Planning for the 3rd United Nationalities of Marbella Summit

We can look to one another for solutions.

WE don’t have to go and look for help, it’s already here.

For two years we have joined together at the United Nationalities of Marbella Summits to discuss the issues that we, as a community, can resolve together. The snowball is already rolling and it’s growing fast.   

This year the priority objectives are to establish action groups and a communication network.

The cross over of services and support within our community can actually resolve many problems and create business and advertising opportunities.

It was Marie-Noelle Erize that said when you know what the people want, contact the big companies to make it happen.  This is what I did.  Our biggest ally has been Linea Directa and their road traffic safety foundation, which sponsor Marbella Now TV and support our community incentives.

Our first two summits showed that drinking and driving, controls etc, were of major concern and most people don’t leave their immediate area to avoid taking the car; good for safety but not good for local businesses, particularly off season.  

We now have an option of four x month free taxi, plus our new #ZeroHero project that has won us first prize out of 40,000 collaborators of Linea Directa for our social value.

We are also establishing teen hang out spaces and a grapevine network to ensure our 27 kms are connected within our international communities.

This #ZeroHero incentive will be taken nationwide with the Road Traffic Safety Foundation Linea Directa once fully established and up and running in Marbella. 

This will be added media value to the first companies already on-board.; the Euro Weekly News, RTN and Marbella Rocks Magazine being the first media to donate space to the cause. Let’s see just how much we can really achieve as a community and if we can live up to our own expectations.

These are the priorities for this year:

Establish a communication grape-vine network to connect our multinational community along our 27 km coastline to support and help promote all year round business and encourage local customer loyalty.

This can be easily achieved by: developing solutions that help others and Marbella whilst helping and promoting ourselves:

• Establish a communication grapevine.

• Form Action Groups to follow up on each incentive

• Establish initial businesses are taking part in the #ZeroHero project (rewarding the designated driver). Reward responsible drinking habits

• Provide our younger community members (13 – 17 year olds) with safe and suitable entertainment / hangout spaces  

• Integration of our ageing, isolated and vulnerable members of our community

• Establish volunteer groups for local associations 

• Integration of Malaga orphans and vulnerable children within our community once they come of age

• UNM card and cross business / charity networking


I started to think about this year’s event and where to start to find solutions to the issues raised over the previous years…. 

Let’s connect the dots… #unms2018 #bettertogether #weareasone #makeithappen

Written by

Nicole King

One of Marbella's most glamorous residents, Nicole King offers a taste of the best of what's going on in the Costa del Sol.