US election was a‘no-brainer’

NO DOUBTS: At least Trump wasn’t reading from an idiot board full of empty rhetoric.

I DON’T think I need to say how relieved I was to see Trump elected last week. What puzzles me is why, with my favouring of Trump and also the ‘Brexit’ vote, I received a virtual Tsunami of ‘scoff’ mail, (some most unpleasant) but letters of support were extremely thin on the ground?

My point is, that with both my parties of choice obtaining a substantial majority, why did I not receive at least a reasonable amount of mail agreeing with my views? Was it because the ‘pro’ voters were ashamed, or even a little afraid to vent their true feelings in public, or was it yet another glaring example of the silent majority hiding its light under respective bushels?

Whatever it was, for heaven’s sake, if you feel strongly enough about a subject, even though it appears unpopular, shout your views from the rooftops. This is why favourable results are so laborious, it’s also why the polls get it so wrong. It’s always the whiners and gripers who shout the loudest.

Never be worried that your views may not be looked on favourably by friends and colleagues. Speak up, you may find that there are far more supporters of your opinions out there than you ever imagined.

And so to Trump. To me the selection was a no-brainer. The choice between a proven arrogant liar, supported by an equally proven lying spouse (‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman’), backed by an incompetent president, who helped Islamise the planet more than anyone since the Umayyads, (and ironically gained a multitude of votes for the Trump camp every time he opened his mouth), left me with no doubts at all. 

Sure Trump made a whole host of questionable statements in his orations but at least he wasn’t reading from an idiot board, full of clichés and empty rhetoric supplied by scriptwriters.

And don’t worry, they haven’t elected another ‘Spectre’ figure with his finger hovering over the red button. Congress and the Senate will have far more influence over his decisions than they would have had over Clinton.

Keep the faith
Love Leapy
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    • Rob Waugh

      17 November 2016 • 14:43

      I preferred Trump, but I did hear it was like making the
      choice between Jimmy Saville and the McAnns to babysit you kid

    • CF

      18 November 2016 • 10:03

      I have said many times to friends here in Spain and England how I read, enjoy and mostly agree with what you say. I voted to stay in the EU for my own benefit, (like most bremainers and brexiteers did). From reading financial institutions around the world, (from Australia and New Zealand to the US and Canada, and everywhere in between), that brexit has caused the exchange rate to drop in all those countries, thereby causing my state pension to drop in value. It has since recovered a little since Trump was elected, that tells us that the rest of the world aren’t comfortable with the result. Big companies in Britain are now better off through exports, while the working class will be worse of when the price of imports start rising probably next year. So much for Farage telling the ‘common’ people they will be better off. Having mentioned Farage, I see yesterday that his party are being investigated for fraud. Hey ho, you still can’t trust any of them.

    • Brian Eagleson

      18 November 2016 • 19:07

      “Never be worried that your views may not be looked on favourably by friends and colleagues. Speak up”, says Leapy.

      Ok. Here goes.

      Your weekly sermons from your little ivory tower in Majorca are so out out of touch now with the outside world Leapy, that you’re even praising Donald Trump! Widely recognised as one of the nastiest, most bigoted and probably most dangerous men in the world.

      You must be aware (despite the FBI head derailing Clinton with false accusations, retracted at the last minute) that she got MORE actual votes than Trump? It’s the Electoral College system that Trump was complaining about being “rigged” during his campaign that worked in his favour! Funny he’s not complaining about it now, eh? Exactly the same thing happened when another Republican called George W Bush got the presidency with fewer votes than Al Gore – and then the world went mad.

      Bush launched the war of ‘Shock and Awe’ against Iraq that led to the world-wide backlash of Islamic extremism, terrorism and ultimately the creation of Islamic State or Daesh. He knew so little about the world outside the USA that he couldn’t distinguish between Iraqis who were NOT responsible for the appalling attack on the Twin Towers, and Saudis who were!

      Now we’ll have a US president who knows even LESS about the world than Bush – and who has NO experience of politics or diplomacy.

      Stay in your ivory tower Leapy. You’ll be safer there than anywhere else.

