When a girl of 14 changes gender

STOP MEDDLING: Get your own house in order first.

‘Loopy Loo’! If I had a Euro for all the times I’ve been called that over the years, the only problem I would have in life would be my golf handicap! Last week another coin was added to the coffers by the lady who suggested that my idea of regulated assessment camps to deal with the immigrant crisis really deserved the Loopy award of the year.

I actually suggested this solution over a year ago, it always made perfect sense to me. I was therefore delighted to see that on orders from the French government this is now exactly what is taking place. Altogether now, ‘Here we go Loopy Loo…’!

In light of the ever present, often inexplicable actions by the esteemed Social Services, who seem to interfere with family matters with alacrity and no fear of recrimination from anyone, particularly their incompetent succession of ‘leaders,’ I would find it most interesting to discover how many of these people themselves actually originate from normal, heterosexual, happily married families and siblings.

Frankly if they don’t aspire to at least a couple of these criteria they shouldn’t be in the job. How can your judgement of others be completely unbiased if your own experiences are distorted and out of proportion?

As far as I’m concerned only someone with serious problems of their own could insist, despite the wishes and protests of her loving parents that a 14-year-old girl should be allowed to change her gender. In this recent case Social Services even suggested that to deny her this right amounted to emotional abuse, and insisted she be addressed as Mark instead of Mellissa. Just who do these people think they are?

With their appalling record, primarily due to their own incompetence, including far too many infant deaths, it’s high time they got their own house in order before they meddle in the family affairs of people, who generally know more about their offspring than they ever will.

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Written by

Leapy Lee

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    • Sylvan Mason

      06 November 2016 • 12:48

      Hear hear Leapy. Absolute common sense as per usual – whatever they may call you !!

    • The UK TeddyBoy

      06 November 2016 • 21:44

      Besides it all being wrong & so stupid from our Social Services who say they over over stretched. But they can find time with this !!!. When many a Young child is being abused & parents say they fell & Social walk away believing them. Then when something happens out comes THE ” It will never happen Again ” !!!!!!!!!

    • Jonathan

      08 November 2016 • 01:57

      Well, here we go again. Yet another warped rant that demonstrates the willful close minded attitudes of the author and his sycophantic followers.
      The development of gender awareness is not a simple cut and dried matter of either male or female because you are born appearing to be one or the other. The recognition that nature is not a precise reality is a welcome challenge to the outdated and self serving ideologies of religious cultures, including but not limited to, conventional Christianity.
      If a child is expressing a need for a different understanding about their sexual preferences then they need to be heeded. With compassion and support. I also believe that any surgical or medical process should not be allowed until they are of adult age, but the inclinations to dress differently, pursue different interests and the desire to change their names should be accepted. They might give it up or not. If the alternative is threatened or actual suicide, lifelong damage to the relationship between parent and child and lasting pain and confusion
      then I say that a more compassionate approach is called for. In older societies people who expressed a dual sexuality were revered and honoured. But then unfortunately their cultures were utterly destroyed by those who thought they knew better. Shame on you.


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