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More than three years ago, when ISIS was on the march, it struck me that such was the speed and success of their early onslaughts, their troops and armaments had to be seriously stretched and spread out.

To me it was obvious that, at that point they were not only highly dangerous, but also at their most vulnerable. Subsequently I suggested that before they had time to organise and re-group they should immediately be hit with all the air power the allies could muster.

Well the pussy cats in power did precisely nothing. ISIS is now so ‘dug in’ it will take two things to shift them. One is a vast international ground force, armed with the very latest in technology and equipment (including limited nuclear) along with an unrelenting bombardment from the air. Alternatively, engage them in a round-the-table IRA style ‘negotiation’.

Which brings me to another piece I wrote at around the same time. In it I suggested we withdraw all our forces from the Middle East and use them to strengthen our own borders. We then wait for the victors to emerge (not necessarily ISIS) and then open negotiations.

These people are not silly. Despite their Jihadist intentions they know that sooner or later they are going to have to deal with the West (someone has to buy their oil).

Meanwhile, to accommodate the large numbers fleeing the war zones, we build large holding camps across Europe.

These camps should offer fair accommodation, medical facilities and a department similar to a citizens’ advice bureau advising and issuing permits for refugees on how to work and reside legally in the countries allocated.

Without our interference there would be no excuse for terrorist attacks on our home soil and sooner or later, without more loss of allied lives, peace should finally prevail. Dream on, Leapy.

Loving the run-up to the Labour leadership election. Where in the world would you get an opposition infiltrating an opposition to vote for an opposition candidate, to ensure the opposition hopefully stays in opposition? Only in the UK, folks!

Keep the faith
Love Leapy  

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    • Jonathan

      05 September 2015 • 01:21

      what do you mean, ” would be a disaster”? It already is a disaster, due almost exclusively as a result of decades of primarily UK and U.S. Greed and meddling in the Middle East. More violence by western corporate interests and the governments that support them ( the argument about the Tories did it, no the labourites did it, serves only as a distraction and a way of pitting one group against another) will bring precisely more of the same. More violence, more death of innocents, more utter destruction of infrastructure and more refugees fleeing the madness. Going back in to visit more horrors upon these countries in the name of some illogical moral stance is madness and supreme arrogance. What you are experiencing now is a direct result of years and years of colonial and post colonial imperialistic ambition and nothing will change until that behaviour ceases. The suggestion by Mr. Graham that the use of nuclear weapons to solve the problem beggars belief. Absolute madness.

    • Roy Peters

      03 September 2015 • 10:25

      Sorry Leapy, I can’t agree with you on this one. We all know that ISIS ambitions spread much further than the Middle East, for they also include many eastern European countries and Spain.
      To allow them to eventually emerge the victors in the Middle East, which they would if the west did not help, would be a disaster.
      Already it is certain that ISIS members are filtering into Europe posing as refugees, so to “withdraw all our forces from the Middle East” and allow them to get stronger would be a big mistake. They would not attack our borders from the outside, but from the inside!
      Personally I believe the only way to combat this wave of terrorism, and the refugee crisis, is for the United Nations to put together a multi-national force (much the same as they did in Korea) and wipe out every terrorist group to a man.
      It will then give all the ‘refugees’ a chance to return home.

    • Roy Leon

      07 September 2015 • 07:28

      These questions have been asked, I’m sure… but I didn’t hear or read any answers yet.
      What is the Red Crescent doing to help these desperate people?
      I understand that they are now amalgamated with the Red Cross.
      What are the RICH Middle Eastern Countries doing about sending aid to their brothers, the poor beleaguered folk of Middle Eastern War.?
      What are THEIR quotas for taking in refugees.?
      Are they meeting their quotas.?
      What is Russia doing to aid the refugee crisis?
      Providing weapons for the Assad regime…perhaps??
      Why do all of these Muslim people want to come and live in decadent Europe..?
      Despite our lack of a shared faith, perhaps we are percieved as being the most compassionate of lands.
      With luck and great effort on the part of all the rescued immigrants, maybe, we in the west will learn to embrace Islam and then we will all see how much better life is, when we submit to the will of god.
      Come back Maggie, all is forgiven.


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