Young migrants condemned for attacking pensioners in Munich

MIGRANT-RELATED tensions are mounting in Germany, after disturbing video footage released online on February 2 showed two German pensioners being attacked by young foreigners on a train, in the middle of the day.  

Munich commuter, Tom Roth filmed the scene on his mobile before posting the shocking footage to social media. He is said to have captured the events while travelling on a train between Sendlinger Tor and the Bavarian city’s main station.  

Reports claim that a young woman was being harassed by a group of young migrant males of eastern European or Arabic origin, who then turned on her when she rejected their advances, with one attempting to intimidate the woman by smashing his hand against the nearest train window. 

Two brave German pensioners then entered the fray, asking the youths to back off before an angry exchange ensued.  The alarming video shows one pensioner held by the arms and subjected to verbal abuse, while the second ‘vigilante’ is seen scrapping with the migrant males before being gripped tightly around the neck and threatened. 

On his arrival at the Munich’s main station, video-creator Mr Roth is reported to have called the police, but was met with an apathetic response when officers told him ‘there was nothing they could do.’

On posting the video to Facebook, Mr Roth wrote an accompanying statement condemning the harassment and the ensuing aggression. “Those involved were very distressed” he wrote, “An older lady said she doesn’t leave her home at night anymore. The two gentlemen said it cannot go on like this. I felt safer in Germany two or three years ago. I find that terrifying and sad.”

© Courtesy of Mr Roth.

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    • Roy Peters

      02 February 2016 • 18:25

      It looks like Germany is finally getting to see what Merkel’s stupid invitation to refugees has done. The Germans will most certainly have to get used to this kind of thing for it will get worse.
      They will learn eventually that their women are no longer safe on the streets alone, and general crime will rocket through the roof once these people have established themselves.

    • Mike

      03 February 2016 • 19:53

      Have to agree with you Roy, I think it was something that was to be expected really, there is not a lot of coverage on TV or UK press but there are many aggressive issues being caused in other countries, Sweden being one.

      I have to say, apart from not understanding the stupidity of Merkel ‘what was she thinking of?’ and her actions I cannot understand why she doesn’t say something about the issues her actions have caused, even Brussels are ignoring it. I know a few Germans and they are as dumbfounded as everyone else.

      I watched a video of a Hungarian MEP in the EU parliament ask for ‘suggestions’ on the aggression against women by migrants over Christmas, she was answered by some EU jobsworth called Mary Honeybun who accused her of being racist and said it wasn’t the migrants fault because they where ‘fleeing appalling conditions’, Honeybun was an absolute disgrace, things that we being a human race should stand up against and this silly woman was speaking on behalf of the EU! We need to get out of the EU and get away from this sick, backward cancer that is drip fed into MEP’s.

      I am sure they will not post this if I add a link to the video but if you go to Google and search for the following 3 words ‘morvai, racist, Almási’ it will be the first video or link that comes up, you need to see this!
      It will make your blood boil Roy, sorry!

    • Roy Peters

      04 February 2016 • 10:38

      I agree Mike. There is so much wrong with the EU that I am surprised we have stayed in so long. We should have left years ago.

    • Drew Edgar

      04 February 2016 • 14:15

      I am appalled & deeply ashamed by the response from a fellow British Subject, the unelected EU bureaucrat Mary Honeybun, to the serious & proper points raised by an elected MEP

    • Mike

      04 February 2016 • 16:09

      Sorry I said Honeybun, her name is actually Mary Honeyball 😉
      Disgraceful woman, when you think of everything women have fought for many years and still are… then throw a migrant into the discussion and everything they have fought for goes out the window as far as the EU is concerned… idiots, backward thinking, mentally retarded are the nice words, I couldn’t write the words I feel would need to be used to describe MEP’s or people like Honeyball.


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