    • Mike in ESP

      18 November 2016 • 22:52

      Most of my life I remember the people of the world fighting and demonstrating for democracy, now as we are all as close as we have been to it, all I see are people demonstrating against it… strange how people don’t ever seem to be happy, unless they get what * they * want 🙂

      There is nothing that anyone can do about the results, the only way to go forward is to let the people involved in those democratic systems get on with the situations that have been created, whinging and demanding other situations does not help, nor does it take us forward! The way to go forward is to get on with your life and maybe you will find that things will be a lot different than you think, then again maybe not… who knows, the world might even be a safer place but we certainly don’t know, so just get on with things and see, you/we all might be pleasantly surprised!

      Like Brexit and the UK leaving the EU or not, like Trump as president or not, those situations are current because the people of those countries responsible for years demanded democracy, what I ask the people who whine and complain is: If you don’t like democracy, what do you suggest it’s replaced with?

    • Brian Eagleson

      19 November 2016 • 12:41

      Your views on democracy are perfect Mike – as long as we’re talking about TRUE democracy. The trouble is there is no such thing as true democracy – anywhere. It’s still work in progress that has not yet reached a point where it can be described as ‘mission accomplished’.

      For example, The UK’s ‘First Past the Post” system turns individual people’s votes into constituency by constituency votes, electing MPs in unequal numbers compared with overall votes by the entire electorate. That’s how UKIP for example got 3.9 million votes in the UK General Election, but only 1 MP. If a fairer system of proportional representation had been used UKIP would have had a stunning 83 MPs! As Donald Trump would tell you – that’s a rigged system. It’s certainly not true democracy.

      The similar ‘Electoral College’ system in the USA ensured Trump got elected even though Clinton got more actual votes.

      Democracy has been described as “Government of the people BY the people”. That’s not what we’ve really got. What we’ve got is government of the people by individuals who are elected by a rigged system. So to answer your question about what would you replace it with, I would simply say a fairer system.

    • CF

      19 November 2016 • 16:30

      Democracy in Britain is rather different than in the US. Cameron gave the people the choice to vote in or out of the EU. He gave his opinion that he believed it would be better to stay in, and when the vote went the other way, the people wanted him out. In my opinion, and what I have read is that the majority of brexiteers voted purely because they wanted to stop immigrants from entering the UK. There was no checking to see how it would effect the economy. As I said previously, I voted in because I contacted the local MP in the area I used to live in. I explained that expat pensioners living outside the EU didn’t get a yearly rise in their state pensions, and that if Britain left the EU would that be the case for pensioners in Europe. She made enquiries and emailed back saying most probably. Now I digress. The US democracy says that everyone is allowed to own a gun to protect themselves. We know now that Clinton got over a million votes more than Trump, so where’s the democracy in that? Oh by the way, I did read a few days ago that when Farage arrived back from meeting with Trump, he was stopped at Heathrow customs because he had a suspicious brown substance on his nose.

    • Mike in ESP

      19 November 2016 • 22:17

      The USA system is democratic, it was put in place to protect the USA peoples, it was structured as such to prevent an elected president from changing things to their liking. The ‘Electoral College’ system is what they have for similar reasons, I might add Obama, J F Kennedy, A Lincoln, H S Truman, B Clinton, F D Roosevelt along with most American presidents won through the EC vote, same system as D Trump has got to the stage where he is currently! If the Americans don’t like it then they need to ask for it to be changed so please do not refer to it as undemocratic because if the Americans want it changed they have their state governors who they vote for to speak and work for them… yes the Electoral College, you have it, democracy!

      If a state doesn’t like what it’s governor stands for then they can vote for another, same in the UK with local MP’s. The big bit that most people can’t understand is they need to find out who they are voting for, that is where the issues are, most people can’t be bothered to do that but the consequences of their inability or laziness cannot be a reason to start blaming others! The democracy you say that could be fairer or that the Americans don’t have, we both have it fairly much as good as we can get it, we just need to get off our asses to use it as the system in place was put in place to be used! Persistent whinging and demonstration of the streets because of our democracy shows lack of intelligence, we don’t live in China! 🙂

    • Mike in ESP

      19 November 2016 • 22:26

      No we nor any country has a “true” democracy, it wouldn’t work, it wouldn’t be too cost effective for one! That’s why we elect local MP’s to take care of most of the things that need decisions on, so we pass some of our control to them “democratic”. I agree we should have more say in certain things but if we don’t like something we can ask for it to be changed so if there is something we don’t like we have the system in place to change it, it’s fairly much as democratic as we can get!

