You asked for this Europe!

UNLESS miracles occur, which I very much doubt, I fear today to write Europe’s obituary. The shameful end of Europe, overrun by non-Europeans and collapsing in economic chaos, betrayed by its leaders, has possibly reached the point of no return. This is just the start.

Many Germans, brainwashed on a diet of self-hate since 1945, welcome their self-immolation. There are many post-colonial self-haters in Britain too.

In 1975, ‘Camp of the Saints,’ the apocalyptic novel by French author Jean Raspail was published. The setting is a Europe that disappears with hardly a whimper as armadas of Third World refugees storm Europe’s shores.

Then in my 30’s I could not close the pages on this prophetic witness to Europe’s doom. You could purchase this book only ‘under the counter’ despite the fact that in France it was a bestselling award-winning novel.

Since then I have experienced the darkest prophecies by everyone from Napoleon to Adolf Hitler, Libyan President Gadhafi, philosophers like Oswald Spengler of a Third World occupied Europe. About two years ago, in a EWN column, I predicted the Mediterranean coastal communities collapsing under the weight of armadas of refugees. It is happening and accelerating at an alarming pace.

Never in the history of humankind has a country or continent allowed itself to be conquered and overrun without a shot being fired. There will be no going back; there will never again be a ‘White Europe’ any more than there will be any other past civilisation. Kamil Bulonis, a Polish travel blog writer, who conceded sympathy for the refugees, was this month horrified by the visions from hell he saw on the Italian- Austrian border.

“Half an hour ago on the border between Italy and Austria I saw with my own eyes a great many immigrants. I have to say that what I saw arouses horror.

This huge mass of people – sorry, that I’ll write this – but these are absolute savages; vulgar, throwing bottles, shouting loudly ‘We want to go to Germany!’ Ninety-seven per cent of these ‘refugees’ are angry young males.” Yes, you asked for this, Europe.

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    • Ian Terry

      18 September 2015 • 06:51

      We are all well aware of this situation as we see it on our TV screens every night.
      IAs usual you take the easy way out and make what you may regard a intelligent comments and critise others but I see ni sign of you suggesting a sensible solution to the problem

    • Mike

      18 September 2015 • 07:45

      Angela Merkel needs to be taken to count for this, she made this as bad as it is because she said come to Germany and we will let you in…. so Angela there are a large part of Siria and every other Tom, Dick and Harry coming too. Germany should be made to compensate Hungary, Greece, Croatia and other countries for the problems this is causing. I watched her on TV the other night telling other countries they must help or she will respond with threats… who the **** does this woman think she is? EU politicians are as out of touch as all other politicians, you are responsible for this Angela so you fix it!

    • Ray

      18 September 2015 • 12:38

      This is the last nail in the coffin for the EU. Greece started the rot. Spain after the elections this year will lean the same way as Greece and end up in default. UK will and must pull out of the EU. Add this crisis and its good bye EU. I´m out

    • Roy Peters

      18 September 2015 • 16:16

      Well Ian, I have a suggestion. When all this terrorist activity started to go bad with the likes of Islamic State and Boko Haram, both responsible for huge massacres, the United Nations should have taken action. So far they have been very quiet and done nothing!

      They are charged with ensuring world peace and in this they have failed miserably, because ‘verbal’ condemnation of these massacres is not enough.
      It is up to the UN to put together an international force and go in where necessary to wipe every terrorist in whatever country from the face of the earth.

      Only then will we see a drop in the numbers of refugees because they will have no need to flee as their country is returned to peace.

      One failing of the entire E.U. is that after a certain period, refugees are given passports and permanent status in the counties they settle in. This is very wrong and must stop.

      They should only be given residence until the problems in their homeland are solved, and then be returned.
      That is how you deal with this world crisis, but will it happen? Hardly likely, and what will it take to get the U.N off its fat backside?

    • Jonathan

      19 September 2015 • 18:47

      Well Roy, I also have a suggestion. Why don’t you get off YOUR **** and lead a posse to wipe out the “terrorists” in every country of the world?.
      For your information, the mandate of the U.N. Is to try to bring peace to areas in conflict, not form armies to go out and ADD to the problem. Unlike yourself , they are not sitting on their *****, they are in fact in many countries already, trying to hold the opposing groups apart. Interesting to note today that the threat of further Russian intervention in Syria has given the Western imperialists pause for thought. Kerry wants to open negotiations which would leave Assad in control.
      The role for the U.N. Would be to insert their presence into to the region once factions agree to a cease fire and agree to abide by the terms mutually agreed upon. More violence which you seem to continually encourage does absolutely nothing but cause more destruction and death. Is that really what you want to see?


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