House soiling cure: Part One

HOUSETRAINING: Can be quick, easy and stress free.

IF you follow this programme you will have a happy, reliable pet in three days. That’s right, THREE DAYS.

I know you think that’s impossible or will take a miracle, but I promise you it’s true. Housetraining is easy but only if you do it the right way.

The wrong way, yelling, screaming, hitting your dog, creates lasting bad feelings between the two of you and often fails, causing many people to get rid of their new pet.

The right way is quick, easy, stress free and creates the proper, loving relationship between you and your new pet.

Be prepared for this job before you bring your new dog home. You should have a few specific tools for this job as well as a leather leash, leather collar, and proper food for the age of your dog, a food dish and a water bowl.

The tools

There are two essential tools for the housetraining process. One is any of a few products which contain enzymes to remove all traces of the inevitable mistakes that will occur and the second is a ‘crate’ or ‘kennel’ to house your dog when you can’t be there to monitor him.

This crate is the key to this method of housetraining. Now I hear many of you protesting, “I don’t want to lock my dog up in prison. Won’t he resent me if I lock him up? Isn’t it cruel? I want him to enjoy life.”

Let’s think about this for a moment. In the wild where do dogs or wolves live? Don’t they seek out small dark dens or caves to seek shelter in? And they seek out the cosy spots, where the ceiling or wall meets the floor.

They don’t lie down to sleep in the middle, open area of the cave. They go for the tight, secure area.

He wants to feel secure and safe when he goes to sleep. The best way to do this is to provide him with a secure, cave-like area in your home.

Selecting the crate

Crates come in different sizes so you should select one based on the present size of your dog.

If you have selected a large breed but right now he’s a puppy, don’t worry about selecting a crate for his fullgrown size, you won’t need it when he’s all grown up. Although many people keep their crates for the life of their dogs.

Some dogs come to regard them as the private space and go in on their own if the door is left open. You can buy a crate for the full grown dog and get spacers to make it smaller for a puppy.

Your crate should be just big enough so your dog can turn around in it. Don’t worry that it’s too small, too cramped, for the short periods of time that you dog will be in his crate, it will be just fine.

Enzyme products

There are many of these products on the market and they are all good. These will be used according to the directions, whenever your pet makes a mistake. They are essential to the process. Without them, your dog will be attracted back to the spot where he made his mistake. No amount of scrubbing or cleaning will remove the odour. Make sure you saturate the area of the mistake completely. If the mistake was on the carpet and it’s liquid, the enzyme product must reach all of the mistake. Congratulations. You’re almost there. It should only take a few more repetitions before he’s locked into the appropriate behaviour. Next week… the process.

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