Brexistential crisis: tens of thousands march through London in protest

LONDON, EUROPE: Between thirty and fifty thousand people are estimated to have attended the rally.

THOUSANDS of disgruntled citizens are marching through London in protest at the Brexit referendum result, in a ‘March for Europe’ rally organised via social media, with critics accusing them of “having a tantrum.”

“Hell no, we won’t go,” came the chant as the enormous throng brandished placards and banners carrying slogans such as “No Brex Please, We’re British”, “I Will Always Love EU”, “Europe Innit”, “I wanna be deep inside EU”, “All EU Need is Love”, and the brilliant “Fromage not Farage.”

London was one of the few English ‘Remain’ strongholds in the referendum, in which Britons voted to leave the EU by 52 to 48 per cent, leading to the hastily-arranged march which saw protesters gather around Park Lane before heading towards Parliament Square.

They converged upon the Houses of Parliament at the end of the two-mile route, where speakers including Labour MP for Tottenham, David Lammy, leftwing commentator Owen Jones, and musician Bob Geldof encouraged remainers to take to the streets and urge MPs not to invoke the dreaded Article 50, which would signal the beginning of a two-year process, at the end of which the UK would cut its ties with the bloc.

A separate rally also took place in York, as the referendum which has divided the country continues to spark dissent on both sides of the debate.

Gelfdof said: “”We need to individually organise ourselves. Organise those around us and do everything possible within our individual power to stop this country being totally destroyed.”

Estimates of the turnout suggested that the gathering, which was entirely peaceful, comprised between 30-50,000 people, many of whom were young adults.

The march came as French president, François Hollande, echoed the sentiments of several other European political heavyweights, insisting that Brexit cannot be cancelled or delayed, although much of this feels like posturing at the moment, with Tory leadership candidates Theresa May and Michael Gove both hinting that they would wait until at least the end of the year before activating Article 50.

The image below depicts a young Gibraltarian at the march, emphasising how important Brexit is for residents of the British Overseas Territory.

Gibraltarian marching

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    • Sean Dobson

      02 July 2016 • 16:47

      They should get their nappies changed and except the result of THE HIGHEST TURN OUT in 24 years,despite trying to turn a murdered MP into a stay martyr,whose OWN CONSTITUENCY voted to leave,the best efforts of the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation and lies,half-truths and sheer fantasy,we say through it all and voted out,next time get of your back sides,put your mobile phones down and vote.

    • Roy Peters

      02 July 2016 • 19:02

      Mass hysteria over something they know little about. None of these people have any idea of the agreements that will be made when negotiations begin.
      They seem to WANT to be eventually ruled entirely by Brussels and those non-elected leaders in the future, for that is what awaits us.
      THEY already make 60% of our laws, and our government ministers will end up in the dole queue in a few years time as they seize more power.
      What makes that idiot Geldorf think that he KNOWS how the negotiations will end? He like all the rest have no idea.
      Merkel among others have already said they will NOT accept us going back on the decision as these people want. The die is cast and we have to make the most of the situation.
      We should all stop this stupidity and wait to see what happens.

    • Mike in ESP

      03 July 2016 • 19:21

      I seen a couple of short videos on this, on one the journalist was asking someone who was relatively respectable looking why he was there, he answered back telling the cameraman to go away in a very unfriendly manner but guess what… he wasn’t British lol

      On another there was a leave supporter with a placard in front of the remain supporters and the remain supporters tried to take away her leave placard, the remain woman insisted it was their protest and that the leave woman should leave! Oh right, the remainers can hold up their placards and the leave woman can’t lol, the remain woman just couldn’t get the fact the leave woman had as much right to be there as the others did! I guess this matches their thinking, support democracy unless you don’t like the result… bit like the EU works funny enough 🙂

      From what has been reported this was something that had professional organisation and some amount of finance injected as there where digital screens there so there are people looking into who was financially behind this, I hear Bob Geldof was there although I am not suggesting he organised things or dealt with the financial side if course 😉 Did he not say he not going to leave the UK if the vote went to leave supporters!


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