Can this alien bunch be an asset?

UNCHECKED IMMIGRATION: Has brought on violence and unrest.

WHAT we are actually witnessing is the beginning of our worst nightmare

TWENTY-five years ago I warned that the West was being infiltrated by its enemies. I also stated that if the authorities didn’t wake up, one day it would all be too late. Well our esteemed leaders slumbered blissfully on and the Islamist militants are now everywhere.

 The local violence and unrest, mainly brought on by unchecked immigration, is unfolding as we speak. Almost every day, up rears another example of the Allahu Akbar terrorists in our midst. Police gunned down, shoppers and holidaymakers maimed and killed, places of entertainment targeted etc. 

And still we let them in. Even more ominous, is that of the thousands of ‘refugees’ who entered Europe last year, 69 per cent were men. This disproportionate figure alone should set alarm bells jangling, even among the most liberal of the ‘heads in the sand’ denial brigade. 

What must also be remembered is that even if the majority of these people are not actually terrorists, most of them are illiterate, ill-educated Muslim men. The chances of integrating them into our Western society with its existing values are virtually nil. 

A prime example is the recent phenomena of marauding mobs of feral young Arabic men, publicly harassing and committing sexual attacks on our women. 

In the oppressive, primitive societies these individuals have been raised, women are looked on as second class chattel. Couple this, with the fact that in their former countries they have never observed women even baring their arms in public, leave alone the legs and faces revealed by normal Western attire, and you get some idea of their glaring mental inadequacies. 

You also only have to witness the disgusting mess left behind on the trains and in areas vacated by these immigrant hordes to get some idea of the standard of living they are accustomed to. And you honestly think that the majority of this alien bunch can be an asset to our Western democratic culture?

Ha! What we are actually witnessing is the beginning of our worst nightmare. Potentially devastating, irreversible internal conflict.  Heaven help us all.  

Keep the faith
Love Leapy
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    • Brian Eagleson

      16 January 2016 • 00:35

      I agree with most of what you say Roy or Leo or whoever you are. Of course I do. But I differ over your blanket assessment of Muslim kids as brainwashed and out of date. If that’s what the gutter press would have us believe then it must be true eh? The same papers would have us believe that evil ghosts genuinely exist and they’re really haunting us! Woooo. Scary! Anyway, back in the real world it’s not so long ago that the IRA and the UVF were behaving as if THEY were brainwashed and out of date – but THEY were no more representative of genuine Christians than Daesh are of genuine Muslims. I repeat, until recently, Syria was a modern, wealthy country with a well-educated and productive workforce. When I’m in Glasgow I just LOVE the way the Muslim kids speak with a broad Scottish accent! Most of them get better exam results than many of our own kids too.

      My main point though, as mentioned previously, is that people like Leapy still need to see the bigger picture. The situation is way more complicated than such narrow views would indicate and it is simply not good enough to just say “keep them all out” so that we can preserve our own comfortable way of life in little England. The world is now completely multi-cultural. Get used to it. Embrace it. There’s no going back. It’s here for keeps.

    • Roy Peters

      14 January 2016 • 09:48

      Once again you are so right Leapy. I have been saying this for years in my blog but most people do not believe it, or are not bothered so long as it does not interfere with their own little world.

      Our politicians are the worst, for they choose to ignore the potential problems, and now it is too late!

      The sad thing is, it is going to cause huge problems for our children and theirs. I can well believe that Enoch Powell was right, for there will be blood on the streets at some time in the future.

    • Brian Eagleson

      14 January 2016 • 17:36

      Leapy, Your article “Can this alien bunch be an asset?” obviously includes Syrian schoolkids and babies whose homes have been reduced to rubble by years of bombing. Would you seriously ban them all, leaving them in roofless ruins with no water, sanitation, electricity, food or medical aid until they die? Oh, sorry – that’s Donald Trump’s answer, isn’t it?

      Until recently, Syria was a modern, wealthy country with a well-educated and productive workforce. Now it’s been bombed to hell. Those who manage to flee are mostly fit young men precisely because they are more able to escape a war zone. Some fit women and children manage to escape too. Of course a few are terrorists, but does that make it ok to ban everyone else?

