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ABDOMINAL WORK: Incorporate core exercises into your session.

BEAUTIFULLY sculpted abs are not only made in the gym – diet is also everything.

If you are still consuming too many calories, the sculpted torso you were hoping to create is probably buried under too much stomach fat to be visible. 

Think about incorporating different core exercises into your session.

– Flat Ab Lifts: if I do any mat abdominal work, it normally involves straight legs/feet to the floor raising them up alternatively, one at a time under control, slowly to meet your shoulders, guided by your hand at the top of the movement. This way the core is dealing with the weight of the legs and avoiding the doming look of the abdominals that crunches create.  You want to create a ‘flat’ abdominal look right? 

– Standing Alternating Knee Raises: stand facing the mirror, balance and raise your left knee up to your chest and then out to the side, without it dropping down. Alternate with the other leg and repeat for 30-40 reps. 

– Core Rotations: one of my favourites. Facing the mirror, hold an appropriate weight in front of you with bent arms.  Place it over your head making a halo shape, bring it back to the front and repeat slowly and under control. Keep your hips facing the mirror and your knees slightly soft to protect your back. Repeat in the other direction.

– Four Way Plank: There had to be one in there somewhere! Supported by your elbows, ensure you are in a perfect plank position, alternate right and left knee to elbow in a slow controlled movement for 30 repetitions, rotate onto your right side, hold for 30 seconds, now raise onto your hands with straight arms, rotate until your chest is to the ceiling and your finger tips face forward, hold for 30 seconds on both sides and repeat again.

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