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BARACK OBAMA: The list goes on, right up to the president of the USA himself.

YOU can’t blame a lack of success on skin colour

How refreshing it was to tune into Sky news this week and be confronted by the two bubbly black presenters, Philip Butah and Gillian Joseph.

These two young people, at the top of their chosen profession, are both articulate and entertaining. What a wonderful example to the hordes of other young blacks, who constantly blame the reason for their lack of success or failures in life on the colour of their skin. 

Well, I’m sorry, but ‘cause I’m black’ simply doesn’t hack it any more. Even when many black people actually are successful, they still complain about racist bias. 

Prime examples of this antiquated attitude were the actors involved in the recent Oscars. Whinging and moaning, these extremely wealthy and spoiled divas queued up to complain that there weren’t enough black actors included in the nominations this year. They blamed the Academy and its members of ostracising black people on purpose. What a load of complete codswallop. For heaven’s sake the president of the Academy is himself black!

The true problem this year was there were no black performers or movies that merited an award. You can’t base an award on the colour of someone’s skin.

This is the type of reverse racism that stirs up all the trouble in the first place. If, as was suggested, there were not enough scripts available for black performers, for goodness sake get your heads down and write some.

There are a whole multitude of talented black script writers and authors out there. It’s up to them to even up the balance, if indeed an unbalance even exists.

For God’s sake grow up all of you. Just cast your mind over the black success rate of the past few generations. The finest athletes in the world. The world top racing driver. The highest paid TV personality in history. The finest female tennis players. A golfing number one. The list goes on and on, right up to the president of the USA himself.

Talent, perseverance and luck are the differences between failure and success, not the pathetic excuse of colour.

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