Russia’s wild (open) west

ALEXANDER GALUSHKA: Wants a six-fold increase in the population of Russia’s Far East.

WITH vast, empty lands available for cultivation, Western Europeans may choose to migrate

Whimsical as it may sound, modern day Russia could offer a solution to an overpopulated and overrun Western Europe. 

According to the Moscow Times, there is a desperate need to populate regions that would benefit from cultivation. As a solution, it served mankind well for a millennium and more.

Forget the myth that Siberia is relentless frozen tundra. Much of south-east Russia enjoys a temperate climate similar to Northern Europe’s or that of Canada.

Over-populated England has the opposite problem to underpopulated Russia.  From the 1600s, economic exile, emigration, transportation, assisted passage, coercion, indentured slavery and wars took pressure off England’s unsustainable population expansion. Today, contraception, abortion and family planning are equally effective.

Authorities in Russia’s Far East offer one hectare of land for each relocating family member. Free of all charges, the land’s owners receive the title deeds to the land and buildings. The only condition is that the land is put to use.

Minister for Development of the Far East, Alexander Galushka, says: “The intention is to increase the population six-fold to 36 million people from the current 6.4 million.” 

Russia Insider also enters the fray: “The huge influx of migrants into Europe might one day force Europeans to flee their own lands to seek shelter.” 

Polish media then puts its own oar in, saying: “Having found themselves in the middle of the migrant crisis, many Europeans may wish, one day, to simply run away from the problem,” suggests the Polish news website, Obserwator Polityczny; “Many distressed nations could follow Crimea in opting-out.

“With the deepening collapse of the West, Russia will become the only durable and stable country in an unstable (political) environment. Even today, many people from countries ruled by soft-agenda politicians, unable to cope with the relatively trivial problem of illegal immigration, look to Russia with admiration and hope.

“Russians,” it elaborates, “sleep peacefully in their beds all the way from Kaliningrad on the Baltic to Magadan, Russia’s easternmost large city on the Pacific, confident that whoever comes to them with a sword, will perish by the sword. Except, one hopes, EU refugees bearing goodwill.” 

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    • Ian Terry

      15 October 2015 • 14:47

      Yes Russia could offer a solution to an overpopulated and overrun Western Europe if the refugees want to live under an yet another dictator ship but those comming for asylum or in what seems to be the vast majority, economic reasons Siberia may not be the solution. .
      You may be right in that much of south-east Russia enjoys a temperate climate, however I found the winters in South West Russia (Astakhan) cold. we actually drove along the Volga as a short cut.
      There may be parts of Siberia with a reasonable temperature beause in the summer it is warm but it has one of the greatest winter/summer temperature differencials in the world we drove across it in winter when it is an absolute must for the vehicles to be garaged with heaters underneath to stop our diesel from freezing.
      However people do live and work there but it is tough and it will be worse for those people comming from hot climates.

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