Market days are dangerous times to visit

BACK in 1970 you had your week’s fun in Vera at the Saturday market. That adventure got you out of your daily routine and you could encounter new people and mingle with old friends. A total change of scenery.

Of course, the only reason you were at the market was for the shopping for the coming week, anything else sold there you didn’t need or it didn’t need you. Really beautiful shirts caught my eye, well worth one wearing.

Wash them once and the buttons came off and the size reduced so drastically you could never wear it again but your children could. The quality of goods was a disappointment unless you were buying fruit.

One could stroll about the souk without a care and in any direction. But, the markets too have evolved. Now you pace in any direction at your own risk. A new invention has become weekend popular, the wheeled shopping cart. Just out of normal vision, unless you were a three- year-old. Nevertheless, not spotted you would take a tumble. 

In modern colloquiums the deadly new danger is commonly  referred to as the ‘potato Porche.’ These lethal contraptions come in various colours and sizes. They can be pushed ahead of the shopper thereby clearing a walking space in the crowds or stealthily pulled behind one allowing any passer-by who is in a hurry and cutting behind the operator to take a spectacular fall embracing others on the way down.

Fabulous pandemonium created weekly so your shopping adventure can be as dangerous as humanly possible. Other than treading lightly and very cautiously and never being in a hurry, you might make it.

The market is a perilous place and best considered as a march through a snake infested jungle. Keep looking down for your own safety. The culprits pulling the carts fear nothing, least of all foreigners dressed funny wearing shorts. This modern market is to be inspected and viewed as if passing through the Prado or Louvre. Proceed in absolute awe. Swivel your head about frequently so as to ascertain dangerous situations that might be creeping up on you and never be in a hurry. 

In the good old days besides your purchase you were gifted large plastic bags for your buying comfort. These we all treasured and kept by the hundreds for further use but never did as we were always given more plastic wherever one ventured.

These shopping trolleys have conquered supermarkets too and sometimes can be seen parked in long lines chatting with each other and righteously bragging about how many they’ve tripped that day. One just doesn’t go shopping without them. They are as important as taking money but far more dangerous for the taller casual and unsuspecting visitor.

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