We’re all Mad Hatters at heart

David Toms before the accident

MOULIN ROUGE is a perfect movie for me because I tend to live that way; things happen and songs pop into my head.

Reach Out and Touch (somebody’s hand) the Diana Ross hit from the 70’s is the one that came to mind when attending an event to support a local expat who’d been in a serious accident and left paralysed from the waist down: renowned photographer David Toms.  

I saw so many people joining forces and supporting each other in such a bonded and genuine way when I got to the Mad Hatters Tea party, organised by Jackie Stone, Antony Wolfson and The Terrace with Lou Lou Jane in Estepona that no other song could have been more fitting.

People that had taken time out of their busy day to give encouragement to someone who has not lost his way but who does have to find a new one, everyone sharing a problem that wasn’t their own and everyone believing that we can change things if we start giving; which they did.

Helena Paul, Johnny Baker, Nathan Dean and of course Antony Wolfson himself completed the afternoon’s entertainment, all volunteering their time and talent to help a friend.

There were prizes, raffles amidst a truly themed Mad Hatters tea party with unknown concoctions in tiny, labelled bottles on the beautifully creative tables laden with tasty delights.  The atmosphere was electric particularly when we found out that David was going to be picked up by another volunteer and brought to the party.  

Hannah Murray of Talk Radio hosted the event and topped off a really heart-warming afternoon.  I’m sure David had a great time, happy and relieved to be back amongst his friends and to see how truly loved and missed he is.  

I’m sure he was also more than a little relieved to know that the whopping amount of €5,145 was raised which will certainly help him have a more relaxing Christmas in the knowledge that a couple of months’ living expenses had just been covered.

It is going to take a lot of love, time and money to get David back on track, but if we all continue to pull our strengths, we can also undoubtedly help him speed up and alleviate the process.

David’s main money earner was as wedding photographer, famous for his very original and creative style with back-to-back bookings year round.  He was also a fantastic food photographer, insightful enough however to appreciate a photo of a messy empty plate with a serviette carelessly tossed on top as an anecdote.

Unfortunately David’s family are not in a position to support him and he’s not able to work at the moment so he is going to continue to need our help. 

Let’s keep the party going:

1. Qualified physiotherapists to volunteer their services

2. Donate – www.gofundme.com/2s7mrahs

3. Contribute to monthly living costs: www.fundmemonthly.com/fund/david-toms/

4. Set up direct debit to his bank account. Contact jackie@manifestodesign.com.

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Written by

Nicole King

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