How refreshing

BARACK OBAMA: The list goes on, right up to the president of the USA himself.

YOU can’t blame a lack of success on skin colour

How refreshing it was to tune into Sky news this week and be confronted by the two bubbly black presenters, Philip Butah and Gillian Joseph.

These two young people, at the top of their chosen profession, are both articulate and entertaining. What a wonderful example to the hordes of other young blacks, who constantly blame the reason for their lack of success or failures in life on the colour of their skin. 

Well, I’m sorry, but ‘cause I’m black’ simply doesn’t hack it any more. Even when many black people actually are successful, they still complain about racist bias. 

Prime examples of this antiquated attitude were the actors involved in the recent Oscars. Whinging and moaning, these extremely wealthy and spoiled divas queued up to complain that there weren’t enough black actors included in the nominations this year. They blamed the Academy and its members of ostracising black people on purpose. What a load of complete codswallop. For heaven’s sake the president of the Academy is himself black!

The true problem this year was there were no black performers or movies that merited an award. You can’t base an award on the colour of someone’s skin.

This is the type of reverse racism that stirs up all the trouble in the first place. If, as was suggested, there were not enough scripts available for black performers, for goodness sake get your heads down and write some.

There are a whole multitude of talented black script writers and authors out there. It’s up to them to even up the balance, if indeed an unbalance even exists.

For God’s sake grow up all of you. Just cast your mind over the black success rate of the past few generations. The finest athletes in the world. The world top racing driver. The highest paid TV personality in history. The finest female tennis players. A golfing number one. The list goes on and on, right up to the president of the USA himself.

Talent, perseverance and luck are the differences between failure and success, not the pathetic excuse of colour.

Keep the faith
Love Leapy
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    • Brian Eagleson

      12 February 2016 • 07:48

      Bigger picture.
      A baby boy is born in England sometime in 1939. In Africa another is born at the exact same time.
      The English baby is white. The African one black.
      The white boy is named Graham Pulleyblank.
      The black boy has no name. Let’s call him Boy.
      A few months later Britain is at war. Then food rationing begins but Graham’s house has h & c water, a toilet and electricity.
      Boy lives in a dirt-floor-hut with no water, sanitation, or electricity and a full scale famine is in progress.
      Graham receives a good education, learning to read and write.
      Boy receives no education and can neither read nor write.
      Graham receives good healthcare.
      Boy does not.
      Graham changes his name to Lee Graham and goes on to become Leapy Lee.
      Boy is never named and dies from disease and malnutrition.

      Children like Boy still suffer the same fate to this day – in their millions!
      Children like Graham still live to a ripe old age.

      What’s Leapy’s take on that?
      2 black Sky news presenters. Yeayy! Big deal. 25 white ones. Oops!
      Oscars voters, 2% black, 94% white (the rest Asian, Latino etc.)
      US Presidents, 1 black, 42 white (43 if Grover Cleveland counts twice.)
      Shall I continue…?

      When all black children EVERYWHERE get the same opportunities Leapy had there will be true racial equality. Until then it remains a figment of his imagination.

      Keep the faith…

    • Brian Eagleson

      14 February 2016 • 11:21

      A new Mr. Men story.

      MR. LEAPY! (with apologies to Roger and Adam Hargreaves.)

      Mr. Leapy was feeling very pleased with himself. He had just received a Valentine’s Day present from a secret admirer – a hover-board! It was nice and shiny and looked very futuristic, but it wasn’t a REAL hover-board. It actually had two wheels. There was a big label on it saying “General Havoc” and it had big flashing lights like lightning bolts on the front.

      Soon Mr. Leapy was leaping all over the place with General Havoc, but he couldn’t keep his balance. He kept on bumping into things even more than Mr. Bump! He bumped into the Immigration Office breaking everything in sight and causing panic among all the Mr. Men and Little Misses. He smashed the windows in the White House and the Film Academy. He caused such confusion weaving through the T.V. News studios that all the other Mr. Men decided to do something to stop him. They punctured General Havoc’s tyres and threw a spanner at the wheels bringing him to a shuddering halt. Mr. Leapy fell flat on his face and General Havoc burst into flames! Then Mr. Leapy ran off and was never seen again.

      This is a fairy story of course and could never happen. Or could it?

    • Roy Peters

      14 February 2016 • 17:13

      Brian, it is clear from your comment that you don’t like Leapy’s page, so instead of insulting him why don’t you just read something else.

    • Brian Eagleson

      15 February 2016 • 11:19

      Not like him? I LOVE Mr. Leapy Roy! Every Thursday I usually get a good laugh at his latest crazy notion. Then when I finally stop giggling I’ll often sit down and criticise it and why not? Bad for a person to always get their own way. History is full of people who always got their own way mostly surrounded by yes-men and they usually came to a sticky end. So maybe I’m actually helping Mr. Leapy! Protecting him from himself you might say.