      What the problem is though, are ppl demonstrating against a vote or referendum which is part of our democratic system, if they don’t like the outcome then the solution is not to take to the streets or start whinging like spoilt little brats at that decision… the democratic system is in place for them to change the system on something if they don’t like it. Currently we have people who don’t like the outcome of recent elections and referendum “including some MP’s” behaving like ignorant animals, any MP who speaks against the wishes of a democratic election or referendum where the majority of people have made a decision should not be an MP! Most of these people are a disgrace and show a distant lack of common sense amongst other things… that goes for the media also, I believe in free press but that means they need to be responsible, they are currently crossing the line of inciting hatred! BTW, I answered your post in 2 parts I think the first has been posted out of this thread, my mistake 🙂

    • Mike in ESP

      19 November 2016 • 22:56

      CF, please also read my replies to Brian’s post as far as your asking about where is USA democracy in the vote!

      I might add, when the referendum went the other way the majority of people didn’t want Cameron out, he left, turned his back on the British people and buggered off! BTW, just as a matter of interest, from your post I would expect you to be someone who might agree that the Leave side didn’t have any Brexit plan, so: It was D Cameron who didn’t have any plan, the leave campaigners couldn’t have a plan as they where not the government, DC actually didn’t do his job and was obviously not interested in doing it! It is not Teresa May or the current members of the UK government nor the Leave campaigners fault there was no plan. 🙂

      lordashcroftpolls state the principal reason to vote leave was that decisions about the UK should be taken in the UK. The 2nd was voters felt leaving was the best way to gain control over immigration. The 3rd was that remaining meant little or no choice about how the EU expanded its membership or power. This was the same for both Con and Lab supporters.

      You really need to be careful with what you say, as after reading your post many people might warn you about going through customs and where your suspicious brown substances can be seen 🙂

    • Brian Eagleson

      20 November 2016 • 12:06

      People have the right to express their opinions. Calling them “whiners and gripers”, and triumphantly pointing out they lost a particular vote as if somehow that is supposed to make them unqualified to speak, is not a right and proper thing to do.

      A free and open exchange of opinions is the most basic necessity for human progress. If you only listen to people who already agree with you what happens? You find yourself surrounded by yes-men. You end up like some dictator who is blind to the risks associated with any actions he might take. Risks that might be obvious to those outside his immediate circle, but ignored by him because he’s not listening. That’s exactly what brings many a dictator tumbling down.

      So it is with Donald Trump. As he announces each new member of his team it becomes clearer and clearer that he is surrounding himself with yes-men. Extreme right-wing parodies of himself who will ensure that the USA is run, not by just one Donald Trump, but by many!

      This does not bode well for the future of humanity.

      I respect your right to express your own opinions Leapy, even your support for Trump. However, you would do well to listen to your critics instead of just broadcasting to them. So would Trump.

    • The UK TeddyBoy

      20 November 2016 • 21:57

      Clinton DID NOT get majority of votes Brian
      Read ‘Electoral College’ Final report.. Close but Trump got most
      & In Final report he got 308 seats or whatever they call they WAY ahead of what original figure was

    • Brian Eagleson

      20 November 2016 • 23:16

      Very well put Mike. There’s really only one thing I would add to that.

      While I agree with your opinion that if people don’t like the current system of democracy they can ask for it to be changed, may I ask, how? How can they achieve improvements to the current system unless they exercise their right to speak up, conduct demonstrations and make their opinions known? That’s what the suffragettes had to do in order to get votes for women. And look how hard their struggle was. It took a woman throwing herself to her death under the hooves of the king’s racehorse to make the men in power understand the sheer depth of feeling, realise they were wrong, and accept that women had as much right to vote as men.

      Just look at our current systems of democracy. There is a built-in inertia among people in power, preventing them from having the slightest desire to change the very system that brought them to power. Just look at how Donald Trump has suddenly stopped complaining about the system that he incorrectly thought would be rigged against him, now that it has worked in his favour and made him the president.

      Look at the Tory party too. Under a better system of proportional representation they would never again have an overall majority in parliament and UKIP would flourish – so where is the incentive for them to make any changes that would improve democratic accountability, but remove their currently guaranteed majority?

      Changing the system is not easy. It’s damned hard.

