A woman’s place is in the home

UPSETTING THE EQUILIBRIUM: The pill has a lot to answer for.

THE PILL has totally confused the female of our species

Hi girls, you’re really going to hate Leapy this week. Omitting his views on homosexuals, I actually believe many of the somewhat odious Tyson Fury’s views are quite correct.

The latest world heavyweight boxing champion took the opportunity of his new status to release a whole tirade of his opinions on our lifestyle and traditions. I thought his views on free speech were particularly articulate. 

After all, if without retribution, you can praise women for being successful in the world of previously male-dominated professions, then you should be able to state that in your opinion a woman’s place is in the home. Why not? As I stated recently, I think the advent of the pill has totally confused the female of our species. Almost overnight it gave women the opportunity to pick and choose their sexual adventures. Suddenly penis envy went out of the window and they all had the same freedom to come and go as the male sex; and boy has that upset the equilibrium. (Far too many examples to include here!)

Well of course it has. It’s completely against nature, that’s why. Since the age of the cave-dweller it is generally the male who, far better equipped physically, has been the hunter.

The female, also well equipped for her calling, has been the homemaker and  nurturer of the offspring. It is actually the perfect recipe for a successful relationship.

There’s nothing detrimental in being a housewife. It is the most taxing of professions, demanding a whole range of practical and emotional expertise. The two sides complement themselves perfectly. 

Show me a marriage that has happily endured for years and nine out of 10 will be a partnership based on traditional     values.

To my mind the female ‘liberation’ instigated by the pill has been an unmitigated disaster for the ladies. 

Egged on by the women’s libbers it has destroyed all previous boundaries and sent the female of the species careering off into so many different aspects of physical and emotional turmoil they may find it impossible to ever recover.

Keep the faith

Love Leapy   


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    • Roy Peters

      17 December 2015 • 17:27

      Well said Leapy. When I was a child in the forties and fifties life for everyone was so much better. You can’t say that now!

    • Jonathan

      18 December 2015 • 18:52

      Oh my Lord. Aside from Mr.Peters, there seems to be a somewhat stunned silence in reaction to this piece. Hardly surprising.Firstly, there is going to be a very large number of men who are also “really going to hate Leapy this week”.(why only this week, you may ask) Mr Tyson’s actual sentence included the following that the author of this awful writing chose to ignore. ” a women’s place is in the kitchen or ON HER BACK”. The advent of the pill has indeed given women an opportunity to gain control of aspects of their lives that, rather than confusing them, in fact is confusing the misogynistic, bullying males of the species, who now feel that their special privelages regarding treatment of women as chattell are being threatened. How would the author have any clue as to what is the recipe for a successful long lasting marriage? He has never had one. What would be the reaction of his ex-wives, girlfriends and assorted bits and bobs be to this “opinion”? Spot on as per usual?
      What is interesting is that the author has endlessly ranted decrying what he claims is the actual treatment of women by all Muslim men, and is now lamenting that we can no longer return to the “old” ways” of treating women the way he would prefer. Subserviant and on their backs.
      For your interest, Sir, a successful long marriage is based on recognising each others strengths and weaknesses and applying those skills for the good of the family.affection and a good sense of humour. Oh, and staying faithful sort of helps too.

    • mike

      19 December 2015 • 17:59

      Remember it was the good lord who put woman on this world to look after men……………who are we to try and change this god given gift to the world..

    • Jonathan

      20 December 2015 • 18:08

      Are you being ironic? I hope so.

    • mike

      21 December 2015 • 17:48

      I must say that I don’t agree with the statement”on her back” ………..in this modern world the woman is far more adventuress sex wise but in many peoples view she was far happier when she was looking after the house and her husband But since some strange woman started burning bra’s is afraid to admit it…

    • Christian H B-V

      22 December 2015 • 13:02

      Yes, I do fully agree with tightening up on benefit claimants being absent from the UK and those who take a chance and say nothing about any changes to their circumstances and get caught, deserve all they get for their dshonesty. As I myself are seeking a better lifestyle in Southern Europe but I am doing everything I can to solve my housing, employment and health issues that I just cannot resolve inthe UK because of all the abuse that I have suffered but I myself am keeping the DWP well informed of any progress. As we all know that “HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY”.

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