Britain has decided, what a historic week it has been

LEAD ON: With optimistic enthusiasm.

WELL, that really was the week that was. Now thoughts must be turned to the future. The first responsibility is to begin weighing up all the wonderful positive opportunities that have now opened up. I cannot believe the negative doom and gloom response most media outlets have been putting forward since the out vote was secured.

What Britain needs now is the emergence of leaders, eager to take advantage of its new historic role with optimistic enthusiasm; safe in the knowledge that they can now embrace business from all over this wonderful planet of ours. Let us see corporate executives and politicians from all parts of the world invited to Britain’s shores.

The UK is now a new huge shopping mall. A business that can make its own deals and decisions free of the shackles and destructive regulations of unelected, unhelpful bureaucrats. Without these trade barriers the UK can conduct and complete its business ventures virtually overnight; a tremendous plus in the world of commerce.

They must also begin to throw out all the ridiculous PC and health ‘n’ safety regulations that have been foisted on the British public by idiots with nothing better to do. The sooner the UK is able to change the rules on the prompt deportation of various undesirables is also a priority, and of course borders must be severely tightened. Come on GB the future is exciting and full of fascinating possibilities. Let’s get it on.

Couldn’t let this week go by without a comment on the highly vitriolic letter that was almost inexplicably given such prominence on the letters page last week. The writer of course got the whole point wrong. When I referred to Mr Izzard, I was not casting aspersions on his highly commendable fundraising or indeed his cross-dressing. I was referring to the pantomime farce he reduced David Dimbleby’s Question Time to last week. His arrogant, inane comments and ranting behaviour, most certainly proved to me (and indeed the audience) that he should most certainly keep his political observations firmly under his pink beret.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy,      
[email protected]

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    • Roy Peters

      01 July 2016 • 15:12

      I’m with you Leapy! Let’s get the deal signed and begin trading with overseas partners that are lining up. New Zealand, Australia and Canada among others all want to do trade with us, so lets get on with it.
      To hell with those incompetent bureaucrats in Brussels who couldn’t organize a p-up in a beer factory, they are useless and dragging Europe down into the mud.

    • Mike in ESP

      02 July 2016 • 08:43

      The country needs to accept the decision, come together and move forward, the sooner we get a new PM the better to help the process move forward.

      Poss’ trade deals are on the table with countries already including Mexico, New Zealand and the option for one with the USA will probably be in place sooner than that of the USA and EU at the rate it is moving but priority is to get a new PM first. I am confident that most UK people in the future will thank those that voted to leave as the UK moves forward in a hopefully much more sensible manner than it was while being a part of the EU. There are many other EU countries peoples pushing for their own referendum, people will say it was because of Brexit but in reality there has been a lot of unrest and growing dislike in the EU from many other members people, Brexit is not the fault for that, it will just have helped to speed things up for others as they now see breaking free might be possible for them. The reaction from many in the EC and Brussels shows the type of people those that rule the EU really are and I for one will be happy once we break free from those people.

      Personally I thought it was terrible to have someone like Eddie Izzard on QT but at the end of the day he did the leavers a favour just as Russel Brand did when he was on! These people need to keep to what they do and keep out of politics, they have a view and they have every right to express it but doing it like this is not a sensible way forward for politics.


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