      Imagine if YOU were a young man born in Syria rather than Britain Leapy? Do you realise you would be drafted into the Syrian army to fight for the hated and brutal President Assad? No, the situation is much bigger and more complicated than your weekly, simplistic rants imply. Get real. See the bigger picture.

      Brian Eagleson

    • Brian Eagleson

      15 January 2016 • 11:53

      You have something in common with Leapy, Roy. You both seem to have crystal balls. You both predicted the situation long ago. He says he warned the West 25 years ago. That would be 1991 then. H’mm. I have no idea what the world will be like in 2041 (yes, I did the math) but one thing’s for sure – I won’t be around to see it. However I AM sure we can all agree on one thing. We would all like it to be a better place – for ALL its citizens.

      Let me ask you both what is the difference between a Syrian child and an English one? They’re both the same under the skin you know. Cut them and they bleed, just like you and me. They both deserve the same chance in life, but the Syrian child doesn’t get the same chance, does she? Show some pity for these poor victims who are fleeing the world’s war zones.

      My mother and father were bombed out of their homes in their early teens during the blitz. The rest of my family fled to America, Canada and Australia because their home town of Clydebank was flattened and there were no houses left for them to live in. Do you see any difference in what is happening now in the middle east? Or do you just equate ALL Muslims as lesser beings because of an evil minority?

    • Roy Leon

      15 January 2016 • 16:54

      It is absolutely true that decent folk cannot abandon the poor innocent children of war stricken lands, to their inevitable fate.
      But Brian, the difference is that you were already brought up in a western society with western values and morals.
      Alas many of these hapless kids will be brainwashed into an alien and outdated religious system that sees us in the west as decadent and heathen.
      They will often grow up into confused and ill educated individuals, with a chip on their shoulders, because their kind, generous, placid and relatively wealthy host countries don’t comply with their distorted views of life on this planet. They become jihadists and a great problem for us all, including themselves, because there are millions of Muslims that just want to live in peace in their host countries, regardless of our differences.
      The question is…. HOW do we identify the good from the demented.?
      I can guarantee none of our politicians will have a clue.
      Neither will most of us. but we can’t help feeling that the mistakes were already made by our politicians by trying to bash the middle east into a democratic union. They are NOT yet ready for it. They will find their own way to change, eventually.

    • royleon

      17 January 2016 • 12:38

      My profound apologies for having misled you Brian.
      My words – ‘often grow up confused and ill educated’ does not by any means mean ALL.
      But it only needs a few to create mayhem in our streets.
      I have Muslim friends who are really scared that radicals are threatening their lives of peace and prosperity in the west. It is without doubt that only radicals need to be controlled.
      My Egyptian friends are deeply concerned with the terror in Egypt because they are ruining the economy by killing INNOCENT holiday makers.
      And yes we have been through this loop with the terror in Ireland and some of us, who longer in the tooth do not so easily forget it.
      My name is Roy, Brian but serving my time in the Royal Navy I was nicknamed Leo. I preferred it to Roy.
      I have also worked and lived in Pakistan, when it was a very different country, with no evident radicalism.
      I am not against Muslims, only radicals, who I believe have been brainwashed into illogical and dangerous thoughts. I feel the same about any religion that has illogical and dogmatic values.

    • Brian Eagleson

      17 January 2016 • 21:34

      Let’s get a sense of proportion about this. Most media and politicians would have us believe there are countless hoards of extremely dangerous terrorists on the loose everywhere and they want to kill us all.

      But, consider the dreadful Paris attacks in November as a typical example. 1 city. There’s around 50,000 cities in the world, give or take a few. So around 49,999 cities were NOT experiencing a terrorist attack. That’s ignoring the billions of towns and villages.

      The numbers left dead or wounded in Paris were truly appalling, but how many terrorists were involved? 9. That’s quite a large number compared with the usual 1 or 2. Now how many people are there in the world? Somewhere between 7 and 8 billion. So while those 9 were terrorising Paris at least 7 billion or so were NOT terrorising anybody!

