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Caption : IDYLLIC: Sonning Lock. Photo Credit: Andrew Smith/Wikipedia

A RECENT news item on TV showed Mrs May being driven home to ‘rest up’ before the Conservative conference.
Her cavalcade of three or four cars was drawing into a quiet leafy lane, which appeared to be somewhere in the English countryside. Leap’s curiosity was tweaked, so I decided to do a little research.
Well I can now reveal (all in the public domain of course) that our illustrious leader lives in the village of Sonning, which is situated at the western end of her Maidenhead constituency. This village is described as the ‘most fairy like little nook on the whole river.’ Well doesn’t that all sound quite lovely?
There’s more. Mrs May’s neighbours include George Clooney and family. Uri Geller and millionaire Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. (Who, in the early sixties I used to book for 30 bob a night!… I digress)
It gets better.  Mrs May, is apparently a regular visitor to her local butcher and ‘loves to visit some of the other small shops in the village’. She also likes taking part in ‘community picnics’. All so wonderfully English. Recently she even took part in, and I quote, ‘a genteel little demo’ against ‘a housing development’.
Oh really? I bet they weren’t about to erect a two or three hundred housing development at the bottom of her road and fill it with immigrants! I wonder if Mrs May’s liberal attitudes toward the ever-rising immigrant population would be so enthusiastic if she found her delightful ‘genteel little village’ had suddenly turned into an area, so diverse in its culture, she felt like a stranger in her own country? No, I don’t actually want to go down the immigration path in this piece, but rather more to demonstrate just how far removed most politicians are from the realities of real life.
In their cosseted existence, they are alarmingly out of touch with the pressure and responsibility they have instigated on the local populace with their ’diversity,’ integration stipulations and policies.
The only people from diverse cultures most politicians ever come in contact with, are those of the elite and educated variety. Those who emanate from good backgrounds, or higher education. Their long-suffering constituents are the ones who have to try and integrate with the millions who don’t hail from such privileged backgrounds. Large numbers have come straight from the streets of lawless and chaotic societies, where mere survival is considered a victory, and who would not have the wherewithal to integrate even if they wanted to.
It is simply not fair to expect the British public to accept all these different cultures and be threatened with legal prosecution or even imprisonment merely for voicing their own democratic opinions.
This approach is akin to a dictatorship. And don’t think the Labour government would be any better. Given half a chance, the political policies of the left would have the Palestinian flag flying above the Houses of Westminster. Politicians need to lever themselves away from their gentlemen clubs, community picnics and ‘fairy little nooks on the river’ and get down to where the problems really are.
Or have we got to wait until the message is only finally rammed home when Teresa Mays ‘quaint little village butchers’ shop’ only serves Halal?
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