Sir Leapy doesn’t sound right

I DON’T think I have been more disillusioned with a Conservative leader since the disastrous tenure of Edward Heath. ‘Course we should all have seen it coming.’

For a remainer, who became an enthusiastic hard line Brexiteer virtually overnight, purely to ingratiate herself with what she and her more than useless advisors saw as the publics ‘mood,’ Ms. May just didn’t seem to sit right from the start. From that point she has lumbered from one ill advised disaster to the next. Couple that with her apparent reluctance and total inability to confront anyone in public and I think we could be in serious trouble with our negotiations at the table of the esteemed EU hardliners.

A bitter malicious bunch who would be delighted to see our whole country join Atlantis on the sea bed of abject failure and utter ruin.  Against such opposition I’m afraid Ms. May simply wont hack it. Despite all the hype, and hope that we had discovered a new ‘Iron Lady,’ Margaret Thatcher she most certainly aint. ‘Putty woman’ would be a far more apt title. The sooner she is replaced as leader the better. Unless she produces some dramatic morphing and we discover we have somehow misjudged her and,  heaven forbid, she is still at the helm when we go to the country again, the Conservatives will lose the next election. As things are at the moment, the best we can all be prepared for is a soft Brexit, which basically means we  may as well not have had a referendum at all.

I am more than a little disgusted at the blatant way the Grenfell disaster was twisted into a political issue. Particularly by the Labour party, who wasted no time in using it as a photographic and propaganda  opportunity, even down to one member who said the cladding was done because of complaints from the ‘rich’ neighbours that the building was an eye sore in the area. Oh and by the way Mr. Corbyn, despite the incompetence of its leader, you did actually, quite heavily lose the election to the Tories… Just saying!

Personally I’ve had a pretty good past week. Apart from a number of people that pointed out that, with reference my last column, hens do the laying and people do the lying! ( Yeah yeah!) I now have all three books of my autobiographical trilogy on Kindle and Amazon (Adults and broad-minded readers only OK?), I also received some great news from my Stage Musical co-writer that our project is to be produced in Australia at the end of the year. So it’s onward and upward from the ol’ boy. Thanks to all concerned. Only disappointment was being passed over in the ‘list’ again this year. Ah well, never did think Sir Leapy sounded right anyway.

Have a good week. Keep that mail coming in and;

Always keep the faith,

Love Leapy
[email protected]

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    • Brian Eagleson

      23 June 2017 • 04:42

      I agree Sir Leapy doesn’t sound right. Neither does using your paid newspaper column to promote your sordid little book of fiction. This is an abuse of privilege. People might prefer to read the unvarnished truth about you Leapy. When are you going to write it?

    • Col Bro

      23 June 2017 • 23:39

      @ Brian Eagleson 1
      You talk about Leapy’s unvarnished truth : How would you know, were you by his side all the time in these 3 books. Of course not : You could not have stood the pace & the people would not have stood you ! Comments are normally meant to

    • Col Bro

      23 June 2017 • 23:43

      @Brian Eagleson 2
      You have Googled and found things which can be seen by anyone & details all in Lee’s Books You sit wherever you are & cannot wait for Thurs so you can have a Dig.. Pathetic is best word to describe you I would think. I had no comment

    • Col Bro

      23 June 2017 • 23:46

      Col Bro aka The UK TeddyBoy

    • Brian Eagleson

      25 June 2017 • 06:03

      Welcome back UK TeddyBoy! Your loyalty to Leapy is touching, but you’re blinding yourself to his similarities with the very person he’s castigating so much this week – Theresa May. ‘Bloody difficult’, right wing but constantly performing u-turns and contradictions, boastful and egotistical but in denial about shortcomings, hand in hand with Trump! He ‘May’ as well be talking about himself! Oh sorry, he does that all the time.

    • Paul chaloner

      29 June 2017 • 13:55

      Always interesting to hear the far right hypocritical views of mr Lee, it helps the rest of us see just how lucky the UK is to have him in Spain. I suspect you will be celebrating the latest round of pay cuts to the UK emergency services like the rest of the right. Shameful.

    • The Uk TeddyBoy

      29 June 2017 • 21:21

      @ Brian Eagleson …… As you state quite incorrectly saying I am blinded by loyalty to Lee
      Again you are way off !!! I am commenting on the person I know well, NOT what comes up on Google & you swallow like only a foolish person would. You could not be

    • Mike in ESP

      08 July 2017 • 17:54

      I wouldn’t worry too much about him Teddy boy, the man has an unhealthy obsession with Leapy, strikes me as someone who’s views do not get listened to a lot so has to continually rant on about something and someone… when they actually appear to know not a lot!

      Leapy, I actually think you are fairly much spot on with a lot of what you say but there will always be the stupid idiots who can’t see any further than the end of their noses. 🙂


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