    • Brian Eagleson

      22 November 2016 • 14:44

      You are the one who is wrong UK TeddyBoy. Clinton DID get more actual votes from real people than Trump did. Your faulty logic completely fails to understand how the US voting system operates. I suggest at the very least you should ask Google the right questions or visit a reputable political-science website before you write any more untruthful nonsense like you just have.

    • Brian Eagleson

      22 November 2016 • 16:02

      Latest news: Clinton has 63.6 million votes. Trump has 61.9 million – 48% against only 46.7% for Trump. (The remaining 1.3% went to minor candidates.) The final tally is still to be announced even at this late stage, but the percentage figure is not expected to vary by any significant amount.
      (Tuesday 22 November)

    • Brian Eagleson

      22 November 2016 • 16:22

      Typo alert: My 1.3% figure should actually be 5.3% – Finger trouble, not brain trouble.

    • Mike in ESP

      22 November 2016 • 22:46

      Understand what you are saying Brian but changing the system isn’t supposed to be easy, if it was we would have even bigger problems than we have today! In fact, that is why the American system had the Electoral College process incorporated into their constitution, so it wasn’t easy to change things… and protect the American people!

      We have channels to help us today the suffragettes didn’t have at their disposal so hopefully no need to dive under any horses nowadays! We also have UKGov petitions and social media to help us along to build any support, or we can go into politics and try to make a change head on… all time and determination but the more support you have the easier it becomes… Don’t forget, you can demonstrate also! Yes, you heard me… I have no issue on people demonstrating for what they want! The difference is when it is demonstrating against something that has already just been voted on! That is totally senseless, ignorant, insulting to the electorate, it lacks intelligence and is anti democratic behavior.

      DT did make a couple of remarks on the system, MSM took it and shoved it down the throats of anyone who wanted to hear it, the same as they do with fairly much everything they want to shove down our throats, a good reason why we should take MSM & what they put out there with a pinch of salt! It would be more sensible for most people to only listen to the news once every 2 days for a short time, no solution but it would help people to take it in a dose they can handle better 🙂

    • Brian Eagleson

      23 November 2016 • 10:48

      Ironic how 2016’s been such a great year for this wonderful system of democracy that ‘protects’ us all so well by taking full account of the way we ALL vote.

      For example, England’n’wales forcing Scotland and Northern Ireland into Brexit, ignoring completely the majority of voters in the latter two countries. Theresa May replacing the previous Prime Minister without consulting the voters. Nigel still leading UKIP despite standing down again – and again. Donald wanting Nigel to be Britain’s US Ambassador after losing his job in Brussels. Donald beating Hillary to the White House even though she got more votes from the American people.

      “I Predict A  Riot” as the Kaiser Chiefs so nicely put it.

      Believe me, there’s plenty of justification for shouting and demonstrating about our broken system that only pretends to be a democracy. People will continue to demonstrate and bring pressure on those in power long after we’re gone. That’s just how the human race works. That’s how it makes its slow, painful progress from generation to generation. Nobody can stop us – no matter how hard they try. Change is inevitable – eventually.

      Anyway, that was just 2016’s democratic House of Cards. Please forgive me if I say 2017 will Trump it!

    • The UK TeddyBoy

      23 November 2016 • 15:56

      The Sum Total is irrespective & nothing to do with results.. If it were the Vote would be as Country & not section/states etc. You could win one state by 100,00 votes & loose next 2 by 30,000 votes each. So you win would win 2-1 Although opponent has 20,000 more votes !! Happens exactly same in UK.. Labour could win.. But Conservatives have more Votes. Happens all time in UK but no one mentions it !!!!!!!!!! Winner does not get most Votes. So why the Fuss that Clinton got more .. Would all the people pointing this out prefer to have seen a Proven Liar Be President !!!!! I have not read history on Trump & most probably lies & exaggeration So give him a Chance. He is better choice than Clinton in My View from UK …… We are worse we have an Unelected Prime Minister. !!!!!!!! & she seems no better than the rest.. UK will never get a change in system until Eton is Closed !! & that is not going to happen !!

