Enoch Powell was never a racist

ENOCH POWELL: Intelligent politician who was hounded out of mainstream politics.

MERELY a realist, he was of course absolutely correct

“Whole areas, towns and parts of towns across England will be occupied by sections of the immigrant and immigrant descendant’s population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre. 

“They will find their wives unable to obtain hospital beds in childbirth. Their children unable to obtain school places. Their homes and neighbourhoods changed beyond recognition. Their plans and prospects for the future defeated for reasons they cannot comprehend; and in pursuance of a decision by default on which they were never consulted, they will find themselves made strangers in their own country,” –  Enoch Powell, 1965. 

This highly intelligent politician was subsequently hounded out of mainstream politics by his peers, who scoffed his vision and warnings of the future. Under accusations of racism, he was soon banished to a lonely position in Northern Ireland. 

There, out of sight and hearing, his brilliant mind was wasted in the mire of violence and political strife that was engulfing Ireland at that time. I personally remember him utterly destroying David Frost in a TV interview. At one point Frost asked him why he was against black people. Powell’s answer was that he had never discriminated against someone because of their colour and challenged Frost to cite one occasion when he had actually done so. 

A blustering Frost couldn’t come up with one example. The fact of the matter was that Powell was never a racist, merely a realist. He was of course absolutely correct and we are now experiencing most of the situations he warned of all those years ago. 

The words of a Don McLean song come to mind. ‘They did not listen, they’re not listening still, perhaps they never will.’ In fairness, they do finally seem to be listening. Unfortunately they’re about 40 years too late.

I’ve been called a few things in my time but the missive I received this week just about took the whole tin. This ‘gentleman’ referred to me as follows.  Uneducated. Purile. Lickspittle. Forelock tugger. Knee bender. Quisling. Halfwit. Moron. Wow! Sticks and stones Señor. Sticks and stones!


Keep the faith

Love Leapy   

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    • Ian trrry

      26 December 2015 • 00:40

      You’re all immigrants if you are living in Spain. we are all here to take advantage of what Spain has to offer. This is really no different to those entering the UK.
      We may not like the idea but this is a fact and if you are living in Spain then to criticise people who want to enter the UK to improve their quality of life for whatever reason is hypocritical because it is exactly why most of you live here.

    • The UK Teddyboy

      23 December 2015 • 21:53

      Hell Lee :: This ‘gentleman’ referred to You as :- Uneducated. Purile. Lickspittle. Forelock tugger. Knee bender. Quisling. Halfwit. Moron. Could not be more Wrong.. & Don’t know what Dictionary he uses ??? & As You say Enoch Powell was 100% Coreect & way ahead of his time & Forward thinking.. Racist has nothing to do with it !!! If You cannot get into something You are entitled too.. i.e. Hospital, School , Houses etc. etc. because others who have just landed are ahead of You.. Then does not matter who they are or what Colour.. They are blocking You Free of Charge “”FACT””… Cheers O/M/Colin

    • graham

      24 December 2015 • 10:27

      I agree. Its all common sense. Why cant those in charge see it.

    • Edgar

      25 December 2015 • 09:09

      If we go back into the far past, Winston Churchill also warned us Christians about what is going to happen.

    • Roy Peters

      26 December 2015 • 13:52

      Sorry Ian, but I cannot agree with you 100%. The people that come here to live in Spain pay for it all themselves, they do not sponge off the government and the people.
      In Britain many immigrants are existing mainly or partly at the taxpayers expense so how does that correspond to those living here in Spain?
      Simple answer – It doesn’t.

    • Roy Peters

      26 December 2015 • 13:57

      I have to admit it Leapy – you have hit the nail right on the head again. Enoch Powell was way ahead of his time, but as you say, he turned out to be 100% right.
      It’s just a shame our current politicians cannot see the writing on the wall.

    • Ian trrry

      26 December 2015 • 22:51

      I don’t expect you to agree with me100% but there is no avoiding the fact that by definition we are immigrants.
      While I agree many are coming in to take advantage of our benefit system there are also those escaping war, famine and other hardships in their own country.

      When it comes to sponging we need to look no further than our own doorstep in the UK. Not only working class layabouts but politicians people fiddling expenses and people with more money they can spend in several lifetimes avoiding tax.

      We all use Amazon Starbucks Macdonalds etc. all of whom reputedly avoid paying tax in UK. By doing so we encourage the practice because it suits our needs.

    • Roy Peters

      27 December 2015 • 17:12

      Hi Ian, To a certain extent you are right, but you cannot class British immigrants to Spain with those living in England.
      So far as the Brits sponging goes, that is a sign of our times as people get more lazy, and I blame Blair for making it so easy. If they can get away with it they will try. It’s a disgraceful sign of today’s Brits, but they have the perfect example of the immigrants and think, ‘if they can do it why can’t I’.
      I do not blame the current government for all our woes for they have been building up ever since Blair entered No 10 and it will take a long time for all the problems to be solved – IF they can be solved!
      I am just glad I left the country a long time ago. Wild horses could not drag me back there again.

    • The UK Teddyboy

      28 December 2015 • 16:14

      So Ian : Lets get few things straight… What You are saying is UK Immigrants to Spain are the Same as Ones Coming from Everywhere into the UK… Get real My Friend !!! When was last time you saw a lorry load of UK Citizens arriving in Spain illegally in backs of Lorries, ???? Or Threatening Drivers ??? When did you see UK Citizens last Take Houses/Flats ahead of Spanish People ;; When did You see UK Citizens Burning Spanish Flag & Shouting Kill all Spanish Military ; Do UK Immigrants want to Take over Spain & Change the Spanish way of Life ?? ::: These just a few examples as The Comparison List is Endless & Answer always same to Each NO or NEVER !!!! The Only thing UK Citizens go to Spain for is Sun !!! Since when did Spain own the Sun ??? Also I assume 80% of UK Citizens are Bring much needed Cash into Spain.. As retiring there & buying Properties that at present Market is in a slump !!! To Compare Illegal & Legal Immigrant to Legal UK Immigrants moving to Spain is INCORRECT & cannot think of where you can compare Just one Item ??? Sure Immigrants Come to UK to Improve their way of Life :: But at a Huge Cost to UK Citizens…. What exactly do UK Citizens moving to Spain Cost Spanish People ZERO !!!!!!!! But those flooding into UK Cost UK Billions !!!!!!!!!!!!! So will leave you with unlimited time period to try & find just one example of Where (UK to Spain) can be Compared with (Everywhere to UK)


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