Your Brexit choice is an illusion

Brexit a mirage?

OCCULTIST Aleister Crowley supposedly attributed the thundering success of the Victorian period British Empire to a double dose of arrogance and cocaine. His reasoning was simple, men born into the ruling classes at the time often grew up with a manifest sense of their own destiny.

Their unshakeable faith in a supremacy sanctioned by the heavens, driven by evolution, made them formidable conquerors, untarnished by doubt or fear. They were a civilising force sent by God to bring Christ and cutlery to the Sodom and Gomorrahs of the day.

A few years before Britain finally drew the curtains on its imperial legacy, following the embarrassment of the Suez crisis in 1956, politicians, military men, and corridor whisperers across the Atlantic were developing their very own Napoleon complex.

America was then at the very height of its powers, a magnified giant of a nation marvelling at its own strength as it stood alone amid the blackened post-war rubble of fallen empires.

Though a fledgling republic with a short, violent history, the United States had created a surprisingly comprehensive self-mythology carved from exceptionalism and individual liberty.

To many then, America’s newly realised role as a beacon of light in a desolate world was natural, if not preordained. Her trembling flag a rallying call for that most desired of all human urges – freedom.

This stirring American dream was actually a cultivated exercise in public relations, an artform which had reached its zenith as corporations applied Freudian ideas of the human psyche to their advertising campaigns.

The money men had realised that to sell something it was far better to appeal to the subconscious desires of the masses, now depicted as a smouldering magma of suppressed urges.  

The trick was to appeal to the individual ego by insinuating that only by buying a particular product could you be truly free to express yourself.

The American government took careful notice of this psychological conjuring which could greatly influence public opinion. In 1953, when the Guatemalan people rebelled against the domination of their country by the United Fruit corporation, the CIA promptly enlisted Freudian psychologists and New York advertisers to convince the American people that this was a threat to their freedom.

The subsequent removal of the democratically elected government heralded a new imperial era where the spreading of a neoliberal economic philosophy to Iraq or Kosovo was as essential to the public’s conception of freedom as their capacity to choose which brand of shoes they wore.

Today the same forces are at work on a far grander scale.

We are being blinded and manipulated by the grand ideas of freedom that saw young Americans willingly volunteer to die in the jungles of Vietnam and the deserts of Iraq.

We moan about the European Union when we are on the verge of joining a transatlantic trade deal that is infinitely more pervasive in its intrusive power than the EU could ever hope to be.

We whine about immigrants, refugees, bureaucrats and politicians because that is a narrative permitted and encouraged by the 21st century’s very own coke and arrogance fuelled men of destiny.

The world around us is falling apart and we have the temerity to believe that being in and out of Europe is either the problem or the solution.

History tells us that we are being duped, its pages are screaming ´he’s behind you!´ and yet we bury our heads in the soft sand of fantasy.

Brexit isn’t the choice between a rock and a hard place, between cyanide and the firing squad, it’s the prison guard asking whether you want chocolate or vanilla ice cream while throwing you a bar of soap in the shower. 

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    • Sean Dobson

      15 April 2016 • 18:12

      What a load of rubbish.
      Clearly this person has far too little real journalism to get his teeth into so comes up with this load of old rubbish,God,give me strengh.

    • Roy Peters

      15 April 2016 • 18:30

      What a load of Twaddle! This diatribe has nothing whatsoever to do with Brexit. The past is the past and America has nothing to do with what is happening now in Europe.
      The biggest problem with the European Union is that Brussels is getting too big for its boots. It is well known that Brussels wants to erode the power currently held by the individual governments of European countries and eventually control the whole of Europe itself.
      The politicians in Brussels will not be happy until they have formed the United States of Europe completely under their control.

    • Sean Dobson

      15 April 2016 • 18:45

      ‘Nurse,a straight jacket for Mr Elliott,if you please”
      What a load of rubbish.

    • Karl Robinson

      16 April 2016 • 18:47

      Well said M Elliot, although not completely relevant. Divide & conquer. From the Scottish referendum to the next limited choice of party leader – all fixed & a load of bollox. The public will only realise when it’s too late that they have been laid over the barrel. Do people truly believe we live in a democratic society where votes are counted & the UK will actually leave the EU? More diversion.

    • Myra

      16 April 2016 • 21:51

      Well said Matthew Elliott. I am afraid that the majority live the fantasy and therefore sadly, are not able to comprehend your post.

    • Mike in ESP

      16 April 2016 • 21:56

      I can actually see some elements of fact in this actually, the CIA being involved in manipulating Americans is a fairly accepted fact. David Cameron, George Osborn, Blair, Clegg, Corbyn, Alan Johnston, Kinnock, Ashton and the rest of these idiots try to manipulate us on Brexit and the EU but because of social media and how they function this manipulation is very obvious, which I don’t think they understand! 😉
      “We are being blinded and manipulated by the grand ideas of freedom”… I think many of the naive and young are blinded by this with many burying their heads in the sand, probably because they can’t, don’t understand or want to!

      The scaremongers tell us that leaving the EU could cost jobs and income but they don’t tell you the facts: The EU is a shrinking market, UK export market to the rest of the world is growing so leaving can open things for us to trade with them more easily. We the UK purchase nearly £70 Billion more in a year than we sell to the EU, the scaremongers tell us that trade “could” be threatened because of EU trade regulations!!! But it is it is the EU that will suffer more than the UK if they put trade regulations in place so the EU will not create problems for UK. UK jobs will not be lost, in fact employment will probably grow.

      EU tell us not to compare Norway or Switzerland as their deals wont work for UK, they are correct! The same deals won’t work for the UK because we have the power of a £70 Billion deficit on our side, so puts the ball in the UK’s court!

    • Ian T

      17 April 2016 • 17:06

      The EU may not be quite a dictatorship but everything is driven by a group if unelected commissioners led by a man of very dubious character.bthere is no better reason for getting out.
      However if you live in the North East of England and your family were once miners, Steel workers or Ship builders it is easy to understand how the many thousands who rely on Nissan for their livelihood must be feeling right now.
      To be honest there are so many valid arguments for both cases so whatever is decided will be the best of a bad job
      My choice is easy. If bore us Johnson wants us out then I,m all for remaining and fighting for reform. How can you trust someone who encourages cycling in the fumes and traffic in London. .;


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