A few forthright foresights

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Leapy stands by all that he says.

VILIFIED yet again. Or in the words of dear old Kenneth Williams “Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it infa’ me!”

Last week’s piece on Nicola Sturgeon indeed needed very little urging to bring down the full wrath of our feisty Scottish friends onto this old boy’s, fully anticipant head.

Oddly some of the slightly more extreme responses were totally contradictory and actually guilty of exactly what they were accusing me of (“How dare you describe Alyn Smith in such derogatory terms – you nasty little s..t!”).

At this point I do apologise unreservedly for referring to this man as a caber tosser; I really should have stayed with the vernacular. Outside of that, I stand by all I said. I sincerely do think the SNP has a completely hidden agenda of fanatic opportunism and if not watched very carefully, will bring Scotland tumbling down very much akin to the price of North Sea oil.

Of course I have been scoffed at and vilified on numerous occasions over the years. Twenty-five years ago, when I warned that Britain was being so infiltrated with terrorists and over run by immigrants that by the time the authorities woke up it would be ‘too late,’ I was accused of being a ‘ranting racist.’

Around that time I also wrote that many convicted thugs were being radicalised in prisons by Islamic fanatics; an observation which was considered by many as ‘another Leapy alarmist rant’ (and I had witnessed that personally!).

When Tony Blair was elected, I received plenty of stick for stating that ‘I wouldn’t trust him further than I could throw him.’ Ha!

In more recent times of course, I drew plenty of hate mail when I concluded that Corbyn was hopeless and would probably last less than two years (that prophesy of course has still to come to pass!).

Some years ago, I told column perusers to ‘look out for UKIP’ (derided). And when I stated that Trump was ‘underestimated’ was called, among other things, a bigoted idiot. 

Those seeking intellect in this column may be disappointed, but hopefully, those searching out foresight are more than suitably satiated!

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy,
[email protected]

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    • Jonathan

      17 July 2016 • 00:59

      You must be joking. You still are a ranting racist.

    • Kally

      19 July 2016 • 01:15

      “Those seeking intellect in this column may be disappointed, but…those searching out foresight are…suitably satiated!”
      You’re right on the first count (seeking any intelligent comment in your racist rants is a bit like hunting for nutritious elements in a pot noodle) but not on the second(foresight?! More like narrow-minded navel-gazing. You have the most blinkered, ghetto-style and bigoted view of the world I think I’ve ever come across, with the exception of a few of your faithful sheep who comment on here and are, if possible, even worse offenders).
      The UK is not overrun with immigrants. Its migration levels are the same as anywhere else in Europe, less than half that of Australia, two-thirds that of the USA, and lower than that of Spain. Spain does indeed have a fair few immigrants in its more populated areas; one of whom is Graham Pulleyblank. But of course, if his neighbours made similar hateful comments about him for being an immigrant, he wouldn’t take it lying down). Funnily enough, immigration helps a country to prosper, as even a few prominent Brexiteers admit.
      With the upsurge in racism in the UK, comments like those Graham makes every week ad nauseum are simply inflaming the situation and putting ordinary, hard-working taxpayers at risk. Aside from being a tired old rant which is just (badly) paraphrased weekly as the ‘writer’ has nothing more constructive to say, it has no place in civilised, modern society. Time this fascist was pensioned off.

    • the UK teddy boy

      20 July 2016 • 01:21

      KALLY : Your Immigration numbers are incorrect.. Although UK in nearer Double Government Figures Going on number of NHS New Numbers Issued.. Seeing as Texas is 4 Times the size of UK.. Do You think they have taken in 4 times what UK Have.. No Chance
      USA is 38 Times the size of UK & Australia 32 Times the Size of UK..!!!!!! Yet Immigration in Australia was .06% of Population… USA was .03% … While UK was at least 0.5%… When comparing to Country Sizes we shouls have taken .0015% …. Not the overloading 0.5% :: So infact we took 333 times number we should have.. So compared to USA & AUS instead of .. 3,000,000 our number should have been 9,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!! & You have cheek to say we are not overcrowded.. Tell that to people waiting for School Places, Jobs, Hospital & Doctor Appointment & Social Housing :: Because sure as hell they are all ahead of UK Citizens in every queue thanks to People like Yourself no Doubt
      This is not Racist this is common sense, !!!! Something you appear to be lacking
      So I say again if we in UK took same ratio as USA & Aus.. Instead of 3,000,000 we would take 9,000
      Finally You dig at Lee on being Immigrant are not 90% of Entertainers in Spain from other Countries ???????????

