Lacking a sense of humour

BRITISH HUMOUR: Keeps us sane. Photo: Shutterstock

I HAVE always been convinced that the British sense of humour has been one of our most commendable and enduring assets.

Through the horror of two World Wars, all the disasters and conflicts that have beset us over the years, the Brits have always managed to find some way to raise a smile out of even the most tragic circumstances.

The skill of our comedians and cartoonists is such that the humour never sets out to undermine these situations, merely eases their seriousness by lightning the mood and in doing so allows those affected to hopefully surmount their problems more easily.

The British sense of humour has always been a bit of a mystery to the rest of the world, something indefinable and unique, that most foreigners simply can’t get their heads around.

Some years ago, I wrote that whatever the terrorist or our enemies can throw at us nothing will ever rob us of our most commendable and enduring gift, our humour.

Well I was wrong. At the time of writing that particular piece we weren’t being strangled by the despicable, destructive, and downright traitorous yolk of the PC brigade.

Not content with changing their fellow citizens from a nation that prided and flourished through its policies of oratory freedom, into a herd of sheep watching every word they say and almost frightened to open their mouths in case they offend somebody, this utterly superfluous bunch of time and space wasters have finally managed to turn their attack on one of the most dearly loved jewels of our culture, our purveyors of comedy.

This week, the students (who else!) organising a UNICEF fundraising event, issued Konstantine Kisin, a comedian hired to appear at the event, a list of ‘don’ts’ regarding the content of his act.

When he appeared, they instructed he was not allowed to make any jokes about racism, sexism, classism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, xenophobia or Islamophobia.

Kisin subsequently turned down the job because it left him with virtually nothing to make jokes about!

You really couldn’t make it up. What I find truly disturbing about this whole farce, is the fact that this man is a Russian who moved to the UK to escape the censorship and suppression of free speech in his own country! What does that tell you!?

We really need to come to our senses and curb these dangerous idiots before Orwell’s prophecies do truly become reality.

This week another bunch of them issued guidelines instructing schools that eight-year olds be taught that all genders can have periods – to avoid…… wait for it. ‘Offending girls who identify as boys’! The directive continues by decreeing that bins for used period products should be provided in all toilets for children. Well, frankly if I had my way, I would prosecute these morons for child abuse.

Unfortunately, as a member of a majority, nobody is allowed to listen to me!

Happy New Year everyone. At least were still allowed to say that. At the moment anyway.

To all my Vegan remark objectors of last week. I truly do love animals – Honest.

Keep the faith

Love Leapy

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