Only way is to fight for our ideals

GIVE our fighting men and women all the support they need to finish the job

MAKE you laugh don’t they? Or perhaps crying would be a more appropriate reaction. I’m talking about the politicians who this week voted against bombing Daesh targets in Syria; or more specifically, the main excuse they used to justify themselves. 

‘Ah’ they simpered; ‘If we do this we would give them an excuse to bring more acts of terror onto our streets.’ Just how many ‘acts of terror’ do they need before they get some bottle and realise we are in a war?  

We’ve had a soldier almost beheaded in the street, buses and trains blown up, an unprecedented rise in the number of Islamic terror plots uncovered, and this week a knife attack on innocent victims by an Islamist lunatic in a tube station. 

What will it take to wake these pacifist pillocks up in the real world? A dirty bomb in the middle of Trafalgar Square? Don’t believe that’s beyond the realms of possibility either! If we continue to turn the other cheek, we’ll have ‘em both sliced off. 

Please don’t get my attitude wrong. I too believe that peace and love among all human beings is the final harmony that will bring us all together as one. But vast numbers of others don’t! Millions would like to see all the non-believers of their violent and suppressive religious views, wiped off the face of the Earth. 

The only way for us to live in a peaceful democracy is to put all our ideals on hold and fight for it. The words of an elite ‘Gunny’ sergeant, who was guarding the American Embassy when I lived in Jeddah comes to mind. I had many long discussions with this remarkable man, who believed fervently in peace and the love of our fellow men. 

He also firmly believed that some of us are put on this world to fight and preserve it. And that, he said, was the job of him and his fellow servicemen. 

Give our fighting men and women all the support and weaponry they need to finish the job. Hopefully at least our children will then be able to enjoy a future filled with the peace and love we all so passionately desire. 

Keep the Faith
Love Leapy 

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