    • The UK TeddyBoy

      22 July 2016 • 00:55

      KALLY ::: I got My figures from each countries Gov Statistics. But as you appear to be having trouble with Yours I will keep it Simple so you can understand… Australia’s known Net in & out today was 36 More IN
      As this Country is 32 Times the Size of UK You would expect if fair our Net Migration to be I person IN
      Infact we had 29.. So we had 29 More arrive than Australia.. So don’t give me any of your rubbish about us not being overcrowded.. Infact we are Overwhelmed.. Taking in per square mile 29 times Aus.. As to NHS relying on immigration utter Rubbish.. We had 10,000 Nurses pass out last Year & None could get a Job… WHY.. because their are None.. & Guess why because all filled from overseas advertising.. We managed perfectly well before they flooded in & we would again.. & BETTER if Matron’s return
      As to class problems that is because immigrant are having 10 children ( More Benefits) & UK Citizens o to 2 Children.. This is again not Racist.. Because I don’t think we are superior to others. I would feel same whatever part of the world we were being Flooding & Overwhelmed from.. Finally Yes work all over Norfolk & Suffolk on UK RAF & USA Air Bases.. for Years.. & The Best part of UK. & Yes I have been to USA ; Aus ; NZ ; & Most of Europe So I know other countries well. As does Lee because he has be to all major Countries & Like lot in Spain settled there for Climate.

    • Jonathan

      24 July 2016 • 00:13

      Mr uktb. I confess that trying to understand your point of view is degraded by your very confusing and overly dramatic use of English grammar. Mr Pblank has on many occasions stated outright his misguided opinion that people of Arab nations are inferior morally, intellectually and civilly. What is ignored by this man and his sycophants ( that would include yourself) is the underlying cause of not only the mass of immigrant movement currently but also the root cause of so much violence and anger. It is the ongoing imperial hegemony being put into practice by both the elites and arms manufacturers in the Uk and USA , those being the prime criminals in this highly dangerous continuation of
      World domination through violence and destruction. I highly recommend that you read ” The people’s history of the United States” by Howard Zinn. It has a lot to say about the seamless continuance of British Imperialist behaviour since 1776 up until the present day. The ONLY politician who has the guts to see it for what it really is isJeremy Corbyn and blind fools like yourself would prefer to drive the truck over the cliff rather than apply the brakes before it is too late. But of course you cannot abide the thought of possible real change. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.A

    • Jonathan

      24 July 2016 • 00:15

      You are most welcome.

    • kally

      24 July 2016 • 00:54

      @UKTB: If these ‘immigrants’ are occupying medium-sized hotels and ‘not working’, then they’re very likely to be asylum-seekers, ie refugees fleeing almost certain death and torture who have seen friends, family and their children shot, blown up and raped

    • The UK TeddyBoy

      16 July 2016 • 21:30

      Hi Lee:
      Lets take them in Order :: BLAIR Yes he was very clever & ofcourse backed up by Mandleson.. He managed to deceive most of Electorate. 3 Times Mandleson caught out & allow to resign & let back in & finally into EU..
      All this & Blair so far gets away with Lying in Parliament: Not Ya usual spin But a Lie that cost hundreds of UK lives & 100’s thousands Iraq lives.. How the man sleeps at night is a miracle itself.
      Then when Immigrants Asylum Seekers come flooding in He passes a Law that Helps His Wifes Firm earn approx 20 million a Year defending them against deporting
      AS to SNP why on earth would they want or gain from Independence.. Now all Oil Gone & they virtually are Independent.. They have different Laws to England.. They stand in our Parliament & Vote.. But no one from England can stand in their Parliament or make Decisions..
      Finally Corbyn he is the most less likely Leader of a Country I have ever seen !!!! If Labour stand with him in charge they will never get elected…
      Infact neither is May ( Lee she was Born in our Maternity Clinic. ) near Station
      As much as I respect UKIP… I don’t think they have the knowledge to Run the Country.. Immigration Yes !!!
      Have You & Rest on here Notice NOT a single word or mention of the Liberals ( Very Strange) can only think they are Lying Low.. To rise & say all this nothing to with Us & Whatever goes wrong they can say they would have done it correctly & it would not have happened……..