      To be fair he does get it right occasionally. He was spot-on the other day about the disgraceful way our servicemen and women are being treated. So credit where credit’s due. But the rest of the time? Ho, ho…

      You need to understand, Roy, the whole purpose of Mr. Leapy is to make mischief. Yep, he’s a champion stirrer! Do you think he seriously BELIEVES everything he writes? His slogan says it all – Leapy says it, others think it. Why does he reckon others just think it? Bit of an insult that really. Well it’s because most of us have a kind of braking mechanism that tells us when it’s appropriate to say something and when it’s not. Mr Leapy doesn’t have that braking mechanism so he just barges into everything full tilt without considering all the facts first – and then ends up throwing his toys out of the pram.

      You don’t need to appoint yourself for his defence btw Roy. He’s quite capable of doing that all by himself. Anyone who sticks his neck out writing a weekly opinion column like Mr. Leapy just has to have a thick skin.

    • Roy Peters

      15 February 2016 • 22:40

      Hi Brian. Well I have to say you don’t give that impression with your writeups, but perhaps once in a while you could say something nice about Leapy’s column. The would certainly set the record straight.

    • Brian Eagleson

      16 February 2016 • 11:32

      I just did say something nice about his piece on the way our servicemen (and women) are being so badly treated Roy. I guess you must have missed it the first and second time round. Maybe you need to pay more attention before you… er… Leap to his defence. (ouch!)

      Anyway, let’s just wait and see what nugget of wisdom he’s got in store for us this week, eh? I don’t know what the EWN deadlines are for the opinion writers but I would think the chances are it’s already written and just waiting for the finishing touches or to be seen by the editorial staff before publication.

      Will it be something deep and meaningful about the discovery of gravity waves including a few of Albert Einstein’s elegant mathematical equations?
      Or will it be about white socks being better than black ones?
      Will the nugget be pure gold or fool’s gold? The choice is his and his alone Roy. Nothing to do with me. I’m hoping for the former for a change, but there’s no predicting Mr. Leapy.

      I can hardly wait…

    • Brian John Deller

      23 April 2016 • 17:44

      als turn the problem into being the whites’ fault, not the inability of the non-whites to educate themselves. So stop the nonsense where another ignorant person is trying to find excuses, not factual reasons for the non-whites’ failures and work withose who kown the reasons and can change society so the disadvantaged, due to THEIR lack of abilities is accepted into a society as groups and makes sure that they have work commensurate with their abilities, and punish severely those who trade in such as drugs and gangs, blaming those of European stock for their problems. After all, they can all go back to Africa and find out what it is like to live in a countryt where there are so few with the abilities to generate suitable employment and economic riches. Until these facts are recognised the problems will continue and get far worse. The real racists are those who do not accept the truth and manipulate society to satisfy some twisted logic in their minds.

    • WhaBrian John Deller

      23 April 2016 • 17:56

      What a load of rubbish and no help atall in sorting out the problems. Leapy has travelled a lot and like myself lived in amongst the inhabitants of failing or flawed countries so he speaks the truth and half baked attempts at humour by the ignorant solve the problems.
      I can still phone bñlack South Africans who begged my wife and I not to “escape” the new South Africa with its terrible ctimev rates and corruption within the government. Mow the ordinary black or non-white masses have experienced the failures of the terrorist government in power and some brave ones are dreaming of the days of Aprtheid when all lived well – for Africa. S A is on the way to being another Zimbabwe , but who cares now. What other countries can the European Socialists (Hitler was an avowed socialist) ruin by starting a war and then deserting those left behind?

    • Brian J Deller

      16 May 2017 • 07:40

      A little later. My wife and I paid a visit to South Africa for a four wekk return to looksee also maybe to buy a property there to live out our lives. It is a beautiful country, but with a very high unemployment rate now, plus still high violent crime rates. White farmers are being murdered (genocide) as the former terrorists, the African National Congress, expect the country to be 100% black, no whites, Indians or mixed races. But the poor blacks are suffering greatly from the crimes. Chatting with many black people proved that they are very unhappy with the high levels of corruption and nepotism in Government. Most black people are financially worse off than pre-ANC days and several expressed a wish to return to a white government as they remembered they then had work, and hope for the future. ONE WAITER AT THE CAPE TOWN HOTEL WE STAYED IN TOLD US HE SPENDS SIX HOURS A DAY TRAVELLING TO AND FROM HIS JOB. In hotels we chatted with white families whose adult children are all working overseas as they cannot get a decent job in line with their qualifications because they have white skins. This was one big reason we left as we had a son who was destined for great things with his tested high I Q. Now the usual suspects are demonstrating for all white-owned businesses to be “nationalised” (stolen). Another Zimbabwe in the making. And I made several good black friends before we left, all begging us not to go in 1999.


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