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I live in Spain, drive a Spanish-registered car, and have a Spanish driving licence. I also own a car in the UK on UK registration, which my sister uses and I drive it when I visit. My sister recently got a speeding ticket which came to her house in the post, to my name as registered owner. If I wish to name another driver, I can do this on the form. If I simply pay the fine and list myself as driver on my Spanish driving licence, what will happen to the points off my permit?

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Your Spanish driving licence is perfectly legal for use on your visits to the UK. It is perfectly legal for you to own a UK-registered car, even if you live in Spain. The UK cannot take points off your Spanish permit. They will keep the record of the points. If you should return to the UK and apply to exchange your Spanish licence, your new UK permit is likely to come with the points already off. And, of course, you have given false information to the authorities.

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