It’s all going horribly wrong

EXPATS: Should be given the right to vote as they were the first to take that ‘leap in the dark’.

THE political leaders have underestimated the ‘average Joe’

IN out, in out, shake it all about! Here we go again. More months of preening politicians spouting their views on every media outlet available. 

Once more their conflicting ideas will be shoved down our throats until most of us are heartily sick of them. I use the term ‘us’ loosely of course, because ‘us’ expats are excluded from the whole shebang. 

Surely we are some of the first who should be consulted? Are we not the pioneers of the whole experiment? Are we not the ones who took that ‘leap in the dark’ and decided to change countries and take our chances with the new ‘no border/equal rights’, that we were all promised EU membership would bring? 

Wasn’t this the ‘dream’ all those politicians led us to believe would be the epitome of ‘friendly integration’ and ‘economically living together as one’? Well of course it wasn’t. 

This whole exercise has been a power trip for pontificating politicians. None of the ‘leaders’ have been particularly interested in the well-being of the peasants, (except the UK, who have bent over so far to appease the immigrants, they have sacrificed the country). 

This was a scheme, instigated primarily by the Germans, to take over the whole of Europe with them at the helm (sound familiar?). This power addiction spread among Europe’s politicians quicker than a rampant junkie handing out free pipes in a den of opium. Bribes, promises, threats, instigations of envy; just about anything were used to cajole countries into joining the scheme. And now it’s all going horribly wrong. The peasants are revolting. 

In their usual arrogance, the political leaders have underestimated the ‘average Joe’. It is the people who have brought about this referendum. If Cameron had any sense he should jump at the chance of giving expats the vote. We are the ones with most to lose. He must be naïve, or simply stupid, to exclude the thousands who may swing the result in his favour.

Keep the faith. Love Leapy.

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