Purge the Sturge – you know it makes sense

NICOLA STURGEON: Hell-bent on a second referendum for Scottish independence.

Call me completely out of touch and naive, but can any one of my Scottish friends tell me that Nicola Sturgeon and her party retain anything more than their own blind ambitions and dislike of the English in their political aspersions and endeavours?

They are now (in barely disguised panic mode) hell-bent on bringing in a second referendum for Scottish independence before we leave the EU. (Told ya so!)

Can we just draw back for a minute and consider the possible scenarios here? In a couple of years or so all financial income from the EU will cease. Independent or not Ms Sturgeon this most certainly includes Scotland. Assuming she has by then achieved her goal, all financial input from the rest of the UK will also have been withdrawn. 

This will leave Scotland, with the only chance of any outside financial input relying on their being independently accepted into the EU, which they most certainly won’t be, and anyone who thinks otherwise is living in cloud cuckoo land.  

Scotland will then be left entirely dependent on its exports, the only significant one being its rapidly dwindling supply of North Sea oil and gas – and that’s it. With the country currently already wallowing in more debt than even the beleaguered Greeks, just how long do the previously canny Scots think their country can survive with this catastrophic drop in their income? Just how long will it take for the whole country to fall into a state of desolation and economic disaster? 

Five years, 10? A previously wonderful country and proud member of our magnificent United Kingdom, isolated behind a border, erected and misguidedly constructed in the name of ‘FREEDOM!’ For heaven’s sake wake up and get rid of this malignant, destructive, self-effusing party, before it really is too late. We need you ‘in’. And without doubt, dear Scotland you need both her and her party of miscreants, well and truly out. Purge the Sturge. You know it makes sense. Keep that mail coming, the ‘ol boy can still take it.

Keep the Faith

Love Leapy   leapylee2002@gmail.com

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    • Martin Sneddon

      21 October 2016 • 05:27

      Spot on Leapy , your fellow unionist Scots like me are sick to the back teeth of this xenophobic party , they are for the most part a very poor form of local governments, working outside their remit as a political party in power . Clueless and dumb .

    • Paul

      21 October 2016 • 07:12

      Hear hear

    • Christopher MacLeod

      21 October 2016 • 07:29

      Absolutely true, you have hit the nail on the head. My beloved Scotland needs the UNITED KINGDOM more than ever.

    • Enrico Vanni

      21 October 2016 • 08:08

      Well said! Be careful though because you have just marked yourself out as another target for the rabid ‘Cybernats’. When word of this post gets out they will be here repeating their carbon-copy mantras such as it is all the fault of ‘Westmonster’ and you are just another ‘SNPBaaad’ commentator.

    • Lorraine

      21 October 2016 • 08:48

      She has no chance of winning….we are on to her..she does not give a second thought for Scotland or Scottish people…she wants to flood us with immigrants to get her votes up….and she needs to do this before Brexit…she has written all the eu residents telling them they can stay… she and her cult following are wrecking our country…. the union of the United Kingdom are a strong and powerful unit….we are British and proud of it…there is nothing at all wrong with being very proud of your place of birth…but fact is..bottom line…WE ARE BRITISH

    • CF

      21 October 2016 • 08:53

      I agree with every word Graham. Unfortunately there are the Scottish hardliners with only wind between their ears as there are in UKIP, and they will follow her like sheep, but again there are many more sensible people who will understand where you are coming from and will never vote leave.

    • Mark

      21 October 2016 • 09:06

      What a load of biased, ill-informed rubbish.

    • Brian Eagleson

      21 October 2016 • 09:44

      What this old man (who mysteriously still calls himself Leapy) fails to understand is that Scotland is a country in its own right with a long and proud history just like England. Its current union with England and the rest of the UK is really no different from the UK’s own union with the EU – a union that is now ending.

      The UK voted for Brexit by a very narrow margin, but Scotland voted to Remain in the EU with very nearly a two thirds majority.

      I believe in unity. I believe unity is strength. The opposite of unity is fragmentation. Fragmentation is what is going on everywhere in the world right now. You need only pick up a newspaper or switch on your tv to see it.

      Nicola Sturgeon has sworn to hold another referendum only when she believes she can win it. She need add only two words to the original question on the ballot paper making it “Should Scotland be an independent country – within Europe.” That would set the cat amongst the pigeons! Those who say the EU would not accept Scotland’s membership can not predict that with any more confidence than they can predict the day’s weather 2 years from now.

