Is a new Trotskyite giant emerging?

GREAT RED HOPE?: Comrade Jeremy Corbyn.

OMG. If the Labour party thought they were up the proverbial creek with Ed Miliband, they are now most certainly right up the tsunami with Jeremy Corbyn.

I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to PMQ quite as eagerly as I did last week. At last the opportunity to see the new champion of lefty politics standing up and facing the opposition he has vilified so frequently in the past.

Would we see a new Trotskyite giant emerge in full media glare, calling on the right wingers to explain their folly and mishandling of, well, just about everything, accompanied by the cheers and roars of his adoring benches? Ha!

What we did see was a pathetic, wizened old ‘student lecturer’, neck poking up through the wrong size collar of an obviously new shirt (one of a number I may add!) looking for all the world like the last turkey in the shop, tremulously reading emails, selected apparently from over 40,000 received over the last few weeks. What a waste of party funds, time and money that exercise alone must have cost! And it was of course a complete cop-out.

Under the guise of trying to instigate ‘a new approach’ to Commons debate, he managed to avoid just about everything that an almost condescending David Cameron could have actually thrown at him.

I couldn’t help but muse on the reaction of Comrade Corbyn should he find himself an elected PM attending a debate of world leaders: “Mr Corbyn, what are your views on sending in the troops to prevent us all being annihilated?” Corbyn: “Well, I do have a letter from Ada Pothwaite of Little Twittering, who would like me to ask you all when are you going to dismantle all your weapons, shake hands and live in peace with each other?” No, I’m sorry, comrade. Refusing to sing the National Anthem, electing an IRA sympathiser as a side kick, sticking prime egotist Diane Abbott beside you on the front bench and chorusing the Red Flag down the local pub?

Frankly, I think I’ve got more chance of being elected PM than you. I give him a year.

Keep the Faith
Love Leapy.
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    • Sheila Thompson

      24 September 2015 • 08:02

      Dear Leapy, Thanks for your comments on this latest insanity of ?rescuing the dregs of what was once the Labour party,Corbyn comes across as an old commie ,worse than the Wilson era. I am back in the UK and it is like having a non stop nightmare,ex world traveller finally in a permanent state of culture shock,not to be found anywhere else in the world!! The desire to tune in to PM question time no longer appeals ,the same old non replies,I wonder why so many of the politicians ,in spite of their education are unable to give a straight yes or no reply when asked to do so,maybe these words are not taught to the “cream ” of our society. Now,to top it all the labourites have surfaced ,singing the red flag with gusto,yet not the national anthem,pomposity knows no limits.

    • Ian Terry

      24 September 2015 • 15:51

      ICorbyn is what the labour party is all about. I may not agree with his views but the real hard working people with real hard jobs see him as old Labour as oppose to the bunch of Pseudo socialist academic Yuppies who have taken over.
      These people, the true working class d Liken Cameron and his cronies to First World War generals in their officers mess eating well and toasting the men going :’over the top’ to die with fine wines.
      Cameron and the rest of his band of public school prats sit in their home telling us we’re all in this together when we seriously are

      Dear Mr Cameron we have to give you thanks.
      It wasn’t till you came along and gave to us food banks.

    • Jonathan

      24 September 2015 • 21:18

      And we can now thank Dave for showing us why Muslims, amongst many other religions, refuse to eat pork! Thanks for that one, Dave.

    • Mike

      25 September 2015 • 07:35

      I think this is a consequence because people have become totally fed up with politicians now, they are so far out of touch and don’t seem to have a clue as they control their own and partys interests they forget it is the country and the people they are there for. Although voted into government Cameron is not what the people of the country would have selected if another party offering more of what they wanted was available. The same is happening in the USA, look at how many people warm to Trump, although we think he is an idiot as far as politics is concerned the people of the US seem to like what he says and the reason is they are fed up with their politicians being out of touch.

    • John Westwood

      25 September 2015 • 17:05

      Greetings once again, Leapy
      and thanks for continuing to tell it as it is.

      Your piece this week about Jeremy (of Tom and Jerry fame) makes the point admirably. Thanks for writing it.

      But the real worry exposed in this week’s EWN is the total contradiction of items published on the real problem of today.
      On Pages 3 and 5 we are told of the efforts being made to help here in the Valencia Community with the ‘immigrant’ problem, but the main item on page 5, and more on pages 6, 10, 67, 80…. report what is actually happening here in all €urope as the promised take-over by Islam progresses. (All of Europe under Sharia law by the mid-century, etc.).

      Talk about turkeys voting for Christmas!……………

      Perhaps all the do-gooders who think that they can “help the poor immigrants” should look at the true facts.
      Clearly and simply presented at
      – albeit from an American point of view, but the facts, World-wide, are the same.

