The would-be saviour of Brexit Britain

TONY BLAIR: Saviour of the UK?

WARNING: the following contains strong language right from the start! What the **** … Well, this is a family newspaper, after all, so I suppose I’d better tone it down a bit. What is happening is that I am so stunned I need to lie down in a dark room and let my blood pressure drop. Meanwhile, why not flick ahead to the crossword page or go and make that cup of coffee…

Hey, me again. I thought at first it was a belated April Fool’s joke but no. The article I just re-read is only too true, and my blood pressure has started rising rapidly. Again. And not in a good way. After weeks of depressing news about Syria, refugees, Putin, Corbyn, lecher-in-chief (‘on the gropes’) Trump, who unexpectedly emerges from the woodwork? Yes. You guessed: Tony Blair.

Blair could return to a frontline role in British politics, he heavily hints, to try to prevent Theresa May’s Conservative Party from destroying the country with a so-called ‘hard Brexit’ and save it from a Labour Party he describes as “ultra-left that takes us back to the 1960s. In the UK at the moment you’ve got a one-party state.”

The problem is that Blair’s politics have been tainted by his wars, discredited by some dreadful decisions and, latterly, his money-making schemes. Yes, in laying the ground work by separating himself from his finances and getting involved in the charitable side of his empire, he’s testing the water about a possible return to politics. 

However, as the country lurches deeper and deeper into a state of uncertainty and confusion, at last there is something everyone (right, left, centre, Brexiteers, Remainers etc) can totally agree about: he is definitely not the man to lead the UK to the centre ground.

Nurse, the screens please! That’s better, I’m back on the meds… I’ve calmed down now. But as for you Tony, maybe time to switch to a new diet? Leave off the sour grapes and stick to humble pie… and just desserts, eh?

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    • Roy Peters

      20 October 2016 • 11:03

      Nora, I have to say that this time you got it right. If that man ever got back into running this country we would be totally finished.
      Blair should be in prison for all the damage he has done to the country with his Middle East War and certainly for his Multi-Cultural Britain fiasco.

    • Mike in ESP

      24 October 2016 • 15:42

      The problem with Blair is that he actually thinks the sun shines out of his own backside, this is what happens to people when they get away with everything other people cannot and then people just chuck money at him, he was even given a top job after being PM and protection paid for by tax payers while running his businesses… can anyone tell me why they blame him for thinking the whole world loves him and that he is a Messiah! What needs to change is how we deal with these people, it seems once they become a heavyweight politician they then become untouchables!

    • Roy Peters

      25 October 2016 • 15:57

      Well said Mike. I have been saying for years that he should be locked up for a very very long time for what he has done to the country.


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