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RICHARD PAGE: Sacked over beliefs.

WHY is it that people who speak out against minorities are vilified and attacked by all and sundry, but minorities seem to be at liberty to declare their own views with impunity and no interference from the authorities whatsoever?

The recent sacking of Magistrate Richard Page is a case in point. This Christian judge stated publicly that he believed children were better off with both male and female parents than those of the same sex.

To cut a long story short, because of the ensuing outcry and protests from gay and lesbian groups, the ultimate outcome of this statement of belief resulted in him getting the sack.

You can rest assured, if this had been someone in his position who had stated that they believed children were better off with same sex parents, they would have been hailed as heroes of free speech and most probably promoted.

Why is there a war against majority factions in the world today?

Why are people in prominent positions and leading media organisations bending over backwards to appease and grovel to minorities, while treating those who make up the majorities of the human race as some kind of pariahs who should be not only ashamed of their positions but penalised for actually believing what the bulk of the human race agrees with?

While we’re on this tack, why should success be frowned on and wealth accrued by legitimate hard work be considered unfair to those who haven’t managed, for one reason or another, to attain higher levels of life satisfaction achieved by others?

Well I’ll tell you, in my opinion there are two main reasons for all this inequality bleating and bitter furore that is poisoning our societies today.

Insecurity, and envy.

Insecurity in their own beliefs, and envy for what others possess, be it normality, success, or merely a comfortable existence. The greatest weapon disgruntled minority whingers can lay their hands on, is the power to cause as much disruption to those of us who are happy or satisfied with our lot as they possibly can.

If we continue to appease those who are inclined to blame everyone else for their problems, we will create so much unrest that today’s minorities will become the majorities of tomorrow, which is of course the main intention of most of them anyway.

Just as a final observation and knowing full well that one should never wish another human being any harm, did it not give a certain sense of warm serves ‘em rightness to read the final days of Abu Sa’eed were apparently spent in the torture chambers of the very people he went to fight with?

Bet he wished a thousand times he had stayed in the country that nurtured him!

Let’s hope more of these traitors also suffered the same miserable end.

Leapy Lee’s opinions are his own and are not necessarily representative of those of the publishers, advertisers or sponsors 

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Written by

Leapy Lee

Like Marmite, you either love Leapy or hate him. His controversial views and long-standing column make him one of the Euro Weekly News´ most-read columnists.


    • Sam B

      27 October 2017 • 18:39

      Typically one-sided, simplistic argument Lee. It’s much more complex than you would like to pretend. Just for starters, many same sex parents are kind and caring. Some opposite sex parents get convicted of child cruelty etc. Your articles need more balance.

    • Roy Peters

      29 October 2017 • 19:16

      Well said Leapy!!! It is time these people were shut up and not allowed to demonstrate their differences. They should not be allowed to have children and not be allowed to get married. This is a terrible thing that is happening to our society and it should be stopped.

    • Kally

      12 December 2017 • 22:36

      I thought homophobia was dead in the water over 20 years ago?! There’s no evidence that we make worse parents than heterosexuals (in fact, there’s plenty to the contrary, albeit anecdotal). I can’t figure out why homophobes can’t just mind their own business. We’ve every right to be open about being LGB if we want, and it’s nothing to do with others whom we fall in love with or marry. Go crawl back into your cave. Your views are out of date.


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