    • the UK teddy boy

      17 July 2016 • 15:58

      Ranting Racist Jonathan.. No way is Lee that.. Trouble is in todays culture if you disagree with someones views.. Racist always springs up..But you use the word not knowing the meaning. People just assume you are Racist if against Black People.. Untrue.. I would be just as angry if Australians / NZ / Canadians etc were flooding UK & taking less for same work. Or not working & claiming all Benefits they have not paid into…
      As to Lee being Racist Impossible.. True meaning of Racist is To Beleive your Race is superior to others.. Well UK is not a Race it is a Country, Same for Spain .. So perhaps you can explain yourself on why You think Lee is a Racist ?????

    • Kally

      20 July 2016 • 13:55

      @TeddyBoy, I don’t know where you get your figures from. Immigration in Oz is 27% of the population (the points system doesn’t work. I should know this, half my immediate family are Australian). The UK figure is approx 11-13%, the US somewhere in between.

    • kally

      22 July 2016 • 19:13

      @TeddyBoy, I think you’re getting confused. The figures I cited (which are factual) are as a PERCENTAGE of the population. For every 100 people in the UK, 13.4 are foreign-born or foreign nationals, whilst for every 100 people in Australia, 27 are foreign

    • Jonathan

      23 July 2016 • 17:43

      Well, Mr uktb, I really don’t need to explain myself. Mr Pulleyblank does that all on his own and has been for a long time. Go back and read his archives if you have the stomach for it. Your explanation of the term racist is both narrow and childish. There are many valid interpretations of the term racist. Another valid meaning is the ignorant, narrow minded bias by one person towards another based on skin colour, cultural differences and racial profiling, all of which there is no question that this man is guilty. Disagreeing with somebody else does NOT necessarily bring up the racist card. Maybe in your world.
      Your comments regarding the influx of immigrants taking jobs etc., is pure hysterical bunking. Immigrants have helped prop up the UK for a long time. It is your kind of stereotyping that is more harmful to the promotion of tolerance and compassion towards your fellow man. To actually extol the virtues of Enoch Powell’s views on race relations and recommendations is certainly an indication of Pulleyblank’s bigoted,xenophobic and,yes,racist viewpoint.

    • kally

      23 July 2016 • 19:49

      @Jonathan, THANK YOU. It feels surreal to be a minority defending ordinary humans with jobs and families in a sea of bigots who hate them just for where they happened to be born. I’m relieved my Spanish neighbours don’t assume I’m inferior, a parasite, an

    • The UK TeddyBoy

      23 July 2016 • 21:03

      Johnathon ::: Thank You for Your reply & lengthy incorrect explanation of the word Racist.. English Cambridge Dictionary.. clearly states.. word Racist means “Someone who believes that other races are not as good as their own” So your whole lot of added meanings do exactly what you want it to do confuse people who don’t know !!!!!!!!!!::: I in no way think our English Race is superior to any other race.. So you & your Xenophobic’s can go take a running Jump. Because You have no Idea of what My Or Lee’s thoughts are as certainly not racist.. I don’t care who is flooding this Country.. Could be Canadians, Aus, or any Country & I would have same opinion Enough is Enough we are sinking. My town has all medium size Hotels full non working immigrants.. Getting Hand Outs that UK Citizens have no chance of getting & ALL are first hand knowledge NOT rumours.. That you of course would not believe.. As easier to sprout words than the Truth . One final Point Local Company whose growth was because of Local Staff.. & Got to employing 160 :: They somehow got rid of them & took on 160 Immigrants none of who could speak English unfortunately… But willing to work for Half the Pay of Local People. But of course as you say Immigrants don’t take our Jobs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleased to say Company now gone Bust after 20 years ( Wonder Why ??)

    • The UK TeddyBoy

      24 July 2016 • 15:03

      KALLY :: I have very little to add as seems you are under illusion all you say is correct
      Where I only say what I could if required prove..
      You say the 100’s occupying our Streets of smaller hotels.. Only get £37
      How many UK Citizens or pensioners would love to have everything at no cost & still have £37 Pocket Money to spend as .Most Don’t
      These Immigrant/Asylum seekers all appear to be in 25 – 35 year age Group ?? & As well as the £37 you say they get.. They also have fleet of 20 Taxi’s one day a week to take them F.O.C. to day at David Lloyds Health Club..
      Plus another day Weather permitting.. Fleet Taxi’s for Day at 9 hole Golf Club : We they get moved on to a House (Should be going to Locals) Council Give them £800 Cash for Carpets & £800 Cash for Furniture.. How many UK Citizens get that ??? NONE !!!!!! On Top of that they are given Mobile phones to help them find work.. & My Neighbour who could not afford run his Car.. Sold it someone unknown origin & Our Council paid Him.£1,600. All of that is 100% True. Local couple with Baby just told no chance of Council House for 15 years Minimum !!!!!! On Top of that Council could not account for 5 million in Cash missing from accounts & said due to accountancy dates being changed.. My guess as to where it has all gone is.on the above… Again I state these are not Racist remarks.. I don’t care who is getting it all… But I do care that I am partly paying for it .& it’s not going to Poor UK Citizens …………….

