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WELCOME to your Astrological Forecast!  How can you create more balance in your life this month?  Read on to discover what October has in store for you and how you can make the most of the month ahead…

Astrology: Find your balance

Sun in Libra: The sign of Libra encourages you to be fair this month, with yourself and with others.  In order to be fair you must assess people and situations from all angles and judge impartially.  When you balance justice with compassion, you will be able to exercise fairness.  Often we judge others based on what they say and do. 

This month keep an open mind and heart.  Listen to your inner wisdom as you talk to others, and ask yourself how you can be more useful to your friends and family.  As always, your primary relationship is with yourself.  Quieten your inner critic and communicate with yourself in a more loving and compassionate way.  As a result you will feel better about yourself and will have much more to give.  

Moon time: October begins with the new moon in Libra, which is an air sign. Talk honestly with those close to you this month.  Truth has a resonance that causes others to trust you intuitively. Speak from your heart and focus on the good and positive.  The outcomes of your discussions will reflect this. Communication works both ways, so be truly present when listening.  This will improve all your relationships. Be mindful of what you say and speak wisely.  Let go of gossip and negativity.  Instead chose inspiration and honesty and watch as your relationships blossom.

On October 16 the full moon is in the sign of Aries.  Use the fiery energy of this moon to give you the motivation to pursue your goals.  When you have decided on your goal, picture the outcome in as much detail as possible.  Positive focused thoughts, combined with conviction and passion, are an unstoppable force.  Remember though to enjoy the journey, as this is where the most joy and gratitude can be found.

Numerology: What inspires you?

October is a number one month.  Connect with your inner wisdom this month and know that real power is not given but comes from a place of deep knowing within your being.  When you truly know what you want, you will easily attract everything you need to bring your desires to fruition.  By empowering yourself to live your truth, you will inspire others to do the same. 

Remain centred by practising a daily routine such as Meditation, Yoga, walking or some other activity, which helps you to quieten your mind.  From this point of stillness you will find clarity and courage to act on your inspiration.

The Tarot: Expect the best!

The Wheel of Fortune: In the Major Arcana Tarot deck the 10th card is the wheel of fortune.  In order to make the most of the opportunities which lie ahead for you this month, expect the best! 

Expectancy is a powerful quality that will help you to create a positive outcome.  It enables your intentions and beliefs to manifest.  Your focus can be positive or negative so ensure your thoughts remain optimistic.  Align your imagination, words, feelings and actions with the result you desire.  Then detach and accept, knowing that the outcome will be right for you.  

Your personalised forecast!

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