We could be importing a Trojan horse

DISASTROUS MISTAKE: Will Jihadists land in the shadow of the White Cliffs?

IF Jihadists invaded UK shores, where would migrants’ allegiances lie?


AN interesting reaction by the Spanish police in Gandia last week. After arresting a woman for allegedly trying to recruit other females to fight for ISIS, they cuffed her and paraded her down the street fully burka’d up.

Personally I think they should have kept going all the way to the airport and shoved her on a plane to Syria. With a bit of luck she’d have been ‘martyred’ in a week.

The problem I have with all this migrant business is that the majority of those wishing to cross into European countries are mainly pretty fit and able-looking young men; presumably running away from the various battles that plague their countries.

I’m sure if the UK was being overrun by alien forces, most of the true Brit young men would be fighting to the death to preserve it. Fighting on the beaches, in the hills and so forth. Not so this lot, it seems. I wonder, if we do let them all in (which in my opinion would be a disastrous mistake), and one day we find the Jihadists landing in the shadow of the White Cliffs of Dover, would they all then fight for the country that gave them sanctuary? Somehow I doubt it. Faced with the murderers who terrified them in the first place, I for one am pretty certain where their allegiances would finish up.

Along with the undoubted scores of ‘sleepers’ and Muslim extremists already entrenched in our towns and cities, we could easily be importing a Trojan horse; the contents of which could one day rip the UK apart.

I do of course feel considerable compassion for the poor little waif washed up on the beach and to me the answer is simple; only allow families to enter the UK. Wives, husbands and children. These are the ones who truly need the extended hand of our compassion.

I also see they also recently arrested another woman and family just before she managed to cross into Syria. Apparently they’re shipping them all back to the UK. Oh good! Yet another bunch of disgruntled potential terrorists walking the streets of the UK. I dunno, sometimes I really do despair of it all.

Keep the faith
Love Leapy
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    • Jonathan

      17 September 2015 • 01:00

      Well said, Jane. Where this scribbler gets his facts from is beyond me. Actually it is not really beyond me at all. His opinions reflect a truly xenophobic, narrow minded and mean spirited point of view. In this country he would already have been shut down for hate speeches, one only has go back through his blogging history to understand what a nasty little racist he is.
      The current figures show that 12 million Syrians have been displaced so far as a result of the recent events. Of these, 8 million are refugees in their own country, trying to escape the ever expanding violence. 4 million are currently living in refugee camps or on the run to safety.
      The merciless and criminal British government is up to it’s neck in intrigue and deception in this situation. David Cameron’s face saving offer to take in a few thousand refugees by 2020 would be laughable if it wasn’t so utterly pathetic. Contrary to what some of Mr Pulleyblank’s sycophantic followers would have us believe, the neighbouring nations around Syria are and have been taking in millions of refugees. The most impressive of all being Lebanon, a relatively tiny country compared to the UK. The population being just over 4 million, they are hosting over 1million refugees. Other countries with impressive numbers include Jordan, Turkey and Egypt. Not surprisingly Israel has taken no refugees and it is reported that the Saudi regime also has refused to take any, though that claim is as yet not substantiated and denied by the Saudis. Why so many have moved towards Europe is, in my opinion, a matter of simple logic. If they have been attacked and threatened in the North East part of Syria then what other choice do they have? They would have to proceed right back into the killing grounds to the West. The claim by some that they are largely made up of so called “chancers” and potential Jihadists is histrionic rabble rousing. It is quite clear that the families of many of these young men would prefer to see them escape rather than be forced to choose to fight or be killed right there by one faction or another. I applaud the courage it must take to undergo such an ordeal. The other gross assumption is that they are all Muslims and potential Jihadists. The reality is that they are not all Muslims. Many are Christians and many are secular. The statement about their religious affiliations by these arm chair warriors are disingenuous and vicious. The civilian population of Syria, not to mention Iraq and Libya have been terrorized, slaughtered and displaced by a criminal Western organization that doesn’t give a toss about what they have wrought upon these people. The sad reality is that prior to the invasions and total destruction of these countries, all three dictators made offers to step down from power, all of which were rejected by the United States and the United Kingdom. You have to go back to the PNAC statement made in the 1990’s to understand that this murderous policy to destroy and destabilize the Middle East was the agenda of the U.S. Neo-cons. The ultimate target is Iran. All of this encouraged and abetted by the British Government. Now that the Russians are on the ground to actually do the job of fighting ISIS, rather than pretend to be doing it as demonstrated by the U.S. and it’s poodles, the world is facing a very real threat of all out war which as history shows us will very likely break out into a conflagration that will make the previous world wars look like child’ play. The only hope for us all will be negotiation and cooler heads to prevail. The war Hawks will call that appeasement and will invoke Munich and Chamberlain. The difference is that this time it is us in the West who are behaving like Adolf Hitler and look where it got him! The best news of the week is the winning of the vote for Jeremy Corbyn. Time to eat a little humble pie.

    • Roy Peters

      10 September 2015 • 13:16

      Spot on Leapy! I am absolutely positive that we will see terrorist actions in Europe within the next year because of all the ISIS fighters coming in among the refugees.
      Several weeks ago I reported in my blog that an ISIS fighter had assured a reporter that 4,000 of them had already moved into Europe and now have a training camp set up in Osve in Bosnia. How many more are there?
      Its a shame the politicians cannot see the harm they are doing by not accepting ONLY families from Syria.

    • dS

      11 September 2015 • 19:26

      I have stopped watching or reading the news for the first time in my life ( I´m 69 ) as the whole unchecked muslim insurgency has really got to me,so much so that it preoccupies me,I cannot believe that our masters are allowing this trojan horse invasion.We only watch and read local news now in our house.

    • Jane Morgan

      16 September 2015 • 06:54

      What kind of sad little man would write this? If it had even a hint of fact in it…

      Just something to think about: You’ll look and feel very silly before your god when he asks you about this piece.

    • Roy Peters

      16 September 2015 • 18:49

      Jane, given a year or two you will deeply regret these words as the Islamics start attacks in Europe – and Britain. Its coming, and there is little the governments can do to prevent it.

    • Mike

      17 September 2015 • 07:26

      Jane I think you might be slightly ‘if not more’ naive and being naive is dangerous. Most people will live to regret that brainless politicians from EU countries and the EU sat on their asses on this and that they do not take proper action in fear of having to be taken up by news propaganda to attract naive people.

    • The UK TeddyBoy

      19 September 2015 • 13:44

      I live in UK & when I see how our Country is being taken Over by Asylum Seekers, Illegal & Legal Immigrants Getting all the Perks denied to UK Born Citizens.. I wonder just who is running the Country & Backing Government… After reading “Jane & Jonathon ” Comments I fail to understand their Points. But realise they cannot be the only Misguided, do gooders in UK.& in no way being affected by this Influx into UK.. But now realise why Gov. & Councils can get away with it all : This Country without doubt is heading for what Enoch Powell predicted Years ago.. Problem being now Police forced by Gov. will Arrest All UK Citizens & Give Infiltrators Freedom of Speech. It is Happening already, Video’s can be edited.. But those showing Police Arresting UK Freedom of Speech Protesters.. While Allowing & Guarding Muslim Hate preachers to Threaten to Kill UK Citizens & Servicemen to Hold up Placards & Shout their Obscenities : Oh & Finally Jonathon I can assure You Leapy & Myself are not Racist.. Colour has nothing to do with it. Would be same if any race or Country was doing to UK what these are NOW


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