What is it with choices?

SO the election has been and gone and to be honest Mrs May got what she deserved.

That’s all I’ve got to say about that because I only get a limited amount of words and I don’t want to waste any more of them on slime bag politicians.

What is it with choices these days?

My daughter has just bought her first house and needed to buy some white paint. ‘No big deal,’ I said to her, ‘go down to B & Q and buy a pot.’ Simple. Job done.

Oh no not any more.

There are so many it’s ridiculous. She sent me a list of 20 different whites. But these days it’s the same with everything. We are all spoilt for choice.

Try buying anything. It gets on my nerves. You spend hours online just comparing prices. Then you find something and think you have cracked it.

But no – it’s not quite the same thing – it’s either a little smaller or a little lighter in weight.

Have you ever tried to buy a computer?

What a minefield that is! You go into the store and ask the salesman to help.

Then come the questions. How much storage, how much memory, how much ram, dual core, quad core, bloody apple core and then you make your choice and off you go all happy with your lappy or desktop only to find a week later that the one you got sold has just been superseded by a newer model and yours is now defunct. It’s all so infuriating!

Talking about computers this one peed me off this week. I was trying to log on to my Apple account.

I try one incorrect password, try second incorrect password, try third incorrect password and I am now locked out. It says ‘please reset password.’ So in I go and answer all the security questions and reset my password and as I hit enter with my new password and up comes the writing ‘you cannot use a password that you have used before’!

I didn’t think I had so I tried two other passwords that I use and they aren’t accepted either. One is too weak and the other I’d used before so now I have to think of a new one.

Like I don’t have enough already I now have to use a capital letter and a number and now a special symbol. It’s exhausting and frustrating. And then the emails start telling me that I’ve changed my password.

I know. You don’t have to tell me! Why does life have to be so complicated?

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