The human race is not ready

WHITEHOUSE: The choice of presidents has, over the years, been simply appalling.

WHAT a mixed up, hysterical and confused race the Americans have turned out to be

WHAT a mixed up, hysterical and utterly confused race of people the Americans have turned out to be. They are now such a mishmash of creeds, religions, cultures and beliefs they have become a beacon of proof that human beings of such diversity, simply cannot harmoniously live together. 

It is a sad fact, that the human race is simply not ready. One of the consequences of this manifestation is the quality and diversity of leaders they elect. Their choice of presidents has, over the years, been simply appalling. They’ve elected ignorant war mongers, bible punching peanut farmers, film stars, those with links to organised crime, actual criminals, those of questionable patriotism, and blatant liars. 

The quality of candidates for high office is a direct reflection of the electorate. It therefore comes as no surprise that they now have the choice between a dangerous, egotistical billionaire buffoon, and a woman who didn’t turn a hair when her husband used the White House as a knocking shop, was a disastrous Secretary of State, and is an even bigger liar than her spouse. Heaven help us all. 

Before I evoke outrage from the whole American race, I am of course, perfectly aware that a large percentage of its citizens are intelligent, reasonable and completely level headed. 

How horrified they must be to see their country spiralling toward a chaotic and precarious future, in the control of either one of two people who really should not even be considered for such a high office of responsibility. Bearing in mind our so called ‘special relationship’ the outcome will, whether we like it or not, also have a very real effect on us all. Be afraid, be very afraid! 

As a footnote to this piece, I couldn’t help experiencing an ironic chuckle, when Trump stated that he would never allow immigrants to take over the country. This from a man whose ancestors virtually wiped out an ancient race of people before moving in and stealing the whole shebang! 

Thanks for all your correspondence. Keep ‘em coming. And whatever ya do.


Always Keep the faith
Love Leapy     
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    • Roy Peters

      07 April 2016 • 17:53

      You hit the nail on the head Leapy. I have said before I would not trust Clinton as far as I could throw her (and she’s heavy), and so far as Trump goes, he is the most crazy candidate there has ever been.
      Some of his policies are outrageous and I think he would cause a great deal of harm in the world if he made it to president.

    • Ian T

      07 April 2016 • 18:58

      Come off it Leapy we all know about the Amercans. But the whole world is the same.
      And why?.
      So much of it is caused by religion and which lot of you fairy tails you believe in. That is further fuelled by the diversity of ways your beliefs are expressed.
      It is jumped on by individuals who want their beliefs to have nthe most dominant role.
      Then there are those who feel superior to the rest of us.
      And finally those who regard being different as grounds for prejudice.-And so it goes on and on.

      What a mess.

    • Ian T

      08 April 2016 • 11:40

      I egret Roy but then again they voted GW Bush in so either of these would be better (God help us)

    • Sheila C

      08 April 2016 • 13:03

      I am an American Brit. I am terrified just what the next election will bring. I am also amazed that we cannot find a suitable candidate (with a brain) to run this Country. We are all Immigrants, apart from the Native Americans whose skin color, unfortunately defines them, and look how they were treated by the Settlers. I do however believe that our present President has done so much for the people, especially those who have fallen through the cracks and live on the verge of financial ruin every day. Europe is also going through possible changes with the Referendum – God help us all.

    • the teddyboy

      08 April 2016 • 13:53

      Unfortunately Lee all we see, hear or read about Politicians of any Country ARE there any Honest ones… I doubt it
      So we end up choosing the best of the worst candidates who make a Fortune while in office & leave all on the backs of Big Business who control them.
      As to Religion ( I am not Religious ) But At rough guess I would say All Wars & Confrontations Ever !!! 99% are caused By Religion & Controlled by Religious Fanatics..
      Finally as choice between the two I say give Trump a Go.. because we know all about Clinton from past experiences.. Cheers O/M/Colin

    • graham keys

      09 April 2016 • 16:06

      fortunately the president does not have the last say as has been proved with the gun control issue, so maybe it is all just slightly disastrous.


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