Have we left it too late to stop ISIS?

ISIS TERROR ATTACKS: Paris was the latest city to be targeted.

INACTION by the West has allowed the terrorist group to multiply.

Now will you believe me? Some 15 years ago (far longer in other publications) I warned that one day Islam would be a threat to the peace of the world. 

This was not some hare-brained idea, plucked from nowhere to create scary sensationalism. It was an observance deducted from living eight years in an Islamic country, listening to their views and ideals and concluding that, if their fanaticism and utter adherence to the words of the Koran were put into practice – coupled with their oil wealth – the outcome was quite simply inevitable. 

And did Leapy take some stick! I certainly came to realise a little of how the ultimately ostracised Enoch Powell must have felt. ‘Yet another Leapy rant’ headed so many derisory missives, that frankly it all became a bit of a bore. Well now it’s upon us. Pussyfooting politicians, peace and love pundits and the ever present ‘ostriches’ have now placed us all in deadly peril. Five years ago, the heady, headlong advance of ISIS must have been stretching their army and supply lines almost to breaking point. That was the time they were vulnerable. It with then, with all the air-power the allies could muster, that we should have blasted them to oblivion. But we didn’t, did we? 

Instead the traitor Obama (who I maintain knows exactly what he’s doing!) and the almost unbelievably naive Western leaders did precisely nothing. Meanwhile, ISIS gleefully rubbed its hands, dug in, regrouped and increased its army by untold thousands of fanatics. It will now take an international army of millions to finally dislodge them. 

Thousands will die. Attacks and fighting will prevail in our towns and cities. The infiltrators will take years to flush out and ultimately the blame will once again (thanks a bunch Blair!) lay firmly at the feet of our money-mad, pussyfooting, wind-bagging politicians. 

And still we let these people in. I’d love to be a flea on the tent wall as Satan’s army scoff and laugh at the idiocy of the infidel enemy. They must by now believe they can actually win. And ya know something? They could well be right!

 Keep the faith

Love Leapy    

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    • Roy Peters

      19 November 2015 • 11:53

      Well said Leapy. If the western diplomats continue on the path they are on at the moment Europe at least will be Islamic in ten or twenty years time. If that happens God help us!

    • Mike

      19 November 2015 • 18:11

      I agree with what you have said Leapy, I live in despair at how naive modern politicians are and how at the drop of a hat they lean towards the beliefs of minority idiots and do gooders destroying our society and security in the process, I really cannot believe how misguided the political top brass have become over the last 15 or so years. Personally I think they are sad, greedy, disgusting, idiotic clowns but… unfortunately that doesn’t change anything nor do I think it will!

    • Kally

      22 November 2015 • 22:23

      These terrorists are not Islamic. High Commissioners for security from the Middle East say attacks in the name of Allah are a way of getting the west to turn anti-Muslim, thus ostracising its Muslim residents and turning them into cannon-fodder for terrorists. Many are involved in drug-trafficking and many drink, both against Islam. The girl who may or may not have blown herself up in Saint-Dénis was asked why she was wearing a veil whilst carrying a vodka bottle, and whether she prayed. She said of praying, “I can’t be [expletived] with all that rubbish. I just want to go to Syria.”
      In Spain, 1.85 million Muslims live peacefully, many have for 10, 15, 25 years. Since the 11-M bombings at Atocha (where Muslims were killed and injured), nearly 12 years ago, 623 known terrorists have been traced, of whom 41% were born in Spain, many more have lived here since they were children, and 75% come from Ceuta and Melilla rather than the mainland or islands. As a proportion of an ethnic group, it’s not high. I’m sure at least 623 British criminals, violent ones, have been arrested in Spain in that time, and there are far fewer of us than there are of Muslims. Less than a million, in fact.
      Mr G. P. has lived in Saudi Arabia, one of the most extreme and fundamentalist Islamic nations in the world. But so far, none of the terrorists caught or hitting the media have been Saudi or even have connections with the kingdom.
      One might add that there are similar Christian factions on earth (or have been). But does the bigoted Bible Belt of the southern USA reflect the average Lutheran, Anglican Protestant, etc, in Europe? Catholicism is fundamental and bordering on dangerously so, yet in rural Suffolk, a divorced lady vicar performs weddings between divorcés in her local church.
      These terrorists are NOT Muslims. NO religion orders anyone to kill or torture. The Q’ran actually forbids it: “He who harms or kills another shall be as though he has harmed or killed all of mankind,” whilst helping one person is ‘like helping all of mankind’. (Feel free to correct me on the exact wording; I can’t remember the number of the verse).
      Misinterpretation of religious doctrine as an excuse for violence has been ongoing for millennia, and doesn’t reflect the actual religion itself. Many factions of Christianity despise the Church, for its hypocrisy and taking advantage of followers. Is a Catholic paedophile a ‘Christian’? If not, then why would a Muslim automatically be a terrorist?
      And how does Saudi Arabia come into it when as yet, no terrorist has been found to have links with the country?
      Hitler was a Christian, wasn’t he?


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