Big love for Gay Pride in Benidorm

THERE were more than 10,000 spectators and participants parading through the streets of Benidorm at the recent Gay Pride event held on September 12.

The colourful event saw more than 20 floats with over 400 flamboyant participants proudly sporting a whole array of platforms, wigs, feathers, glitter and colourful costumes, with confetti and soap bubbles.

It was an event that caught the attention of tourists and locals, young and old, who happily joined in with the fun celebrations.

It was the fifth year that the event has been celebrated in Benidorm, created to celebrate diversity and equal rights and promises to only get bigger and better.

Organised in association with the town hall in Benidorm who have stated that the event has had a very positive economic impact for the town.

The slogan `love is never wrong was one of the messages conveyed at the parade.

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    • Tom

      15 September 2015 • 03:28

      Do you know what GAY stands for?
      Good as you
      And this fantastic event is a visual display of never a truer expression.
      Long may it continue.
      Looking forward to seeing Thursdays paper for a fuller coverage

    • Kally

      15 September 2015 • 12:28

      Yeahhhhh!!!!!!!!! (Like to see some women pictures as well as men, though. [Tom, I know you won’t agree!!! 😀 ] We lesbians suffer from lack of visibility. And we don’t all look like plumbers with Justin Bieber haircuts…some of us go wobbly over Jimmy Choos and cry if we chip our nail polish…)
      Absence of ‘phobes on this comment thread so far. That’s good. Hopefully they read the story about gay children in Málaga suffering abuse and being ostracised by their classmates. Homophobia isn’t ‘freedom of speech’, it’s dangerous and causes mental health problems in young people and adults. And it has nothing to do with Christianity, either. (Ruth and Naomi is one of my favourite lesbian love stories).

    • tom

      15 September 2015 • 16:00

      Oh Kally – who is being sexist now?
      I love to see any and every sex having the freedom to openly display their love for each other.
      I live by make love not war – so Kally lets be friends please and spread our love world wide

    • Kally

      15 September 2015 • 19:35

      Hahaha! Of course. Heterosexual love created me (and heterosexual divorce by the same people drives me nuts whenever they have to speak to each other and I’m stuck in the middle…) but, to be honest, you still don’t see enough of ‘us’ around (non-heteros of either sex). People like to ‘belong’ and lesbian visibility is scarce (less so with guys, though, don’t you think…? Everyone seems to know at least one gay guy, but not many people know a real-live lesbian. The only one I know at the moment is my cousin. Which is a pain because she’s just got married, my Grandma loved the wedding and wants to know when I’m going to do likewise, but I can’t see it happening in this lifetime).
      I think stereotypes affect lesbians more – or don’t you agree? I mean, most people realise you can’t tell if a man is gay by looking at him, but they think lesbians all have cropped hair and dungarees.
      I’m sitting near a tableful of people in a bar at the moment, moaning about Pride – “we don’t have a ‘day’ for heterosexuals,” they say. “Why do people have to differentiate themselves?”
      One day we won’t have to, I hope, but for me these days, it’s less of a demonstration and more a celebration of how I’ve survived through the dark days when we were treated like cockroaches (and I only got the tail-end of it; I feel truly awful for gay men and lesbians born before me, who had it worse).
      After all, who needs ‘straight pride’? Most people ARE straight, they’ve never had to fight to be considered normal or allowed to marry.
      Did you go? I didn’t. Last time I went was when I was 20 and it was held on Clapham Common. I bet the Benidorm version is better.


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