Animal charity boss in Spain faces probe over donations from UK

CHARITY: The crowdfunding page that was set up to buy premises for Peter Singh. Photo credit: JustGiving

A DOG charity chief in Spain is being investigated amid claims he benefited from almost a quarter of a million euros in donations from the UK.
Peter Singh of The Dog You Need has reportedly received at least €230,000 from Brits to save abused animals from miserable lives or death.
But UK activists say a refuge he claimed to be funding with the cash was actually a house he owned in Pinoso near Alicante, where animals were kept in cramped conditions.
According to press reports, Spanish police ordered Singh and wife Jean Magill to move out for breaking animal care law, but he is said to have taken the dogs to a nearby scrubland where he was confronted by the activists.
They became suspicious over alleged claims by Singh that he had taken in two dogs who had apparently been ‘sexually abused’, because psychic ‘animal communicators’ had told him so.
The Charity Commission is reportedly investigating the charity chief after receiving concerns from the public, and a ‘regulatory compliance case’ is said to be open.
Singh told a UK national newspaper: “Money we get is spent appropriately, for example 54,000 euros on vets’ fees in one year.
“These trolls have constantly made false complaints. They say I’m an animal hoarder. How can this be when we’ve rescued 550 animals and re-homed 525?”

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Tara Rippin

Tara Rippin is a reporter for Spain’s largest English-speaking newspaper, Euro Weekly News, and is responsible for the Costa Blanca region.
She has been in journalism for more than 20 years, having worked for local newspapers in the Midlands, UK, before relocating to Spain in 1990.
Since arriving, the mother-of-one has made her home on the Costa Blanca, while spending 18 months at the EWN head office in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol.
She loves being part of a community that has a wonderful expat and Spanish mix, and strives to bring the latest and most relevant news to EWN’s loyal and valued readers.

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    • Thingy

      28 October 2018 • 19:38

      Really, hes operating legally is he?
      From a secret location?
      With none of the necessary paperwork to run a rescue or sanctuary in Spain?
      With no quarantine facilities (well we don’t know but the previous properties had no option for this at all)
      Running a rescue that you cannot rehome from, that does not keep clear records of the animals they have and which are personal pets and which are rescue animals for adoption?
      A rescue unable to update a website or facebook page with relevant info on animals progress because they are too busy, but can re-use old photos, and waffle on about DIY and positive thoughts for the day.
      A rescue whose front person allegedly makes ranting, wild, offensive and inflammatory videos and posts, inciting others to commit crimes (violence, harassment, bullying etc)..
      Sounds absolutely top notch this!

    • Wotsitsname

      28 October 2018 • 22:19

      54’000€ spent in one year on vets bills… ermmmm the published accounts aren’t saying that for any year so what year exactly?
      Many people including registered successful rescues have offered help with some of his dogs, offered sanctuary and all expenses paid rehabilitation. considering he was claiming to be down to his last few euros and desperate for food, he subsequently blocked everyone who offered these dogs a lifeline!
      His lies have been shown time and time again, claiming to of rescued puppies when he in fact bought them from a breeder.
      Despicable living conditions and refusing help from rescuers in Spain but then publicly mocking them in his rants yet strangely remains elusive despite requests from genuine rescuers to meet face to face?
      The truth will out, it always does.

    • Where Is Poppy

      29 October 2018 • 00:51

      Scam of a rescue , after sending money and goods for years, I finally saw the light. Got blocked for asking after the animals, but was a very active member before .
      Missing animals, missing funds, spending vet funds on food, blocking members for asking questions, verbally attacking individuals for asking a simple , normal question, setting the rest of his ‘cult’ on people who dare question anything. Failing to account for all the money he’s had over the past few years, keeping the dogs and cats in cramped conditions, then on totally unsuitable land … Do I need to go on? Yet people are still trying to justify his actions. Deflecting on answering a single question, by attacking instead.

    • Geoff Jarvis

      30 October 2018 • 09:04

      Total absolute scamming con man. Barry is one of the brain washed cult of supporters that refuse to see the facts presented on several exposed sites on Facebook. The newspaper article is the tip of a huge scam operation using animals ans sympathy pitches to extract cash to support a non working non qualified illegal couple in a life style many of the donators themselves dont enjoy.

    • J.P. Craig-Weston

      30 October 2018 • 09:24

      Charity = Scam and that goes as much for the multinationals as it does for these small ones, if their directors and tier senior management paid themselves a lot less I’d be prepared to give them a lot more.

    • Jayney G

      02 November 2018 • 18:43

      This has taken years of research by some very committed people , who only really want the truth .
      It’s not much to ask when a rescue; I say that loosely is fundraising for 20+ dogs and a few cats . The donators are entirely in their right to ask for updates , photos , which dogs are available for adoption ? But it seems asking questions gets you blocked .
      The rescue is hiding , why ? What don’t they want people to see ? Quite happy taking hundreds of thousands of pounds , still claiming poverty , too poor to feed the dogs .. it’s a total scam and as soon as people are aware , educated ,and open minded they will carry on living on donations .


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