EU Crisis: More refugees, make more problems, which leads to more chaos

BORDER CONTROLS: Refugees should be relocated across the EU.

‘BRITAIN must become part of a permanent EU migrant quota system!’ So declared EC President, Jean-Claude Juncker, upping the ante as he demanded that 160,000 refugees should be relocated across the EU, a scheme that David Cameron warns could encourage more people-smuggling and even more refugees to risk their lives travelling to the continent.

As thousands desperately seek safety, Germany and Sweden offer welcome. Some Eastern European nations will admit only ‘Christians.’ Italy and Greece, swamped by refugees, demand help. France and Austria prevaricate. Spain says it’s got enough problems. And Britain tries, as usual, to play by the rules.

Namely asylum must be sought in the country of arrival, the main aim being to stop refugees ‘asylum shopping.’ What we have, and will inevitably continue to see, is a breakdown of those rules, the consequence of which may well lead to very serious civil disorder in a number of countries.

But why does it take a series of monumental disasters for politicians to realise their mistakes? The EU Schengen agreement removing border controls was at the outset lunacy.

How many ISIS terrorists are now travelling freely between EU countries? However, the UK government is right to accept refugees (genuine ones) from camps in Syria. They’re the ones who need help the most, not the hoards of predominantly young males from camps outside Calais who have turned that patch of countryside into a rubbish tip. If they were in danger, why didn’t they stay there to give them safe haven, rather than risk life and limb to get into the UK?

A final thought. How many Syrian refugees will the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait accept? They’re some of the world’s wealthiest nations. Will they give them full rights and benefits to remain permanently? It isn’t enough just to give monetary donations.

And America, the first in the conflict zone, what is it doing to help? Why aren’t some of its ships in the Med transporting some of the displaced to safety?

But for words of wisdom on the subject, maybe we should turn to former US vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. Yes, the very same who demands immigrants to the US should “speak American.”

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    • Chris

      18 September 2015 • 14:30

      Well put. Germany soon turned off the tap when it became obvious that only a relatively limited number of the surge were Syrians fleeing war while huge numbers were just Afghans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and other economic migrants.

      As for the UK, there’s already a housing crisis. A lack of well paid jobs that provide enough to live on. Homeless on the streets with mental health problems plus the elderly are hardly treated as they should be. Robotics and automation in the coming years will mean many jobs will disappear overnight. So how the UK can possibly cope with a large influx of economic migrants/refugees that want to stay there?
      The answer is that it can’t. The problems in Syria etc.. must be sorted at the root cause.

      Back to you, Mr Juncker!

    • Mike

      20 September 2015 • 07:44

      Juncker is an **** and should not be in the position he holds, the whole EU is a shambles and this crisis shows they have no idea how to deal with problems and take quick decisions.
      I really am stumped to understand why anyone would think it is in the UK’s interest to be a part of this money wasting, costly, useless shambles called the EU.

    • Roy Peters

      22 September 2015 • 18:49

      I have often said that it is time for the United Nations to get off its fat backside and form a multi-national force to go into any and all countries with insurgent problems and wipe out the lot of them.
      Only in this way will we solve the insurgent problem AND the refugee problem.

    • Sylvia

      23 September 2015 • 06:34

      Well written article which really portrays the real truth behind the asylum chaos in the EU at the moment. I am glad at least another European country has the gumption to voice openly its concern about this delicate political issue. It is true that most refugees flooding Europe are not actually fleeing from the mayhem and ravages of war in Syria, but are economic refugees seeking a better life in Europe…the land of milk and honey, now that Angela Merkel has sent an “open” invitation to the world saying they are welcome in Europe. The EU and Mr. Juncker have shot themselves in the foot with this one, and I don’t think they will be capable of solving this problem so quickly. The politicians still have not realized that to solve the issue of “economic” refugees one must go to their countries of origin and sort out their political problems at the roots instead of opening the flood gates to Europe by carting them in trains and buses over open borders and waving “Welcome refugees” flags upon their arrival in the EU countries.


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