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Gunther Krichbaum to Merkel's right

A WAR of words has erupted between British and German political grandees over the UK’s continued negotiations to reform its positioning within the European Union ahead of the Brexit referendum later this year. German MP Gunther Krichbaum suggested that Britain would fail if it tried to go it alone and denounced its demands as selfish and against the collective spirit of the institution.

Senior Tory MP Bill Cash retorted “There is history between our two countries. We have had to battle for our freedom over the last century. We should not and will not be governed by EU majority voting dominated by Germany.”

Krichbaum, a close ally of German chancellor Angela Merkel, has been a vocal critic of the UK’s indecisiveness over its place in continental politics and condemned the recent discussions between David Cameron and EC president Donald Tusk.

“These proposals go right up to the pain threshold, because we won’t make the European Union stronger with special national paths, but rather weaker,” he said, having also raised the prospect of trade tariffs as a consequence of a British exit from the union.

“This Europe is not a multiple choice organisation, where I can cherry pick what I like, and not what I don’t want,” he added. “Only together will we be strong.”

The point scoring political squabble comes as Europe prepares for a crucial weeks of talks with the prime minister flying out to sway the European Parliament on Thursday February 11 and a draft agreement is expected to reach the UK cabinet by next weekend.

With the stakes higher than ever for the ruling parties of both the UK and Germany, the debate is being hijacked by public appeasing soundbites amid a media feverpitch quickly reaching absurd proportions. Stereotypes and mindless accusations abound but the real substance of Cameron’s trip is yet to be revealed.

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    • Darren Saw

      14 February 2016 • 12:09

      Feel free to shove your EU where the sun doesn’t shine, this corrupt incompetent institution will be the ruin of all those those that participate ultimately.

    • Mike

      14 February 2016 • 17:44

      If the EU was run as a union that was a basis for free trade as was voted for by the UK then that would be great but it has become a vile, corrupt, interfering, arrogant and one hell of an expensive mess. We have heard from other members that things need to change in the EU… but nothing does, it just gets more bureaucratic, more arrogant and continues with more mismanagement, the only way for the UK to rid of that is to leave. Looking at how the leaders of this so called powerful union have mismanaged the migrant crisis and how one of them escalated it hugely shows how dysfunctional it actually is…. one thing I can be sure of is if we stay in things will not get any better!
      If the UK did manage to leave I think it would actually help the EU to waken up and think more seriously about reform along with what it should be about! One thing is for sure though, if the UK stays in then Brussels will pull the UK down with it, something that is so vile and corrupt has to fall eventually.

      Anyway… believe you me, Brussels along with the rest of its cronies and DC will try every dirty, nasty move they can to stop that from happening!

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