Iain Duncan Smith sheds light on Cameron’s failed EU negotiations

Iain Duncan Smith.

EX-MINISTER Iain Duncan Smith has said that Germany had a “de facto veto” over Cameron’s EU renegotiations. 

In an interview with the Sun newspaper, he explained that the prime minister ditched plans in 2014 to demand an emergency brake on migration after Germany objected. 

Whilst on the other hand, Downing Street said that controls it negotiated on in-work benefits for EU migrants were a “more effective” way forward.

This new revelation comes as the British Chamber of Commerce survey suggests that most business people do not want a Brexit and back the Remain campaign, even though the gap with those backing leave has narrowed. 

Here is a list of other EU referendum campaign developments:

  • Madeleine Albright and Leon Panetta plus 13 former US secretaries of state, defence and national security advisers, have said in a letter to the Times that the UK’s “place and influence” in the world would be diminished if it left the EU – and Europe would be “dangerously weakened.”
  • The UK would lose influence and “give succour to its enemies” by leaving the EU, five former heads of Nato have claimed countering Boris Johnson’s dismissal as scaremongering.
  • Jeremy Corbyn is to launch his party’s campaign and has said Labour votes will be critical if the Remain side is to win
  • Sir Nicholas Soames Tory MP told the BBC Newsnight he believes his grandfather Winston Churchill would have voted to stay in the EU, although not all the Leave supporters believe that
  • Scottish Remain campaign is being launched in Edinburgh.  

The former Conservative leader, Iain Duncan-Smith, who resigned from his position as work and pensions secretary last month in a dispute over disability benefit cuts, described the compromises made as “very marginal” and commented that now the UK had lost its veto in Europe on future fiscal and political integration within the Eurozone.

His outspoken attack proposed that the PM had “failed” in trying to renegotiate a better deal in Europe during his talks in February. 

He told the Sun: “The EU knew that our veto was very powerful and we have given it away.” 

“The reform failed. We got nothing on border control at all. We are now in a worse position than we were before.

“We have gone from wanting to lead in Europe to being on the end of a lead in Europe.”

A number 10 source said in response to the comments: “The prime minister made clear at the time that the government had looked at an emergency brake but he decided it was not the most effective way forward.

“That is why he decided to impose restrictions on benefits instead to end the something-for-nothing culture.”

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    • kay peukert

      10 May 2016 • 15:22

      what border control?
      It is non existent!!!!

    • Mike in ESP

      10 May 2016 • 18:23

      What a disappointing PM David Cameron has turned out to be! It got to the point where he was saying we might have a WWIII if we left the EU, now just stop and think for a moment… if all these things that DC said might happen, “might” actually happen then why did he give us a referendum? Now if you are a normally balanced person I would guess your conclusion to this would be: That there would be no great issues to leaving the EU, if there was then David Cameron is not fit for his position!

      The single most important thing to get out of the EU is to get back some of the democracy we have lost while being a member of it and also to get back our sovereignty… FULLY.

      The EU has high unemployment, especially with the young. Business and trade within the EU is shrinking but it is growing outside the EU. We are held in a poor economy because the EU that we belong to are insistent on using the EURO.

      Use Google to search out info regarding Brexit, reading it will help make clearer for many who do not understand the rubbish put out deliberately to confuse people, but one thing thats important:
      Do not vote to remain if do not understand what remaining actually means!

      Things to search for & read related to myths created by the remain camp, search each line individually:
      BREXIT – Why Brexit would be good for the UK
      EU Referendum: the ignorance of Lyons
      Why vote to Leave? The short version — Medium
      A critical view of the EU deal, from Germany to Britain – CapX

    • Iain Chester

      10 May 2016 • 19:36

      I think the whole handling of this referendum on Brexit is a complete disgrace. It has now sunk to the level of top politicians scoring points off one another. Neither side can prove conclusively their arguments and everything is hearsay. This is a vote that will affect the lives of the whole British populous and it is about time some clear, concise and definitive guidelines were published put together by both the For and the Against lobbyists in order for people to make a valued judgment and so vote accordingly. But….this I fear is just wishful thinking.

    • Margaret Hales

      11 May 2016 • 05:45

      Iain Duncan Smith would twist anything to get what he wants. Why do I say that? Evidence: he faked his CV to get into politics and he faked the facts to take away our Winter Fuel Payment. Britiains been warmer this week than Spain!

    • Mike in ESP

      12 May 2016 • 07:22

      I am not trying to make IDS look better to you but you need to remember he is told he has to save money by government (Osborn and Cameron) and he has to do that… by hook or by crook. He actually proposed a better way of making savings but the government would not listen to him so you need to remember his hands are more than slightly tied on decisions he has to make just as others in the same positions in government have to also… or resign!

    • Mike in ESP

      12 May 2016 • 21:32

      Watch the Brexit movie, search for:


      on Google to see and listed to various people talking about the EU, the actual entity the EU is and how few people actually know anything about it, interesting movie.


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