mike you are unable to substantiate anything you write, just as I am unable to provide proof to the contrary. However I am a very experienced Risk Annalist so I base my own views and opinions in cases such as these on the laws of probability.
      So I have come to be of the opinion based on thiis that some BUK missiles were captured by the separatists. However the are readily available from other sources as they are operational in several former soviet states including Belarus, a close Russian ally who would have no hesitation providing weapons to the rebels.
      I also believe the suggestion that the terrorists got hold of a SAM but as they had neither the training, experience or expertise they mistook MH17 for a military aircraft and inadvertently shot it down.

    • Ian terry

      24 August 2015 • 13:15

      Jus t a fact that has been omitted –

      The BUK missile may have gone out of production in 1999 but they are still operational in 14 countries including Russia, Belarus RP of .China and North Korea all of which would have no hesitation in supplying the rebels in Ukraine.

      The original BUK missile system has been upgraded and is still an effective front line defence system. Its replacement will not be available until 2020.

      Just making sure all the facts are available as it is important that readers have access all the information so they can form their own unbiased opinions..


      Sorry Mike just a true verifiable fact you conveniently left out.

    • Pedro

      07 September 2015 • 07:59

      The vast majority of the public in the USA & UK are like putty in the hands of the Western Oligarch owners of western media.


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