      And what about Ireland? Well that’s another story.

      United we stand. Divided we fall.

    • Guy

      21 October 2016 • 09:57

      Well said – unfortunately they have a lot of support from folk who think independence is the answer to all their problems and who are brainwashed by all the grievances the Natsis constantly spout – if they do get their way it’s only a matter of time before we have complete economic collapse in which case the only positive will be Sturgeon and her lying flock won’t be able to show face here ever again which would be a God send!

    • Charles McKinley

      21 October 2016 • 12:45

      Firstly, I and most of the people I know, have no axe to grind with the people of England. I have a number of friends living from Carlisle to Kent and we get along swimmingly. The independence of Scotland is a change of parliaments. Westminster continually tells us how much we are costing the rest of the UK. When we as an educated and skilled workforce can see the lie in this, we have decided that we will no longer burden them with our financial problems. In 1707 a parcel of rogues sold Scotland out for a £40,000 bribe. The common folk of Scotland were rioting in the streets at this betrayal. So just let us go and stew in the mess we are making for ourselves. Please feel free to tell me why you want us to remain?

    • Stoater McTavish

      21 October 2016 • 14:38

      Isn’t it bizarre that “wee nippy” understands the benefits of being in the EU and yet totally blinkered to the benefits of being in a union much closer to home?

      Indy voters need to waken up and realise that practically everything they own (bar maybe a bottle of Irn Bru, box of tunnocks tea cakes or a white puddin supper) is imported from outside of Scotland, and bought from retailers owned outside of Scotland.

      Out in the big bad world, consolidation has been taking place in practically every industry, century old firms dominate the market. For example just 14 companies own all the worlds car makers.

      So the likelihood of a plucky upstart Scottish car maker for example coming out of nowhere, perhaps a revival of the hillman imp? Pretty unlikely.

      As we’ve seen the oil price can go down as well as up, and will run out at some point – that’s not “fearmongering” that’s realism.

      Even in the “Wha’s like us” days, most of the inventors did their inventing outside of Scotland. We may have creative inventive people, but not the infrastructure to exploit it.

      An independent Scotland in the current circumstances? It doesn’t bare thinking about, much as in an ideal world I’d love to see a successful, independent Scotland showing the world how it’s done.

    • ed duff

      21 October 2016 • 16:04

      I don’t want you to remain in the UK and neither do million of others. You.ve been told often enough how stupid it is to leave but people like you wont listen. But I think that most people in Scotland are finding out that the snp[ are crazy

    • Brian Eagleson

      22 October 2016 • 12:08

      I just want to add a plea to this thread – a plea for mutual tolerance and understanding.

      I am dismayed that “Leapy” Lee Graham manages so often to bring out the worst in human nature. A quick glance down this thread of comments will reveal the sheer depth of the hatred that is dividing us from each other.

      During WW II our ancestors united against a common enemy. Brave Scots fought and died alongside brave English and Polish soldiers and other nationalities in order to defeat Hitler’s evil aspirations against Jews and others. Their unity of purpose and sheer dedication defeated the Nazis and restored peace to a shattered Europe.

      So why are we so divided now? Bickering at each other like embittered goats and camels. English against Poles, Scots against English, everybody against everybody else it would seem. Our brave ancestors would be ashamed of us.

      I don’t normally repeat myself, but this time I think I’m entitled to.

      United we stand, divided we fall.

      Please think about it.

    • Yanto

      22 October 2016 • 22:14

      This argument is futile until something happens. The United Kingdom as it now is an influential force in the world.. seo paration will just reduce to a group of (for the sake of argument) Banana Republics.
      I don,t want to sit on a train in Berwicknfor two hours waiting for passports to be checked. Laugh if you must but that’s what happens. I,ve experienced it entering Russia from Azerbaijan and v v.

    • Cybernaticus

      06 November 2016 • 15:17

      In answer to your question. The political aspersions and endeavours of the SNP are factually quite considerable. Anti-Englishness has never been one of them, I defy you to provide any examples. Being Pro Holyrood over Westminster is not anti-Englishness. I live in Scotland and I live with the consequences of an SNP administration which has, with dignity and intelligence, consistently improved the daily lives of millions of people. That’s why so many millions of us vote SNP. When you insult the SNP you insult our collective intelligence. https://caltonjock.com/2016/04/25/snp-government-achievements-the-list-and-it-is-long/

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