How am I the sane one here?

ESTEEMED JUDGES: Most of these maniacal rulings originate from the European courts.

I CAN honestly say that never in my wildest dreams would I ever consider myself the voice of sanity. 

However, with the ever increasing madness that seems to be prevailing on this asylum of a planet, I’m beginning to believe this could truly be the case.

A first example is a group of men and women who should be the undisputed bastions of reason and responsibility, namely our esteemed judges. 

Instead, with monotonous regularity, we read of judgements being made by these people that truly should earn them a one way ticket to the local establishment of lunatics. 

This week was no exception. One of our twirling top knots actually ruled that a one-legged, self-confessed Albanian double murderer, who has a four-bedroom council house plus £2,000 (€2,587) a month in benefits, and reputedly makes a fortune selling cocaine, should receive legal aid to fight extradition  from the UK, under (you’ve guessed it) the Human Rights Act! You will, I’m sure, note that most of these maniacal rulings originate from the European courts. Yet more reason we should be breathing sighs of relief and good riddance next month! 

“I’m beginning to believe this could truly be the case

In yet more insanity, this week Tony Blair announced he would help three million Albanians get the right to work in the UK! 

This traitor, who in my opinion is responsible for practically all our immigration problems, is still working to undermine the UK.

And last, but by no means least, the Judge’s decision to gag the media in the celebrity ‘ménage a trois’ affair. 

The identity of this couple has been all over the Scottish Press, is rife in the American media and the Internet. In a highly expensive court proceeding Judges ruled that the British media should be banned from revealing their identity! Well, all I can say is how delighted I was to recently read they were one of the most happily married couples in show biz. 

Keep the faith

Love Leapy, [email protected]

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    • Geoff

      26 May 2016 • 10:26

      The same Human Rights Act that Mr Slippery promised in his manifesto to withdraw from, then did yet another U-turn. How can anyone trust the quisling? Vote out!

    • Mike in Esp

      26 May 2016 • 23:01

      Yes, in fact I remember the European Bill of Human RIghts was a big issue for David Cameron when he was running in the general elections 6 years ago, he wanted to reinstate the British Bill of Human RIghts… of course after he got into power he just wanted to keep his mates happy in the banks and big business, the general public are no longer important!

      We are of no importance to David Cameron unless we can give him something, then we will become unimportant again 😉

    • Roy Peters

      27 May 2016 • 13:19

      Well said Leapy! Politics today is rotten to the core! It is not about serving the people anymore. Cameron has let this country down badly with his ‘Stay’ campaign, and he is the one who should recognize that we need to be OUT of Europe for the good of the country.
      Our court system has been steadily chopped to pieces by the the farce that is the Human Rights Council, and if we stay it will only get worse.
      It took more than TEN YEARS to get rid of Abu Hamsa and Abu Qatada due to their constant appeals, and it cost the people millions of pounds before we finally got rid of them. There are hundreds more foreign criminals who need to be deported, but our hands are tied by those bureaucrats in Strasbourg.
      Our Legal System has become a shadow of its former self, with criminals walking free or getting the so-called ‘Community Service’ which they never bother turning up for anyway.
      We need to get out NOW before the whole country is dragged into chaos by the E.U. idiots.
      Do not forget that they want to form the ‘United States of Europe’ under THEIR full control.
      As for Tony Blair, That traitor should have been thrown in the Tower of London and locked away forever a long time ago. He and his cronies have done more harm to this country than the Second World War, for this battle we will never win.

    • the teddyboy

      28 May 2016 • 19:24

      One of the Main things taught at Eton MUST BE the Ability to LIE ………….. Because sure as Hell Eton produce 99% of Politicians & they are all Liars.. Who learn never to answer a question if they cannot Lie…
      How many politicians have you heard when asked a Question.. Reply I agree but FIRST I would like to say & go off onto something different
      & IF Each Party say how terrible the others were when in Power.. That can only mean one thing.. They must all be Useless as each condemns each other. !!!!!!!!!!!
      As to Judges,, Well as they say Law unto themselves as the Faceless CPS.: You cannot Sack a Judge ,,, Each Town with Court has a secure House.. Guarded whether Judge in it or Not :: So what do they know of real living….Then of course if person in Dock is a senior Mason.. Then he starts off 99% sure of acquittal !!!!!!!!!!!! & That goes way back to General Santa Anna & General Sam Houston ( Both Freemasons) after Capture Houston let Santa Anna return to Mexico when he should have been Executed .. & that is 180 years ago So Nothing Changes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • the teddyboy

      29 May 2016 • 14:37

      Don’t how long ago it was now..
      But remember reading in paper a Political Reporter said that TODAY UK PM will be signing to agree to worst thing possible for UK
      Ofcourse the was ” The Human Rights Act “
      He sure was right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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