      So, contrary to what most of the media would have you believe there’s not much terrorism going on. But there’s an absolutely massive number of places where there’s NO terrorism going on.

      But a lack of terrorism doesn’t make the news, does it? Too boring – too quiet and peaceful. So basically the emphasis on all the awful events that get reported in the news skews reality. Most news media report and react to a kind of fantasy world where reality has been inverted to make the small more important than the large.

      So relax. The real world’s completely different from the NEWSworld. Proportion –  it’s all about proportion.

    • Brian Eagleson

      19 January 2016 • 01:13

      Final words. 1,240,000 (1.24 million) people died in road traffic accidents worldwide in the year 2010 – the most recent worldwide figure I could find.

      So here’s some statistics that might open your eyes.
      Chances of dying in a car accident: 1 in 18,585
      Chances of dying in a terrorist attack: 1 in 9,300,000 (9.3 million)
      So you’re waaaaaay more likely to die in a car accident! We need to ban cars instead of Muslims!

      But will we ban cars because one million, two hundred and forty thousand people died on the roads in just one year? Oh don’t be silly.

      Finally, compared with terrorism, you even face a much greater chance of drowning in your bath: 1 in 685,000. So maybe we should all shower instead! Oh, but you might slip… Fatally slipping during a shower: 1 in 812,000 – still waaaaaay more likely than terrorism. So let’s ban baths and showers! They kill people!

      By the way, just in case you think I’m being complacent, I’m absolutely not. I’m just reporting facts. As Peter Gabriel advised us so eloquently “Turn up the signal – wipe out the noise.” What music ya listening to now Leapy? The signal or the noise?

    • The Equaliser

      17 April 2016 • 10:58

      Thank God All the ageing, downmarket, ignorant, uneducated racist Brits like Leapt Lee, who polute Britain and the rest of Europe, will be dead soon.

    • roy león

      17 April 2016 • 15:31

      [quote]Thank God All the ageing, downmarket, ignorant, uneducated racist Brits like Leapt Lee, who polute Britain and the rest of Europe, will be dead soon.[/quote]
      I believe that your ‘Handle’ is something of a misnomer. There seems to be little equality in your tirades.
      I’m sure most of us have sufficient understanding to realise that Leapy is neither ignorant, uneducated, nor racist. It may be that what he says may not coincide with your view of the world. But then again, you do not have the monopoly on what is good or bad or right or wrong. Leapy has the right to express his views and he gets paid for it too. If you don’t like what he says, you have the right to ignore it, then you don’t need to hide behind a pseudonym
      Or are you perhaps looking for an opposing position on the paper for your own column. Your replies certainly have sufficient length to them, if not common sense.
      Well, like me, he is ageing. I can grant you that.
      Calm down, relax and take in as many refugees as you possibly can. They will very much appreciate your actions. Or are they just political points of view.

    • roy león

      17 April 2016 • 15:46

      Oh I forgot to mention your interesting statistics…
      In Spain we are being advised to install fences around our swimming pools. I looked up the statistics on accidents in Spain in pools. I think it was 2013/14
      Two toddlers tragically drowned in Swimming Pools in Spain. Their parents were not in the vicinity, There were 15 other fatal tragedies in that year all intoxicated teenagers, with no parental guidance.
      I looked deeper, there were 15 fatalities with people falling out of trees. But we were not asked to fence off trees on our premises, A similar number died from falling off cliffs. Amazing.! My own view was that if swimming without parental cover was so dangerous that all communities and private pools had to have a protective fence, Then why in heavens name was not the sea shore fenced off and lifeguards stationed, Many a parent happily reads a book or has 40 winks whilst their offspring splash around in the sea, Is that not as dangerous as a pool.? I learned that statistics can be used for and against an argument. But it is money spinning that has the real power. It’s relatively easy to impose illogical rulings on individuals with property. It is quite another issue to encumber govt. departments to spend their cash. If they have any left after so many fingers have dipped into it.
      Yes, Yes, I agree, I digress, this is another subject altogether. My apologies.


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