Either shape up or ship out

BROADWATER ESTATE: None of the buildings began their existence as slum dwellings

I DUNNO, perhaps it is me.

Of course I sympathise with the victims of the Grenfell horror. Of course I find the initial results of the nationwide fire hazard investigations extremely worrying.

What I can’t get my head round is all those who are now coming out of the woodwork and using this tragedy to whinge about the conditions they all ‘have’ to live in.

Among others, those who reside on the notorious Broadwater Estate are a case in point.

‘Why should we have to put up with these awful slum conditions?’ they whine.

Why doesn’t the government (natch!) do something about it? Well just a minute.

Ill-advised as high rise accommodation may have been, they were initially built in good faith. The rules governing public buildings were, and are, far more stringent than private projects.

None of them began their existence as slum dwellings. None of them started out covered in graffiti, with lift shafts stinking of urine, or knee high in rubbish used condoms and drug paraphernalia.

Flats originally built to accommodate families of four to six persons were never meant to cope with benefit scroungers boasting 10 or 15 offsprings, or jam-packed with scores of ‘sub-lets.’

All these conditions are brought on by those who move into them. Human beings create the enviroments they reside in.

It’s time many of these residents started to get their own houses in order, rather than blaming all and sundry for their woes.

Stop thinking about their so-called ‘rights’ and start concentrating more on their own wrongs would be a start.

All over the UK there are scores of high rise estates, which are proudly and properly run by local councils and caring tenants.

With their carefully tended gardens, playgrounds for the children and hardworking responsible residents, they are wonderful examples of how decent human beings, however diverse their cultures and backgrounds, can live in perfectly harmonious and orderly surroundings.

I suggest those who feel all the blame for their ‘misfortunes’ lay outside their own walls, either shape up or ship out.

They are a drain on resources, a threat to democracy and utterly useless contributors toward any future of the country that nurtures them. I do feel sorry for the Yemenis.

I always found them an extremely happy and caring people. I shall never forget their kindness when I found myself hopelessly stranded in the desert.

Believe me, if I’d also known the steel runway reinforcing I helped deliver to that secret Saudi air base, would one day be used to launch death and destruction among them, I would have ‘accidently’ allowed my truck to topple off that extremely precarious mountain pass! (It’s in the book!)

Let’s hope peace and tranquility will once again prevail for these likeable people in the not too distant future.

Keep the faith

Love Leapy

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    • The UK TeddyBoy

      11 July 2017 • 00:13

      Hi Mike
      Agree with you about people off sick on full pay in Gov
      One I read beats all
      When London Police have been cut by 20,000
      A Policeman has been off on Full pay over a Year
      While theft of a Biscuit is being investigated
      He found in mess Open packet biscuit half left so he handed them round & was only left with ONE
      which he ate. he was immediately suspended while “Theft” investigated THAT now over a Year
      INCREDIBLE The UK TeddyBoy

    • Graham

      07 July 2017 • 14:40

      Once again I find myself agreeing with you. Good to read your views. Nearly always on my wavelength.
      I dare not air these views to friends. It would only start a big argument and I dont do arguing.

    • Mike in ESP

      08 July 2017 • 07:28

      I find myself in agreement with you Leapy, spot on!

      Sadly the scrounging bit is a human trait, look at any government employment you will find there are probably 30% out on the sick which is a huge strain on taxes, same with anyone who receives for free… problem is if you give, the ppl will want more, then more….. & the Elite will give as it is the easiest way to keep them quiet while thinking “what the hell, it’s not my money is it” 🙂

    • Roy Peters

      09 July 2017 • 10:33

      Well said Leapy. You hit the nail on the head.


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