Theresa May calls for snap general election in June

Theresa May announcing her plans

THERESA MAY has announced plans to call a snap general election on June 8.

The UK’s Prime Minister said the election would “ensure the stability” of the country.   

She further added “The country is coming together but Westminster is not,” accussing other parties of risking “our ability to make a success of Brexit.

“So we need a general election and we need one now. We have at this moment a one off chance to get this done.” 


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    • Brian Eagleson

      18 April 2017 • 12:31

      The PM says it’s NOT on for the Scots to have an Indy referendum during Brexit negotiations. But now, during those same Brexit negotiations, she wants a full-on General Election!

      Wow! Brass-neck or what!?

      It’s a gift to wee Nicola who can say now with complete authority, there is no sustainable argument against accepting an IndyRef2 if a total General Election is perfectly acceptable.

      It could backfire spectacularly on the PM as Scotland dumps its last remaining Tory MP in June to become a Tory-free zone utterly opposed to the Westminster government. That would ruin Theresa’s deluded quote that “the country” (by which she means the UK) “is coming together.” Ha! What a joke.

    • Mike in ESP

      18 April 2017 • 21:13

      Well I guess it’s impossible for the wingers to rest, they couldn’t understand it is better for the UK and its people to leave the EU, they can’t see it is better for Scotland and the Scottish to remain in the UK and now we hear them whinge everywhere firing more proverbial at the PM when she calls a general election because of the MP’s who cannot accept the referendum vote… they just can’t see they all work against the UK and they have brought this on. The Tory party would have been happy to trundle on carrying out the wishes of the majority of the vote but it is the whingers who are to blame, no one else… but they have not got the nuts in their cookies to see even that, and still whinge 🙂

      Personally, I just look at them as losers and the sooner the election comes the better so we hopefully bury most of them 🙂

    • Brian Eagleson

      19 April 2017 • 18:30

      Dear Mike. It’s not whinging (or even “winging” as you put it!) It’s proper name is political opposition. It’s perfectly normal. Get used to it.

      Your lack of knowledge of the Scottish political scene, from your distant viewpoint here in Spain, has been exposed in the past. I have been politically active in Scotland all my adult life. I have travelled extensively throughout Europe (and England) before retiring to Spain 5 years ago. I make frequent visits back to Scotland and I still have a business interest there. i.e. I have first-hand knowledge.

      Please remember we are living in a time when opinion polls count for nothing and the standards of UK journalism are at an all time low. The fact is Scotland’s voters want to stay in the EU. They voted against the trend in England, and they voted by an overwhelming majority that was much bigger than the English vote for Brexit. The Westminster government is not just ignoring that fact. It is opposing any chance of the Scots having any say in England’s Hell-bent drive for a hard Brexit. Scottish voters don’t like such (literal) ignorance. It’s not whinging. It’s not Remoaning. It’s just opposition. I do not care whether the British PM gets a bigger majority or a smaller one. I do care that her bad attitude is driving the Scots towards Independence from an England that is rejecting Europe against the wishes of the people of Scotland.

    • MikeInESP

      20 April 2017 • 19:34

      Brian, my lack of knowledge of the Scottish political scene, from my distant viewpoint here in Spain, has not been exposed in the past! You continually spurt off this proverbial! I might add I know nothing of polls on the Scottish situation. Waken up Brian, most of your country folk are! Again you will see how “your” lack of knowledge of the Scottish political scene “as you call it” comes back to bite you over the next couple of years, I suggest you sit back, wait, and see! 🙂

    • Brian Eagleson

      21 April 2017 • 08:38

      Dear Mike, You have just exposed your lack of knowledge of the Scottish political scene yet again with your latest comment if only you knew it. Please do not believe everything you read in the UK press or see on the telly. Most of it is simply not true, or is at best misleading. Believe me, I should know. I’ve been subjected to all the usual political media rubbish in the UK for more than half a century. I know the difference between truth and lies. So do most Scots and for that matter so do most people in general. It is you who needs to “waken up” to what is really, truly going on. Just look at how the opinion polls predicted a Remain win in the Brexit vote and a minority Tory government at the last election. Then look at the way they predicted a win for Hillary Clinton in the US! Then have a hard think about the FACT that there’s only one Tory MP in Scotland, yet the Tories win in England every time. There is a huge difference between Scotland and England when it comes to politics. If you don’t understand that, then there is nothing further I can do to help you understand.


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