More unity, less division post-Brexit

JEAN-CLAUDE JUNCKER: Not the man to initiate the changes the EU so badly needs.

IN his recent State of the Union address, EC President, Jean-Claude Juncker, warned that the EU is facing an “existential threat” as major splits emerge between eastern and western EU countries following Brexit. He pointedly condemned the murder of a Polish man in Harlow, Essex, as an example of what could happen if Europe doesn’t unite.

Declaring that the next 12 months would be crucial, he claimed that the EU “doesn’t have enough union… leaving scope for galloping populism.” More worryingly, he also alluded to plans for a European travel information system, which could mean British travellers end up paying about £10 to visit the continent post-Brexit. 

Hmm! Juncker speaks of splits and fragmentation but doesn’t realise he (plus Mrs Merkel) bears most responsibility for it. He epitomises so much what is wrong with the EU. Unelected, no mandate for these ideas, no understanding of the electorate. Take his claim that the EU’s in a battle with “galloping populism.” A battle with reality, more like. 

Only he could have been vindictive enough to mention the tragic murder in Essex. Have there been no violent incidents in the EU? Strange how he fails to mention sectarian assaults on immigrants in EU countries which haven’t voted to leave.

People like Juncker are on the wrong side of reality. Never mind, we can all wait to see what Dave thinks of him… in his soon-to-be-rushed-out memoirs. (The same Dave, you’ll recall, who said he wanted to spend more time with his family… if he could remember which pub he left them in.)

Seriously, shouldn’t Juncker have been put out to grass long ago? He was always a loose cannon but is now seriously out of step, and certainly not the man to initiate the changes the EU badly needs.  

Whether you’re an ardent Remainiac or Brexiteer, it’s hard not to find his rantings bizarre. Rather reminds me of a sad Canute-type figure who just can’t contemplate that maybe the EU is fragmenting and he has no control over it. Time to lie down in a dark room, dear…   

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    • Jaio

      24 September 2016 • 10:05

      I’m not going to say that Juncker is using his “Langue de bois” but he speaks to say nothing (Il parle pour ne rien dire, in french). Since we will not speak the same language we will have problems to understand each other.As English is already the best language for young people who likes music, why not to oblige all the schools of Europe to teach English as a second language since the primary school? It’s what Juncker have to say. In effect, even if I speak 6 languages, there is always some that I miss in this Europe where we have lore than 20 different languages and nobody knows how many dialects.

    • Roy Peters

      27 September 2016 • 13:13

      Juncker is a fool and should not be in the position he occupies – let’s face it, he was never elected to the post, and neither were all his cronies.
      He talks about the murder of a Polish man in Harlow, but never mentions all the rapes and assaults on women by immigrants in Germany.

    • Mike in ESP

      04 October 2016 • 07:34

      These people are so up their own a**** they can’t see that they are one of their main problems, it is these elite leaders of the EU that are destroying it and then they try to blame others… problem is there are people out there that have a few marbles and can see exactly the clowns they are… the further we are away from a union with these despot clowns the better for everyone 🙂

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