Why is Great Britain no longer great?

SACRED COW STATUS: NHS’s unwieldy bureaucracy more important than the patient’s lot.

In a parallel universe, I write about the state of Britain week after week – just this, nothing else – until everybody’s bored rigid with the mind-numbing monotony of it. Finally it’s just me in an empty room, repeatedly questioning what’s gone wrong until the end of time. Fortunately, for everybody’s sanity, you only have to read me ranting on about it all just this once. Now. 

We Brits are good at boasting we’ve got the best in the world: NHS, BBC, police, football, parliamentary democracy, army, etc. You name it we’ve got it. But rather than admit that the British army, say, doesn’t have the same resources as its American/Russian counterparts, we’ll retort: “OK! But the SAS are the best special forces in the world.” Maybe it’s a coping mechanism for being an ex-global power?

Let’s examine a few of these institutions. First off, the NHS. Its sacred cow status has caused its service and efficiency to decline further with bureaucrats who are unaccountable and have more commitment to keeping their jobs and the unwieldy bureaucracy than to improving the patient’s lot. We’ve all heard wonderful stories of people saved by the NHS, and these can’t be denied. Likewise, we’ve heard shocking, dreadful stories of hopeless, abusive, incorrect, lazy care, leading to suffering and death. 

As for the BBC, I’m increasingly finding its news broadcasts unwatchable for its gushing presenters with their silly, false hand gestures, simpering pieces to camera, ghastly ‘name-checks’, and delivery as if to a retarded three-year-old. Even more work, then, for my mute/fast-forward  button.

And, finally, the police, and its relentless pursuit of ‘historic’ child abuse. The treatment of Leon Brittan and his family, for instance, was a travesty. When did the police go from investigators to judge and jury? Since when is justice served tainting the innocent before being proved guilty? 

What a sad indictment of these depressing Savilesque times. But time to get used to the fact that Britain’s rapidly changing. Uncontrolled immigration; incompetent politicians; incompetent police; the BBC run by obscenely-overpaid supremos; the NHS by ‘managers’ who couldn’t run a village fête let alone vital NHS Trusts. Where’s it all going to end?

Next week: The state of Britain.

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    • Cliff Bennett

      26 October 2015 • 15:02

      Loved what you had to say, My Wife had to wait for six months for the treatment of her breast cancer here in Cornwall, it was a really horrendous time, currently she well and we are keeping our fingers crossed it stays that way.

      As for our so called leaders/MPs who have in the last thirty years or so have allowed what was once a truly great country to become what is today, everyone of them should in my mind be lined up against a wall and shot for treason.

      I would not trust one of them to put my dustbin out for collection let lone run our country.

      Only last week they were near on begging China to build us a power station? China?

      Are we unable to do anything on our own any more?

      Having in the past served in the forces as a person who loved his country like no other, no way would do such a thing now.

      I look forward to you next article, go for it!

      Cannot wait to return to Mallorca, my Wife and l love the local people, many of whom have become true friends.

      All the best Mallorca

      Cliff & Desiree

    • Simon Lyons

      20 November 2015 • 21:47

      I’d rather die an Englishman than be born American. At least we have an NHS, good or bad. When I lived in Ohio I had to go to hospital and the bill was about £500, with the ambulance $100. As I couldn’t work, how was I going to pay for it? Your system in America is shameful.

    • Craig

      19 November 2016 • 01:51

      Why as a foreigner would you expect free treatment? Isn’t that what’s crippling our nhs! Obviously you want to be born English, die English but live American… You are shameful

    • Simon Lyons

      21 November 2016 • 13:29

      How dare you brand me shameful! I had paid a fortune – about $3000 in settlement visa fees and was about to apply for US citizenship. I wasn’t a tourist, or on holiday – I was married to an American and settled in Ohio before I contracted a life-threatening illness. My wife, despite working, didn’t have access to free healthcare either. The fees were excessive and no ordinary working family good afford those expenses. I think you are very ignorant of people’s rights and came crashing into this post with a knee jerk comment. When talking and thinking about life or death there should be more consideration and understanding, starting with you.

    • Ray Fowler

      25 November 2016 • 21:40

      used to visit Britain on a regular basis, now as I near retirement thankfully those days are gone, I say thankfully because it is no joy watching the demise of such a country. the larger cities especially London remind me more of downtown Beirut, although in parts not as clean, open immigration has destroyed Britain and thankfully I no longer need to visit what has now become a cesspit


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