    • The UK TeddyBoy

      23 November 2016 • 16:04

      Mike.. I know someone well who lives in Zimbabwe and travels to UK a Lot on Business. I said to him one day How do you stand living in that Country with Dictator like that.. His reply summed it up.. He said ” I know I live in a Dictatorship & have learned to accept it.. Trouble with England they do not realise or accept that they live in a Dictatorship” !!!!!!!!!! Says it ALL as our Leader(s) are the same

    • Mike in ESP

      23 November 2016 • 21:45

      There you go again Brian, you still don’t understand what the referendum was about! What are you rambling on about now “again”… England and Wales didn’t force Scotland and Northern Ireland into Brexit! I am at the point where I am giving up on people who very clearly have difficulty in grasping what the referendum was actually for! What the referendum was for is the same thing that was written “In English I might add” on the ballot and was talked about for several months before it happened! The referendum was a vote for the UK to leave to EU, nothing more, nothing less, no Scotland, No England and no fairies floating off into the mist either!

      If you don’t like our democracy then get off your arse and do something about it Brian! It is very clear the way you go on about Scotland being taken out of the EU and your denial to actually understand what the referendum was about, to the extent where you now question democracy result shows a confused person. Constantly repeating what you cannot accept here will not give you something different than what you don’t like or can’t accept. If you aren’t going to get off your ass and do something serious about what you complain about then give it a rest!

    • Mike in ESP

      23 November 2016 • 21:55

      Sorry, but as much I have dislikes about our system in the UK it is much more a democracy than it is a dictatorship, if you want to see a dictatorship go live in China, North Korea, Cuba or possibly even your friends home Zimbabwe, then after a short time I am sure you will see how close you feel the UK is to a dictatorship 🙂

    • Mike in ESP

      23 November 2016 • 21:12

      I don’t think you understand Brian, people do have a right to express their opinions just as those who call those same people “whiners and gripers” have the right to express their opinions also, so trying to put those people down means you do not better than those you are complaining about!

      To try and help you understand why I think many people might call others who express their opinions as “whiners and gripers” or similar might be because they are sick sore and tired listening to people * continually * moaning about a vote the majority of people voted for… there is nothing that can be done about it, so just get on with the result, and stop whining. Sound like a reasonable statement to me! 🙂

      I actually can understand why you post a lot of the things you post Brian, you are as negative a person as I have come across for a long time, your should be looking at your glass as half full Brian and not half empty! 🙂

    • Brian Eagleson

      24 November 2016 • 14:44

      Och, Mike. I fully understand people. And I fully understand our democracy too. I just don’t like it! Ok? It’s perfectly reasonable and normal for people to dislike things that are faulty.

      You wouldn’t put up with a dodgy, unreliable old car that needs major repair work just to make it as far as the shops. You’d replace it with something better. Well, in the same way, I won’t put up with this dodgy system of so-called democracy which is not what it claims to be and  doesn’t do what it says on the tin.

      Just because you seem to be perfectly satisfied with it, probably because it currently suits your purposes, doesn’t mean everybody has to agree with you.

      You (and Leapy and his army of fans) will probably be relieved to hear though, I’m taking a long break from this website and newspaper. I’ve been doing this for almost a year now and it’s time for a holiday. I have a very full and happy life that is so far away from your insulting “half empty” accusation that it only goes to show just how little you know about me and how much your opinions of me are simply empty rhetoric.Got things to do, places to go, and people to see. Yippee!

    • Mike in ESP

      24 November 2016 • 18:29

      No brian, if I had a dodgy car I wouldn’t put up with it, I would go and do something about it, I fully understand that telling people I meet that the car is broken or the engine doesn’t work will not get the car fixed, I actually understand I have to get up and take the car to the garage to get it fixed!

      You keep saying things that make no sense Brian! You presume I am perfectly satisfied with things and you haven’t got a clue if I am or not!
      You are right, it doesn’t mean everyone one has to agree with me either! You just don’t seem to grasp or understood what I have said, what it seems is you have your opinion and no matter what, you see your opinion as being right, even if you know it is wrong! I can’t believe you said: England and Wales took Scotland and Northern Ireland out of the EU… I was speechless when I read that, can’t you see you make absolutely no sense!

      You call me insulting because I said you think your glass is half empty! Can’t you see that it is people just like you that is making the public rise up and look for change, they are fed up looking at people like you throwing out accusations of racism or insults whenever they have nothing else left, the change as such is starting to happen in the UK and is happening in the USA, insulting… right!

      Enjoy your break, I hope it is advantageous to you. 🙂


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