      Do have a look at it – and continue to expose the realities which all the others, including EWN management, seem to prefer to ignore.

      Keeping the faith

    • Jonathan

      26 September 2015 • 19:09

      Well, here he goes with another mean spirited, ad hominem attack on the one person who for so many others is a breath of fresh air. No, Mr. Pulleyblank, YOU saw a wizened old man, blah, blah, blah. What so many others saw was a man showing a dignified stance in the face of the usual histrionic ravings of Dave the Porker Cameron. Who gives a flying **** if he chooses to ignore the ridiculous pomposities of dress code. I think there are more important issues to be addressed than the petty complaints of Mr PBlank.
      I had the privilege of going to listen to Robert Fisk speak on the current situation in Syria and of the migrants. Mr Fisk is probably the most highly respected independent journalist on the so-called Middle East and has been reporting in spite of considerable danger to himself for 30 years. This is a man who knows of what he speaks. If you do not understand your history then you will never understand the solutions. In order to understand what is happening today you will need to go back to the break up of the Ottoman Empire in 1916 and then arbitrary (at least to the inhabitants of the region) division by Sykes and Picot into zones of colonial interest by the British and French, thus creating Syria and Iraq. What is happening today started there. What you have been fed by successive governments in the West is a pack of lies. The message from Fisk is this. It is over. The goal posts have shifted and the West has lost control of the plot. You just haven’t woken up to it. For all intents and purposes, the borders that were put in place by the Brits and others, whilst they still exist in YOUR imagination, are being erased as we speak. The people fleeing the area will probably never choose to return. Their homes are gone, their security is gone. They view Europe as their only salvation. The question that is begged is this. Will you, the sheeple, be able to wake up and grasp the reality of what is unfolding and find a new way to think about the responsibilities of your respective leaders, or will you, as I fear Mr.PBlank would have, keep toeing the same old ” patriotic” line and bring on a world catastrophe. Instead of crying out for more bombing and slaughter which will inevitably bring about your own demise, why not embrace a voice of sanity and reason. A slim chance I would agree, not because Mr Corbyn is a weak and ineffectual persona, but because the rest of you keep drinking the KoolAid that is fed to you day after day. The continuing bellicose behaviour of the UK and US is bankrupting both of your countries, and you the taxpayers are paying the price. The expenditures on promoting endless wars will destroy us all.
      Frank Zappa once said:
      “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the stage”
      Which is just about where we are right now.

    • Roy Peters

      28 September 2015 • 19:22

      Anyone who is **** enough to vote Corbin in as the new P.M. at the next election will sound the death knell for this once great country of ours.
      Mind you, when more people understand what a buffoon he is he will disappear.

    • Mike

      29 September 2015 • 07:53

      I think this once great country of our has not been great now for a long time, political party after political party over the last 20 years have dismantled anything our country stood for and destroyed it brick by brick. I doubt Corbin would ever be prime minister but if he did I doubt he could do any more damage to this country than that which has already been done by the disgraceful clowns that we have had in recent years.

    • Ian Terry

      30 September 2015 • 13:21

      All this name calling and Trotskyite claims is all scaremongering because the political establishment in UK has changed so much over the years and is now made up of ex public school prats and pseudo socialist yuppies.
      Corbyn will attract thousands of disillusioned working class people who have not been voting as they have had years of governments(Blair included) who have given them the impression that all politicians are only there for their own advancement.
      To them Corbyn is a man of the people. Deep down the Labour Yuppies and the Tories know this and are are running scared. To the people he is Robin Hood.
      Just a comment to consider regarding Corbyn´s plan for re-nationalisation of the railways..
      Recently the Government sold off the East Coast Main Line which it ran for a number of years when the operator failed. During this time it became the most efficient and cost effective of all the rail networks.

    • Ian Terry

      30 September 2015 • 13:33

      Sorry Roy.I personally no time for the current bunch of carreer politicians in both parties who have had neither real jobs or true life experience.
      You can call Corbyn all the names you like but Cameron and his public school chums are driving the working class of the country back in to the nineteenth century. We have food banks now it will be workhouses next.
      They appesr to me to be deliberately driving the health service in to a crisis which result in privatisation being the only way forward.

    • Ian Terry

      01 October 2015 • 21:52

      Just something to add to my previous comment.

      Since 2009, East Coast has returned over £1bn to the Treasury – paying cash back to the taxpayer while the private companies line their pockets with subsidies
      has had record high customer satisfaction ratings,
      has increased profits with that money being invested directly back into improving services instead of being pocketed by private shareholders


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