British heritage is disappearing

LONDON: Still festive in places including Regent Street as seen here.

THE Ghosts of Christmas Past. That, I’m afraid is all that London (and according to colleagues, most of our other great cities) had to offer this Yuletide.

This was my first Christmas visit to the great Metropolis in over 30 years, which is about the time I began voicing my concerns over the future of our British heritage and democratic freedom.

Well I’m afraid ‘Leapy’s Rants’ of yesteryear are now manifesting in harsh and terribly sad reality. I truly did feel like a stranger in the country of my birth. Whole areas, that in days of yore, glistened and danced with lights and decorations marking the most important event in the Christian calendar, now show no signs of special celebration or joyful occasion whatsoever.

Indeed, in many places, whole rows of shops bore no Christmas decorations at all, not even stuck on bits of cotton wool graced the bare windows that prevailed on a number of high streets I visited. Where were the wonderful Salvation Army Bands that once regaled us with joyful carols and uplifting seasonal music on the street corners of our main shopping areas?

When I rang the Sally Army offices to enquire as to their conspicuous absence, I was informed that these appearances were local decisions and I needed to contact the area offices for more information, (no joy with that at the time of writing!). Not one carol singer presented themselves at the portals of our fairly suburban semi, or in any other street as far as I could make out.

Frankly I’m not angry anymore (I’m not allowed to be!), merely saddened by the manifestation of all my worst predictions. As I prophesised all those years ago, there is no need for violent confrontation, or indeed any stomach for it among the diverse cultures now rapidly becoming more and more glaringly apparent.

The outcome of the present cultural revolution is being decided by sheer weight of numbers alone. All too late you see, should have restricted the borders years ago. Ah well, hate to say I told you so but……..!

Anyway, before I close this subject, although Christmas tinsel was also missing from a considerable number of its larger stores, the centre of London still regaled all with the breathtaking overhead street decorations that are just about unsurpassed in any other city in the world. Shame it was all restricted to about a square mile. Ah well, make the most of it. To my reckoning, their days are probably numbered as well.

And so, another 12 have snuck up on us. To all my readers, friends, dissenters and those who would like to see me in the stocks, I wish you a healthy, happy and peaceful New Year.

Keep that mail coming in. Remember the pen is a mighty therapeutic sword (feels great to get it off yer chest dunnit?). Don’t forget my trio of books on Amazon. Delighted to report 560 sales to date. Must be doing something right. It’s all a game folks. Hang in there.


Keep the faith

Love Leapy 

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