Have the dissenters gone quiet?

TOO LATE: With the latest atrocity in Manchester, the situation is now critical.

I REALLY am so damn tired. Tired of being labelled a racist, tired of being accused of ranting alarmism, and even tired of being consistently exonerated.

At the risk of now being accused of being a monotonous bore, I will once again reiterate that, some 30 years ago, I warned that there was an enemy festering within Western communities.

I also stated that if it was not recognised and dealt with sooner rather than later, it would all be too late.

Well, I’m afraid it is now far too late.

Actually it’s been too late for the last 20 years. With this latest Manchester atrocity the situation is now critical.

My other prophecy, that parts of the UK could one day resemble Beirut, is drawing closer by each alarming minute. Make no mistake, despite the admirable ‘don’t look back in anger’ attitude of many good people, there are others sitting astride tinder boxes of seething anger and highly dangerous frustration.

In short, before it all erupts into unthinkable violence and mayhem; something really must be done.

Although I am reticent to expose myself to even more abuse, and although the politicians are also undeniably

at fault, the main ‘something’ has to emanate from the Muslim communities.

It is no longer sufficient for ‘moderate’ Muslims to say how appalled they are with these atrocities, or that it’s ‘not happening in their name.’

They simply have to take action that lends some credence to their statements.

They need to show they really do want to integrate into Western cultures and traditions.

I’m not saying they should convert from their chosen beliefs, but I am certainly saying they should cease trying to convert Westerners into theirs.

They need to; desist from referring to non-Muslims as ‘Infidels.’

Stop calling for Sharia law. Stop public flagellation and other alien culture rituals.

Call a halt to all marches and inflammatory banner waving and stop the wearing of the despised full Burka.

All these actions are designed to provoke and intimidate.

They must also do more to root out the hate preachers, who teach their brethren that dying in the pursuit of Jihad will result in travelling to some mythical, virgin drenched Shangri La.

All these moves could go a long way to depressurising the cauldron of resentment and anger, which is reaching explosive proportions. 

If the lid finally blows, it will be an unprecedented disaster for everyone.

In the name of intelligence, sanity and reason, let us really see an effort to integrate, before it all completely disintegrates into a carnage of violence and mayhem, which will lead us all to heaven only knows where.

I await more accusations of ranting alarmism with my usual anticipation.

Or have the dissenters now all gone a bit quiet!?

Keep the faith

Love Leapy.

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    • Roy Peters

      01 June 2017 • 18:25

      Its nice to see someone other than me coming out with the truth Leapy! On many of my blogs I have written to say that the Muslims are a danger to western civilization as they try to convert our people to their culture.
      The attacks that have taken place so far in Europe are but a prelude to the future. When ISIS are finally beaten in Syria they will all move here as ‘refugees’ and the attacks will start in earnest. Places like Paris, London, Brussels and Berlin will see many attacks in the future, all carried out by ISIS. They are busy converting law abiding Muslims into terrorists as we have seen over the past few years and it will not stop.
      There are currently at least five thousand ISIS fighters in Europe who have come over disguised as refugees and they have been very busy, as is evidenced by the attacks in Paris, London and other places. You can be sure that in the near future it will get much worse.

    • Brian Eagleson

      05 June 2017 • 11:54

      Media commentators can skew our perceptions away from reality if we’re not careful. The dreadful terror attacks in the UK have been truly awful for those caught up in them and my heart goes out to the victims, their families and friends. But everywhere else in the UK and the whole wide world billions of the rest of us have been leading normal lives at work, or we’ve been out and about enjoying ourselves, or having a quiet night in without experiencing any terrorism at all – except maybe for those who were glued to the blanket media coverage.

      While it is undoubtedly important to take action against terrorism, it is vital that we keep a sense of proportion. Countless billions of us live our entire lives into a ripe old age without ever becoming involved in a terrorist incident. The vast majority of people on the planet never see terrorism at first hand. Without the 24 hour news media they might not be aware of it at all.

      It’s a fact there are many more deaths every year from accidents at home than from terrorism, but we don’t waste time being afraid of our own homes!

    • Sheree

      18 June 2017 • 19:24

      As Muslims are not a race but are people of various races who belong to a religion you can not be called a racist is you speak against them.

    • Brian Eagleson

      19 June 2017 • 11:01

      Sheree, that’s why it’s called Islamophobia which is every bit as bad as racism.


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