KEY SUSPECT: Massive manhunt under way.

Europe is listening now to the deafening silence of the Muslim community. We at  Euro Weekly News (EWN) do not take any political stance; however, we pride ourselves as being a voice of the people.  Of course, our readers understand this is the work of extremists – Muslim extremists.

So we invite all Muslims to walk with us hand in hand to pay your respects to those who were cold-bloodedly murdered in vain – lay wreaths and flowers in remembrance of their last fearful minutes. 

Cry with pain alongside your neighbours who have lost their loved ones torn apart with bullets sprayed at them by the sadistic hand of a gleeful terrorist.

Shout from your mosques that this is not in the name of religion – and terrorists’ hatred of the western world, which they have infiltrated and which they want to destroy, is now your home and they are not welcome in your place of worship.

Monitor your children and their friends on social media.

Work with us, the majority, if you really want to be European.

Foreigners living in Spain cannot and must not be racist as it would be a contradiction beyond belief – but the deafening silence of many of those in the Muslim community, particularly in Europe, is instilling fear in us all. As the voice of the expat community, EWN is now begging to hear your voice loud and clear, denouncing those who undertook this terrible massacre.

Please do not let innocent people’s lives be ripped apart without making change happen.

We all want to live in a place that encourages all religions to have the freedom to practise their beliefs and we must show respect to each other so that Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jew, Muslims and Sikhs can embrace each other, but never these extremists.

We will destroy ISIS but together we will do it sooner and without as much suffering if we all raise our voices against those who teach hatred. 

Show and teach your children that the western world is a good, kind place to live.

God Bless France! 
God Bless Europe!
United we stand. We are the world. We are the people.

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    • Nigel

      19 November 2015 • 12:06

      Never a truer word said
      We all need to stand together against these murdering bastards
      Regardless of colour or creed

    • Richard

      20 November 2015 • 07:16

      Dear Euroweekly,

      Never a truer word spoken but the fact remains that you wont publish my comments because your newspaper is run by zionists.

    • Michel

      20 November 2015 • 12:44

      In all the years I have sat in this chair – I have been called many things both to my face but often behind my back.

      However Zionist – never.

      I am not a racist either – I however loathe cowards who destroy other peoples lives under the guise of religion.

      All religions are about peace – loving – giving – helping – not ripping the heart out of society.

      The web master probably doesn’t print your comments because like this one they are bollocks.

      Yes I know it is bad language but then again last Friday is still raw as thousands of people are still trying to re adjust their lives because of a few extremist minority sadistic evil cold blooded killers.

      As Putin has said to forgive these terrorists is up to God.

      But to send them to him is up to him.

      On this occasion I am firmly behind him.

      Now sir call me what you will.

      This is not the EWN speaking – but ME – Michel Euesden

    • Lola

      24 November 2015 • 10:35

      These problems would continue, if Europa could not manage to integrate Muslims in the society. The fact is after decades of leaving in France, Spain, etc., Muslim community is not integrated in national community, because of many reasons, among them 1. Racist action of the nation: explicit or implicit against Muslims, 2. Muslims believes to call non-Muslims as infidel, 3. non-equal opportunities, 4. Muslims getting used to being looked as animals or strange creatures in the streets. See! Difficult problem. God help both groups!

    • Kally

      24 November 2015 • 14:49

      Exactly – the level of racism and anti-Muslim sentiments seen on social networks and in various media (usually UK-based and British) is chilling, and only serves to fuel this type of terrorism. The organisation is not Muslim, but preys upon young adults or teenagers who feel ostracised in the country they are born in and with no role models or prospects just because of their name and their parents’ culture. DAESH offers them what seems like a welcoming community, a cause, appreciation, and lauds them because of their faith, rather than criticising them for it. Take a directionless kid with a limited IQ and no real friends, and it is totally understandable they would cling to a group that gives them social shelter. And once in, they can’t get out without being tortured and killed.
      The solution involves clamping down on, not diffusing, hatred towards Muslims. This hatred is what DAESH needs and actually seeks to promote.

    • Kally

      24 November 2015 • 14:56

      Agree with this editorial, but I must stress that Islamic communities all over Spain have, indeed, been standing up and speaking out in the media and on TV. Some even say they don’t mind if police stops every one of them in the country to check their ID, because they’ve nothing to hide and would be happy to help in the fight against terrorism. One of these was a woman injured in the 11-M attacks.
      The problem is that, although they actively want to help, they’re silenced, their words not always reported, and they’re blamed. We should be getting them on our side, because that’s where they want to be.
      Not responding to the Islamic community’s attempts to help and speak out, and demonising them instead, is a short-sighted, narrow-minded and self-destructive attitude seen all too frequently – mainly among British right-wing tabloid readers with limited education who indiscriminately share ‘patriotic’ posts on Facebook.
      In fact, it’s just insane, and is fuelling the issue.

    • Jane in Spain

      27 November 2015 • 10:36

      Yes you hit the nail on the head: how few papers would dare offend them by even mentioning it? …………

      KEEP UP the brave work!


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