Crooke & Laguna pioneers in navigated dental implant surgery

Dr. Eduardo Crooke & Dr. Rosa Gomez Laguna.

This is a navigated surgery in real time.

The fastest, secure and comfortable.

Specially indicated in complex cases or with little bone

What does navigated surgery consist of?
Navigated surgery for oral implantology is the equivalent of using a GPS when we are driving our car.
This new technology called X-GUIDE allows us to connect the studied plan to the computer with the patient’s mouth in real time. This is to help with a higher precision during the surgery.
How is the complete process when using X-Guide?
We firstly scan the patient with a special device placed in your mouth which will allow us to interrelate the planning studied from the scan over the bone we are working on in real time.
This entails a much more exact result than any other technology ever used to date in oral surgery as our implant will fit in perfectly in the position, angle and depth we have previously planned with a 99% accuracy.
What are the advantages for the patient?
As stated before, precision is the main characteristic, therefore avoiding risks such as possible injury of dental nerve, maxillary sinus, bone perforation or teeth injury in our implants.
Another advantage is that the intervention becomes more comfortable as it is under a very controlled surgery which will help us avoid almost opening the gum and in extreme cases can avoid performing grafts as we are using the maximum of the bone available.
This results in a work method that is minimally invasive. Up to now what helped us to be more accurate was guided surgery, but this requires a planning and fabrication of a guide which needed waiting for a few days. With navigation the surgery can be done immediately.
For what kind of surgeries is this method indicated?
Ideally it should be used for all kind of interventions as for simple implants we ensure the perfect placing of the implant and in complex cases it helps us to carry them out successfully with no risk for the patient.
This will ensure the surgery is faster and secure which in rehabilitation cases it becomes much more beneficial to the patient.
Will it be an equivalent to the Da Vinci surgery system used in medicine?
Yes, it will be something similar, even though it is a machine controlled by the surgeon, it requires expert hands to help to ensure much more precision.
We could say if a surgeon is good with this system he will be that much more better. Bearing in mind you have drawn in the patient’s mouth the path to follow and during surgery it will tell you if you have deviated or changed the angle avoiding errors.

Dental Clinic unique in Andalucia and pioneer in Europe to incorporate this system of maximum precision for dental implant surgery.

What other innovations have you incorporated at Crooke & Laguna?
Many, to be honest, we always aim to be up to date and improve the quality of our treatments with the constant improvements in our industry.
We have currently developed a workflow completely digital which enables us to plan our cases on the computer, enabling us to view results before surgery which will guide us during the treatment.
With X-Guide we will place navigated implants and we can have tooth fabricated the same day and also in a digital way.
Nowadays almost all treatments go via a digital circuit enabling us a higher precision, more security and more comfort for the patient. This we also apply to the orthodontics field, prosthesis and dental aesthetic.
Are there many clinics with this system?
We are proud to be part of the first group in Europe who have been in Zurich to implement this magnificent system which to this day only 6 clinics in Spain have.
– Loss of 1 or more teeth.
– Book first booking for valuation before 5th December.
– Contact via email or phone to join the pre-selected group.
– Further information: +34 622 288 369 –
Benefits and indication of guided surgery X-GUIDE
– Avoid grafts in complex cases.
– Possibility of placing shorter implants without damaging structure.
– Maximum optimization of the bone.
– Milimetric precision.
– Surgery guided by GPS.
– Full rehabilitation.
– Reduction of surgery time.
– Much more comfortable for patient.
– Faster recovery.
– Higher security.
As a result it ensures a higher security in all cases, from the most common to a complex case.
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