    • kally

      24 July 2016 • 16:56

      @UKTB, I don’t know how you know all that, since you haven’t quoted your sources. Have you scrutinised the council’s accounts? Its annual refugee budget? Seriously, would you want to live in a small hostel room with 37GBP a week to buy food, shampoo, unde

    • The UK TeddyBoy

      24 July 2016 • 19:14

      I already told You KALLY ……… Read it.. I saw it first Hand…… I know all monies paid.. & As to Council that was on there Web page Shortfall 5 Million
      As to a BED Sit … Your mad they are staying in Hotels people used to pay good money to come on Holiday & stay.. These are quality Hotels.. So stop your bleeding heart about Bed Sits..
      If you think you would be given a mobile phone or a car to look for work.. then go & try it
      No mention of Taxi’s to David Lloyd Club.. When queried why.. they openly said Yes & we take them to Golf..So they are staying in Holiday accomadation with free days out & Plus mobile phone & in some cases Cars bought… So spare me the Bleeding Heart… I don’t care if they were visiting from States.. If hundreds given all that free from us & UK citizens not getting it……. Then it is wrong… Obvious to me no one is Racist in any of their remarks including Lee..
      It is the Biased unfair system & no wonder they all want to bypass Countries they could get asylum or live to get to UK.. As they get treated so well infact better than our own. As to anyone having a child being Rich.. I never heard anything like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are Houses in My area.. Owned by Council.. But they said no chance for 15 years..& if this family did they would not get £800 for Carpets & £800 for Furniture.. No point in talking any further lets just agree Your Wrong & I am Right.. ( All I am saying I have seen first hand )

    • kally

      25 July 2016 • 03:25

      @UKTB: I wdn’t get a car & mobile to look for a job, no, as I’m not a war refugee and have the skills and roots to find my own. These are people who’ve been dropped on their heads in a place they’ve probably never seen on a map. Most refugees have no idea

    • The UK teddy boy

      25 July 2016 • 15:01

      KALLY :: I knew people like you existed, You are now bringing Cancer into the debate.. Unbelievable..!!!!!!!!! ( & No I would not begrudge anyone whatever if stricken with it ) Asylum is suppose to be ask for in first safe Haven you come to.. Not break down fences, beat up guards & move onto next Border do same until Hopefully make it to UK.. & On the way these 25 to 35 year old Yobs seeking asylum Smash up everything in sight. In there Designer Clothes.. Until Calais & then beat up & threaten out Drivers.. Not as you say weak & & poor Women & Children jumping Lorries.. ( I have seen none ) All able Bodied Men.. Same as those occupying our Hotels.I did not say there were no Council Houses
      I said None for People who are Born & Live in the Town… Many in worse circumstances than the Immigrant/Asylum seekers !!! & Yes if I were in their position I would do the same.. That is why I say nothing racist in My Remarks !!!
      I blame Gov, Councils & Dogooders ( Like yourself ) who put them First in queue for everything.. Including Council Houses ( Run by Housing Associations)Council always Keep 5 Empty & Cutains at windows so do not look empty. For emergency & yes I can prove all I said.. As I watched three Flats stripped Bare by Immigrant/Asylum seekers over period of 4 days . They then gave owner ( Ex School Teacher of Mine ) £4,800 Cash …. They got from Our Council scheme.. You see unlike You I can prove everything I state.. &. Nothing Racist in this as would think the same wherever or whatever Country was Flooding UK

    • kally

      25 July 2016 • 17:21

      @UKTB: You sound like the Daily Express. Go on, then: prove it’s all true. Get a meeting with your local MP and ask for a written explanation. But you won’t get one which fits into your narrow frame of mind. If cancer patients deseve extra care, and they

