Train on empty, yes or no?

IF in the past you were someone that skipped breakfast and felt ravenous by lunchtime, your body had over time taught itself to hold on to every calorie from your last meal, and slow down the fat burning process.  

However once you get into an exercise routine, you will find your body simply will not settle for a 12-hour fast. 

Exercise performed over long periods or high intensity will wake up your metabolism, and this is where you need to put in the effort to consume healthy, well-prepared meals. 

For example, you are up at 7am and your training session is 9am, you need at least an hour to digest your food before you start exercising. I have had clients that after eating an hour earlier, and due to the intensity of the session, have felt unwell.  

I have had other clients that have eaten nothing, and run out of steam 15 minutes into the class, with no fuel, their body was unable to perform.  

Studies suggest working out on an empty stomach can make your body more efficient at using up its energy stores, by allowing the carbohydrates and proteins to be absorbed into the body rather than stored as fat.  

However other studies have shown that ‘a fasted workout’ will hinder your performance, as having no fuel in your body means you are unable to exercise for as long and therefore you will burn fewer calories. 

So try both methods, and see how you get on.

My personal choice is a protein shake, nice and easy, hardly any prep and no chewing involved. I’m getting a clean, nutritious liquid meal, and as long as I give myself 45 minutes to an hour before the session, I have no worries about digestion. 

 Remember even a banana is going to give you some firing power to work with, and they tend to digest well.

If you try a ‘fasted workout session’, pay attention to your energy levels and stamina during the hour and compare it.   

My classes are at times, that demanding that I know I would not get through them without the extra fuel. 

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