    • The UK TeddyBoy

      25 July 2016 • 19:37

      Kally :: If it was not a serious subject your comments would be laughable.. Ask an MP ?? They are all running scared.. Except Farage & Trump in USA
      Plus you are Despicable person to speak of Cancer in same sentence a these Yobs (Calling themselves Refugees) Fleeing Violence & Causing much more in Countries they pass through … The IS Must be loving this as sending their terrorist through with them.. You feel sorry for them YOU KEEP UM !!!!
      What or where would you have been now if all in England During WWII had decided to Flee the Our War Torn Country for Aus, NZ, Canada etc. & None of these countries at present suffering as England did in WWII : The problem is ALL Country’s giving Asylum to these Refugees & They are Turning on Each Country & Trying to turn it into there Country with their way of Life : BUT You go on believing they are the one’s suffering : Forget about the ones being Blow up .. All I hope is there are not to many who think as you do as we have enough trouble now !!!!!!!!!!!
      ps Don’t Bother to ramble a further Bias Reply !!! WE all know your views now !!! & I have wasted to Much Time on You : Just did not want people who read these Comments to think You could be Right !!

    • kally

      26 July 2016 • 07:10

      @UKTB: What do you mean, yobs???? They’re WAR VICTIMS, for Chrissakes!!!! They’ve seen their kids and parents and friends and neighbours shot, raped, beheaded, blown up. Their homes have turned to rubble around them. Staying behind is a death sentence. Th

    • The UK TeddyBoy

      26 July 2016 • 13:17

      KALLY ::: Obviously nothing happens near You..
      & No I am not taken in by Farage & Trump.. Trump has to prove himself yet But he is winning as saying what majority think.
      Same with Farage he is only one who will speak out & again says what majority think.
      Yes there were evacuees during WW2 & most came home.. & Toughed it out…
      UK especially London ; Cities & South Coast were battered to hell :: But My Grand Parents & rest did not go running to other Countries.. & they certainly would not have behaved like these Yobs Flooding in..
      I am influenced by no one & all I have said to you was seen first Hand by Me..
      I’ve seen houses fully refurbished for Immigrants/asylum Seekers & Rest of street housing Local Born untouched
      & If You do not think anyone who Breaks down fences, beats up Guards, Smashes up High Streets, Turns over vans & steals Contents.. Smashes Cars & Shop fronts Beats up camera men & Reporters, Beats & Threatens UK Drivers to hid them in Lorries bound for UK ,,,, Are not Yobs !!!!! Grow up & welcome to the real world.. Because that is exactly what they are.. & Muslims Burning Union Jacks as Servicemen’s coffins brought back.. While burning chanting death to all !!!!!!!!!!! You like these people.?. You feel sorry for them ? Germany is now paying the price for your type of Kindness to poor Souls.. As to suffering in their own Countries.. So what we cannot Police the World.

    • kally

      26 July 2016 • 16:32

      @UKTB: If ANYONE sets fire to vans or causes vandalism or street violence, they are treated with the criminal proceedings this warrants and sentenced accordingly, irrespective of their origin. Funny how you think it’s only Muslims, refugees and foreigners

    • The UK TeddyBoy

      26 July 2016 • 19:57

      Hi Kally wrong again.. They don’t get arrested :: Police are running scared of PC Brigade.. ( No Doubt You are a Founder Member ) Tell you another true Story.. One of them causing trouble for 85 year old pair in 2 story blocks Flats.. So 43 Year old Son went round & knocked on Door.. Bloke came down with Screwdriver & Knife & threatened her Son… Mother see this & kept Cricket Bat in Porch.. Grabed it & went over & Hit This whatever Immigrant/Asylum.
      Police called arrested all 3 .. Immigrant released in Hour !!!!!!!!!!! Her Son kept in overnight !!!!! BUT 85 year old Mother kept in for 24 hours.. When I phoned up to Complain.. I was told she may even go to Trial as she is Racist !!!!!!!!!!! If someone has Knife & Screwdriver at Sons Stomach.. She did not care what Colour or who he was.. She just saved her son injury.. She did not get charged in end Just a Caution.. You see how great it is.& These Council Flats !!!!! He was not suppose to be in there as his Girl in Prison for Passing Dud Chqs.. She was Tenant not him.. But Council turned Blind Eye !!!!!!!!!!! That is 100% True Same as Flag Burning & Chanting on BBC & ITV News many times .. Get real Kally..& I Don’t want Your History Lesson.. It is Now !!!!!!!


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